What NASA Isn't
Telling You About Mars

Ted Twietmeyer
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The book with the same title is a brand new look at what Mars really must be like, and reveals numerous important ancient Mars artifacts that NASA knows about and has been hiding all along.
We've all listened for years since we were children, to the endless stories about what the environment on Mars is and how no life could have ever lived on the planet.
So let's get right to the point. It's past time to look at the overall picture of what we have been told, using the sanitizing light of common sense. We will use NASA data to start connecting the dots.
Let's look at some of these common statements made about the planet.
A NASA statement from two years ago - "It's very hard to get the color right on Mars, images." Utter non-sense! All the spacecraft sent to Mars over the past 30 years have color calibration charts in one form or another, and have even included the American Flag. They have been caught not consistently using the charts. Blue color squares on some of the images are found to be red. So who is tampering with the color and why?
Because it's psychological: since the early days of astronomy the planet has appeared red as viewed from earth in a telescope.
Viewed from the moon, our earth appears like a "big, blue marble" as one astronaut described it. Are rocks and dirt on earth BLUE because the sky is blue? Of course not. NASA conveniently forgets this "minor detail" and INSISTS that their images remain reddish - regardless of the negative impact good science. The book covers this in detail shows proof of color tampering.
How many space agencies on earth have successfully landed a rover on Mars?
Only one: NASA. We are told (and shown) what we are supposed to believe and absolutely nothing more. I have proved this with more than 160 selected images taken straight from NASA computers.
First, we know ICE and weather exist on the planet. If the atmosphere is actually 1% that of earth, any ice would have boiled away or just evaporated. Water BOILS AWAY at room temperature well before reaching .01 atmosphere (1 %.) For all practical purposes, .01 atmospheres is a VACUUM to water's boiling point and to air-breathing life-forms.
Here is a direct quote from a paper [3] written about the atmospheric pressure as measured by the Viking Landers:
"The day to day atmospheric pressure variability, low in summer and higher in fall and winter, (especially at the northern site), is due to weather "fronts" quite similar to those on Earth Along with the annual cycle, meteorological fronts are indicated by the increasing variability of the pressure between fall and spring at these northern hemisphere sites as previously mentioned. The Lander 2, VL2, site is similar in latitude to Seattle, Paris or Vienna, while the southern, VL1 site, like Pathfinder, is similar in latitude to Hong Kong, Havana or Calcutta. Like on Earth, the frontal activity is less in the tropics and sub-tropics, e.g., the VL1 site. Typically, the fronts pass every few sols (mars days) on Mars, often resembling those of Earth except for the lack of rain, while at other times, they are far more regular."
Note the author's statement above, that planet has weather fronts like that of earth, except it doesn't rain. But a 1% atmosphere which is essentially a vacuum - having weather? How can the planet have weather without an atmosphere?
Evidence of frozen carbon dioxide has also been claimed. But how can a frozen gas like CO2 NEVER evaporate? We also know that the boiling temperature of water will lower with decreased air pressure.
Frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) is the material which NASA claims is lying in craters, and perhaps even out in the open at the poles. It will always return to the gaseous state unless the ambient temperature to less than -109.3F, or -79C. This is the surface temperature of dry ice. But lower air pressure will cause it to evaporate even faster.
Mars, temperature varies considerably. It's actually far WARMER than the temperature of dry ice which is supposedly in the bottom of some craters - more than 60 to 180 degrees at 100% Earth's air pressure.) According to NASA, ground temperatures on Mars can reach 81 degrees where Pathfinder was exploring. Is there a "unique physics" on the planet that prevents ice from evaporating over millennia or even eons of time?
How can we know for certain the planet's overall surface is far warmer than -109.3F (-79C)?  The solar panels on the rover tell us the answer. All solar panel technology is based on semiconductor technology, which places definite limits on the lowest temperature it can operate at. There is also a specification for the lowest temperature a solar panel can be exposed to without permanent damage, with or without it in operation.
Typical solar cell OPERATING temperatures are -40ºF (-40ºC) to 176ºF (80ºC) [1].
Below -40ºC, solar cell output begins to drop off dramatically. This is a long way from -109.3F. Most semiconductors can be permanently damaged when exposed to extreme cold below, below their operating temperature. On Pathfinder, Opportunity and Spirit rovers it is quite possible that -109.3F could destroy the solar panels.
Temperatures measured by the two Viking Landers varies from + 1° F, (-17.2° C) to -178° F (107° C). This is varies well above and below temperatures to keep carbon dioxide frozen, with the high temperatures just warm enough for solar cells to work.
