Positive ID - The 911
South Tower
Airliner 'PODS'

By Jon Carlson
A Boeing machinist with 30 years of manufacturing experience including machining the wing spars in the large Boeing airliners weighs in on the crashes into the World Trade Center on 9/11. With intimate knowledge of the strength of structural components of Boeing airliners he is qualified to estimate how these components would react in a crash:
In my mind, I imagine a true hit would proceed as follows....
"Thin-shelled nose crushed accordian style, inertia moves plane foward into concrete and steelbeam building facade, building caves inward (no cutting), wings shear backwards as they contact building, then break off - fall down side of building to street, body slams at angle into facade, also breaks up and explodes from force, tail section as a whole separates and falls as a unit."
HOWEVER, on 9/11 things were not what they seemed. Clearly the nose was packed with explosives to open up the steel framed wall. This photo catches that can-opener operation:
The Impact Holes of both towers look like peas in a pod so it is a safe assumption to make that what hit the South Tower also hit the North Tower:
This WALL CONSTRUCTION photo shows massive steel girders that an aluminum aircraft would end up second best in a collision:
The huge spectacular fireball also had a wrong look to it - too much "irridescence", until someone on the web mentioned napalm (or perhaps phosphorus/magnesium), which made more sense then kerosene fireball.
This photo shows the legitmate jet fuel fireball of a crashing airliner (NOTE THE YELLOWISH COLOR.):
These photos show the alleged jet fuel of alleged Flight 175 exploding inside the South Tower (Note the reddish cast to the flames):
This photo shows the aftermath of a napalm bomb explosion:
Read the RENSE article explaining the need for a NW wind to blow the North Tower smoke plume over the South Tower to hide the helicopter that remote controlled the South Tower aircraft, On 9/11 An Ill Wind Blew to Booker School:
The CBC video viewed the South Tower airliner from a ground perspective. The right bulge by the tail is in evidence. Harder to see is an object mirroring it. The engines close to the body clearly distinguish the airliner as a Boeing 737 NOT a Boeing 767 the government conspiracy theory claims. ALSO the bulged out body area under the wings is merely typical Boeing 737 construction:
This Boeing 737 photo clearly shows the body bulge under the wing area and the closeness of the engines to the body, about one engine diameter away:
The South Tower aircraft had to make a sharp bank, easy for a 737 as seen in above photo, to hit its target. However, the maneuver exposed the shiny 'objects' to the sun and the cameras:
According to the US Military napalm is no longer used so it is politically incorrect to say napalm was used in Iraq or on 9/11. A different formulation, the MK 77 bomb, however causes just as horrible deaths:
American Internet sites have been swept clean of MK 77 photos probably due to their use on 9/11. No worries! A Danish site carries this photo showing MK 77 bombs attached to a Harrier aircraft:
A German website also has a shot of the MK 77:
The North Tower and occupants also got blasted with MK 77 Bombs. The yellow circled area is the plane impact area in flames. Looks like a 'napalm' bomb bounced skyward and exploded!
Last word goes to the firemen who thought bombs were on the incoming aircraft but could not get a listen from the 9/11 Commission or the NY Times who have covered up the most horrific crime in American History:
Turi reported not only that there were numerous secondary explosions within the towers but that there was also a bomb on one or both of the planes that crashed into the towers.
All of the RENSE articles are sent to a emaillist of 121 reporters at the NY Times so upper management has the reporters screwed down not to report how 3000 citizens were killed on 9/11. However, one reporter wasn't screwed down. Arianna Huffington has that story:
Judy Miller's Reporting: A Cancer on the New York Times?
WAIT until the Times has to explain away their coverup of 9/11.
Clearly the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were motivated by US-UK oil companies losing out to foreign companies in the development of the Iraq oilfields and the Afghanistan pipeline along with their fear of having to purchase oil in Euros. PEAK OIL was not a factor. Oil company figures and US Dept. of Energy figures on world oil reserves have been exposed as a sham. Just one example,Venezuela, has trillions of barrels of oil that the US-UK oil companies want to grab without paying taxes and a fair return to Venezuela:
The writer comments: Note that the Department of Energy does not use USGS government statistics. When asked why, DOE did not comment and USGS said it was "not a political agency."
Finally the Iraq War was not over protecting Israel with its 200 atomic weapons in 1986 and even more today. Remember Iraq had NO WMD. Nuclear Scientist Mordechai Vanunu explains the Can of Worms called Israel (A must-read transcript):
Because Israel wants to use them (atomic weapons), to cause genocide and holocaust on other innocent citizens. It has always been a part of Israel's secret policy. And also by having them, Israel will use them as a threat to avoid making peace with the Arab world as well as imposing her policies on those peoples. As long as she has them, she will continue on in her policies of not making peace, of occupation and of neglecting the Palestinian suffering caused by the refugee camps that have existed for more than 50 years.

Karl Schwarz adds more to the discussion: Bush's Comrades are Stealing Iraq BLIND:

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