PlameGate, AIPAC
Probes Connect To
Nuke Black Market
CIA Sources - PlameGate, AIPAC Probes
Connect To Nuclear Black Market

By Wayne Madsen
Libby and Cheney links to global weapons smuggling cartel resulted in exposure of Brewster Jennings and Associates non official cover (NOC) network. CIA Leakgate also tied to AIPAC probe. CIA sources familiar with the Brewster Jennings and Associates NOC operation that worked for some ten years to counter the proliferation of nuclear weapons claim that the operation's cover was partially blown because of its success at removing Soviet era nuclear weaponry and materials such as high grade plutonium from the international weapons smuggling market.
Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was once the lawyer for Marc Rich, the Swiss-based American fugitive who was pardoned by President Clinton and is linked to a number of Russian and Ukrainian organized crime figures who have exiled themselves to Israel to avoid prosecution.
Brewster Jennings and the CIA Directorate of Operations Counter Proliferation Division (CPD) had established a program to purchase a range of nuclear weapons components, including Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) parts, nuclear warhead nose cones, and high grade plutonium and uranium bomb cores from Russian sources who were also selling to members of Russian Mafia networks who were, in turn, selling to the A. Q. Khan network in Pakistan and other WMD smuggling operations.
Brewster Jennings and CIA's CPD involved in purchasing Soviet nuke material from black market -- pitting them against the Russian Mafia and Scooter Libby.
The CIA's CPD agents were particularly worried about the materials for sale at the 70 square mile Russian nuclear weapons complex at Mayak, outside the town of Ozersk. In the late 1990s, black market high grade plutonium was being sold in buckets from warehouses in Mayak. For that reason, the CIA, using its Brewster Jennings NOC network as well as other contractors, purchased the black market materials from the nuclear "used car market," as a CIA source put it. The materials were transported to the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado where they were dismantled and disabled.
This secret program became known to Mafia operatives active in the United States as early as 1999. CIA sources report that a well known neo-conservative figure at a Washington think tank received classified information about the Brewster Jennings/CPD operation via an espionage cell within the Department of Defense and passed it on to Israel, which, in turn, passed it to Mafia figures. Some of this information was contained in documents passed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Israelis by indicted former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Pentagon Near East and South Asia Division analyst Larry Franklin. The classified counter proliferation information was contained in classified documents on "terrorist activities in Central Asia." The AIPAC/Franklin espionage operation has been vigorously pursued by the US Attorney for Eastern Virginia Paul McNulty who was named last Friday as the new Deputy Attorney General.
When the Mafia oligarchs discovered the CIA purchase program was driving up the prices of the Russian surplus nuclear materials making them unprofitable for organized crime, they used their connections inside the Bush White House and Pentagon to expose the operation to eliminate the chief American interlocutors and give themselves a lucrative virtual monopoly by removing their competition and driving up the resale price of the nuclear material even further. A CIA source said the Mafia established a nuclear "hedge fund" on the Russian nuclear materials. A CIA source confirmed that Libby and his former client Rich are connected to Russian Mafia figures involved in nuclear smuggling.
After the Mafia discovered the identities of key Russian and other players involved with the CIA WMD purchase program, some of them were executed gangland style.



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