The surface temperature in winter at the polar caps is BELIEVED (which NASA admits has not been directly measured) to drop to -225° F, (-143° C) while the warmest soil occasionally reaches +81° F (27° C.) These are estimated values from the Viking Orbiter Infrared Thermal Mapper. [4] Solar cells will stop working about -40C and could be permanently damaged at -178°C.
Thirty years ago the Viking Landers were powered only with nuclear thermoelectric generators.. These generators created 950 watts of heat to heat the inside of the Lander to keep electronics within safe operating limits. Only 50 watts of heat was converted to electricity for powering instrumentation and electronics. No solar cells were used.
Today we have rovers which are solar powered, without nuclear generators. If the average Mars temperature was actually -225° F, (-143° C) which is cold enough to keep dry ice solid, solar cells on the rovers simply could not function, and neither would any of theelectronics on the rovers.
What does all this mean?
ANY carbon dioxide ice on the surface would have evaporated long ago, since it appears the planet is not always cold enough all the time to keep all ice from evaporating. It might be possible for ice to remain at the bottom of a deep crater for a period of time according to orbital images, but this hasn't been proven conclusively by ground exploration. And we simply don't know for certain whether some or all of the ice at the bottom of those craters is water and/or CO2 ice.
Why get into all this? Because temperature and atmospheric pressure relate to whether or not the atmosphere may actually be denser than we have been led to believe. There is evidence it most likely is far denser than we have been told.
Why have the rovers outlasted their design life? Recall the 1% atmosphere discussed earlier? Power levels have increased dust storms after a mysterious cleaning off the solar panels took place. But how did this happen? NASA has released several videos on JPL's website by compositing still images together. These videos show dust-devils in action moving across the surface. A number of these movies can be viewed at
Note: To understand the following paper about dust accumulation, keep in mind that a "sol" is one Martian solar day, equivalent to 24 hours and 39 minutes on earth.
"The rover solar array is accumulating dust at a rate of about a quarter of a percent of coverage per day according JPL. This is very close to the coverage of 0.22% predicted [G. Landis, "Dust Obscuration of Solar Arrays," Acta Astronautica, Vol. 38, No. 11, pp. 895-891 (1996)]. The deposition rate seems to be the same on the sols when the rover is in motion as it is on sols when the rover remains in place, indicating that the deposition is probably due to dust settling out of the atmosphere, not dust kicked up by Sojourners' motion."
But wait a minute - how can a planet with a near vacuum atmosphere have enough "air" to clean off these panels? Dust and dirt isn't weightless even on Mars and dust still has mass, even in a lower gravity environment. Apparently NASA realized this, and the undeniable presence of dust devils soon became a problem for the "1% atmosphere" theory. But they had a cure for the conflict that would allow them to keep the 1% value.
The solution? They simply changed their dust-devil theory to eliminate the atmospheric vortex part of the equation. The agency now claims these Martian dust devils are "electrical vortices."
What the space agency scientists must do to backup their new theory about dust-devil formation, is to provide a credible theory showing the cause of these "electrical vortices." This has not been done because their scientists answer to no one. And even more important, they regularly hide ground-breaking images which you shall see for yourself later.
The agency begins reminds one of an old Rockford Files television episode. Jim Rockford in a state of frustration and disbelief after a series of problems from another character just smiles and says "It just keeps on comin,, doesn't it?!"
There are no known thunderstorms on the planet, or any known source of electrical energy to create these vortices. So why base a theory on this? Does that follow common sense?
The European Space Agency's orbiting spacecraft has recently detected methane gas in orbit. This gas will float in the air. We know that on earth ORGANIC MATERIAL generates the majority of methane on the surface. Every living person generates methane, too. It is one of the byproducts of life, and keeps products like Beano on the market.
Why is methane doing in Mars, orbit, a planet without active volcanoes and supposedly no life at all? No answers or theories have been forthcoming. Yet there are images taken from orbit which have shown large areas are well populated by what appear to be huge circular shrubs or trees. Remember - these plants are living in a near vacuumjust 1% that of earth!
And what happened to "Beagle" - the European Space Agency's little robotic surface exploration vehicle that was scheduled to land on Mars? It went silent when it was about to land and no one knows why. Scientists believe it never made it to the surface in one piece. Was Beagle about to prove NASA's statements about the planet wrong?
We know the planet has a blue sky and has a far denser atmosphere than we have been told. It makes one wonder if ANYONE has ever MEASURED the atmosphere scientifically.
The rovers on Mars operate in the DAYTIME. Most of their systems are shut down at night to extend daytime operating time, according to JPL. Solar cells are not very efficient. Therefore, they require light levels close to that of earth outdoors to recharge the batteries, power the transmitters and instrumentation, the computers AND power the rover's SIX drive and SIX steering motors at the same time. Could a dim environment accomplish that? Not with today's solar cell technology, which has a peak efficiency of just 21%, as of this writing (Oct. 2005.)
