NM Takes Steps To Ban
Aspartame In Schools

VRP Staff
As VRP reported in the October 2005 VR News President's Desk, the people of New Mexico spearheaded a movement to try to ban the sale and distribution of aspartame-containing foods in New Mexico. Stephen Fox's New Mexico Nutrition Council and the people of his state won a substantial victory when the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) agreed to hear the aspartame rule change proposal, which would ban its sale in that state. The Board voted 4-2 to convene five days of hearings in July.
After Governor Bill Richardson commented last week that he supports the EIB's decision, Stephen Fox's New Mexico Nutrition Council asked both him and Attorney General Patricia Madrid to issue a kind of Executive Order to remove aspartame products in the New Mexico schools, far in advance of the EIB hearings, based on the extensive medical evidence to warrant removing it from children's consumption. Neither the governor nor the attorney general has yet replied to Mr. Fox's request.
On November 14-15, Mr. Fox and several physicians, led by Dr. Ken Stoller M.D., pediatrician, founder of the New Mexico Hyperbaric Chamber, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, will present a similar petition to the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, to request a ruling to prohibit two neurotoxic additions to pharmaceutical preparations consumed in New Mexico. Fox and the physicians are asking the Board of Pharmacy to ban aspartame in hundreds of children's medications as well as children's vitamins. In addition, they are calling for a ban on Thimerosal, the mercury preservative found in vaccinations. New Mexico statutes delegate precise powers to the Pharmacy Board giving it authority to ban poisonous and deleterious additives to pharmaceutical preparations even when there is prior FDA approval of those same additives.
Some New Mexicans have been diagnosed with neurodegenerative afflictions that disappeared when they stopped consuming aspartame. In fact, 80 percent of the complaints the FDA receives are on aspartame. Due to its metabolized byproduct, formaldehyde, aspartame is a toxic substance that has caused brain lesions, seizures, tumors and death in mice.
A safe alternative for individuals who want to avoid aspartame is xylitol, a natural, low-calorie, low-glycemic sweetener that also plays a role in supporting oral health.
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