Here is another quote from an expert on solar cells:
"Regardless of size, a typical silicon PV cell produces about 0.5 - 0.6 volt DC under open-circuit, no-load conditions. The current (and power) output of a PV cell depends on its efficiency and size (surface area), and is proportional the intensity of sunlight striking the surface of the cell. For example, under peak sunlight conditions a typical commercial PV cell with a surface area of 160 cm^2 (~25 in^2) will produce about 2 watts peak power. If the sunlight intensity were 40 percent of peak, this cell would produce about 0.8 watts." [2]
YES, and I have the proof. Reviewing more than 10,000 images from the Spirit rover for 625 days of exploration has resulted in the discovery of DOZENS of artificially made objects. Most are only a few yards from the rover's camera. One cannot think that since NASA has been silent about these objects, that they cannot exist. This is far from being the first time the silent treatment has been used, a.k.a. "the mushroom treatment." On the subject of intelligent life, the silence is deafening. Perhaps the antiquated Bookings Report can be blamed for this.
These objects include bricks and what appear to be building blocks and cubes, standing on one corner or just lying on the surface. These objects are apparently made from solid rock or a material like it.
We have the ultimate in smoking guns: three different objects with CHARACTERS clearly visible on them, which are easy for anyone to see. Two of the three images are included in this essay.
These are not images taken from orbit, which are open to wild speculation about what is or is not artificial. These artifacts are just as real as the computer you are reading this on.
Below are a few artifacts taken from the book which have been minimally sharpened or enlarged for clarity purposes only. NO manual "pixel twiddling" was ever performed on any image in this article, or in the book. What you see here is what they really are, for better or worse.
There are 160 more artifacts in the book that defy explanation and cannot be easily debunked. Keep in mind that that these artifacts are between 2ft. and 100ft. from the camera. Panoramic camera source images for these artifacts were only available in JPEG form on NASA archive servers searched. Therefore, they cannot be sharpened much more than what you see below. Most objects are only 1 to 3 feet in size. Descriptions are not in any way absolute answers for what these objects are.
All the objects below are covered in far more detail in the book, including the exact SOL day they were photographed:
Block object bearing lettering in an unknown script. Who could have written it? NASA knows about this because they took this close-up. Note the shadow from the rover's strobe lamp and the closeness of the ground around it.
This object is similar to the strangely formed steel suspension arm found under some motor vehicles. It is actually lying up against a rock, in the position shown here. The rock was carefully removed from the image for clarity. Note the artifact's inside right angle bend (darkened area.)
This strange triangular artifact found lying on the ground was about 50ft. from the camera. It has two protruding cylindrical objects on the right end, similar to vehicle headlights. A dark vertical disk-like object on the rear has what appears to be a shaft in the center. It was the triangle on the front laying on the ground up against it, which first caught my eye. The housing of the artifact is very similar in shade to the surrounding soil, probably because it is covered with dust. One could describe it as "an upright vacuum cleaner without a bag or handle." One can only guess at what this really is.
In the image below, it appears that a catalog number may have been written on the top of this artifact. Archeologists do this when excavating a site. This object appears to have been lying on the surface far longer than we can imagine. The artifact isn't buried deep under dust, dirt or debris or from winds that cross the planet - which of course has no atmosphere. The daily dust deposition on objects has already been proven, so how can this be? HOW is all this possible?
This artifact was perhaps 50ft. from the camera and is shaped like the letter "Y" with a bar across the top. It is reminiscent of the "Y" in the YMCA logo. It appears to have four handwritten numbers along the top edge, which upon close examination are closest to the numbers "5563." There is a white coating or cladding peeling back on the left end, and the bottom edge of the image reveals the thickness of the coating. Perhaps this was a vertical ornament which fell from the top of a building (More about that later.)
These are only 4 of the objects from more than 160 images. Not all may be as striking as this, and others are far more amazing. Another object (shown in the book) has a knife or metal edge clearly protruding out of a rock or handle. The image was a close-up, taken about 1 foot from the camera. The edge is so sharp and well defined, that sharpening the image with professional image processing didn't change the blade's appearance. Since this was also a close-up from about 12" away from it, NASA KNOWS it's there yet they have said nothing. Why?
There are MANY other artifacts too numerous to mention here. More than 41 more are in the book. All of these artifacts - most LESS than a stone's throw from the camera, are undeniable. This ancient extraterrestrial artifact collection is like nothing else ever published before. About two years ago I stated on a radio show that if NASA ever found any signs of life they would not tell us.
These discoveries of these objects and their silence have vindicated this statement.
The hand-writing on the artifact above raises some very tough questions no one is answering:
1. Are these an archeologist's CATALOG NUMBERS?
2. WHO was the archeologist?
3. WHERE did the person come from?
4. Was the person who wrote these numbers from our future, perhaps traveling to Mars?
5. Is the triangular image confirmation that that we already have a base on Mars? Many in black projects have been saying this for years. This could mean the catalog numbers were written by someone in that program. Some have called it "Alternative 3."
6. A movie titled "Capricorn 1" 25 years ago was about a staged moon landing. Could it be the entire Spirit and Opportunity rover explorations are STAGED - and what we are looking at is a mistake, and the exposed number is used for a stage production to keep track of props? Let's hope not!
Everyone who has examined these images has been astounded, just as I was when first finding these artifacts.
Silence is all we hear. The book shows a chart of objects discovered each day for more than 600 days, vs. the sol day they were found on. When discovery of new objects averaged 2 to 3 per day, they moved the Spirit rover AWAY FROM THE AREA to return to "looking for signs of water," despite all these incredible discoveries. Recently NASA stated they are going to reduce the staff for the rovers, for budgetary reasons. After all, finding signs of intelligent life on our sister planet doesn't deserve additional funding, right?
This is my analogy of what they,ve done: A beachcomber with a metal detector finds two items at the same time - one is a rusted modern iron nail and the other a solid gold ring. The beachcomber keeps the rusted nail and throws the gold ring away.
With NASA staying on their pointless, pathetic and absurd search for signs of water they have tossed away many such gold rings.
Now they have sent the rover on a one-way trip AWAY from this area to another terrain where nothing "unexplainable" can be found. That is where it is as of this writing. All the artifacts found were from a 2 mile strip of the 90 mile wide crater!
I challenge ANYONE to explain away the mechanical objects as "products of erosion."
Where are all the debunkers when we need them? They disappear.
The agency NEEDS these discoveries to obtain the billions in funding required for a manned mission to reach Mars. If the artifact with "5563" written on it is fake, (which requires someone on the INSIDE to confirm this) then the ENTIRE rover mission has been faked.
Gusev doesn't have the usual deep concave shape - instead, it's like a giant, shallow 90 mile wide plain with a wall around the outside according to orbital images.
Here's what we can see: there are blocks from Giza pyramid size down to brick size, scattered everywhere at Gusev. Most of these are BLACKENED on one or two faces, indicating a tremendous explosion took place. These artifacts are most likely the remains of a city or town that was present, perhaps many millennia ago.
And then there are numerous MECHANICAL ARTIFACTS.
A likely scenario is that a space vehicle exploded high above the surface, blackening the rocks and blocks, destroying the city or town and forming the crater. Then shortly afterward, mechanical fragments from the space vehicle rained down on the area which is still lying there today, although they are now probably fossilized and coated with dust. The implications of this are enormous and cannot be overstated.
What we don't know - is just how deep down the debris field reaches.
Someone credible in the space agency needs to come forward and say, "Yes, they already know about the artificial objects but don't want the public to know." They can open the door by setting the example for others. Then they too, can step through the doorway out into the sanitizing light of day - opening it wide for all to see the proverbial wizard inside, pulling levers which manipulate public information behind the curtain.
Let's push the barn door open all the way, and send the antiquated Brookings Report from 50 years ago into the repository of all obsolete documents - the shredder. That cursed document laid the foundation for the on-going cover-up to this day. The report instituted a cover-up program that has created employment for many thousands of people whose sole function is to enforce "security."
"Security personnel" have ruined the lives of untold thousands of people by intimidation and discrediting them, who have had close encounters they didn't even ask for. They have also ruined the lives of those who have stumbled upon "forbidden artifacts" or have had contact with certain ET races living on earth. This author is waiting for the trouble to start for him, too - for bringing these images out into the sanitizing light of day.
I don't expect the images to remain on their servers for very long. This is why I provide in the book ALL the information on where to find the original source images. Nothing is hidden from the light of day, as some who have sold other Mars images have done. The barn door MUST remain open.
The artifacts on Mars are startling, revealing and in fact some have called them "amazing, almost scary."
The following is a transcription of comments made by Frank Whalen live on radio, Host of the Frankly Speaking Radio Show Republic Broadcasting Network Show audio archive:
"I'm extremely excited! This is a revolutionary book that he's written and the information that it contains is just mind-boggling with it's implications. At the very least it proves some things which we've already known in the past, which is that NASA is a master of censorship and a master of the coverup. At the most... well it proves that basically that this institution is going to have to account for this so it's hard to say what the far reaching implications of Ted Twietmeyer's new book is just mind-boggling....about 108 pages, just chocked full of images, and sources, and a whole bunch of references, things that you basically could show to anyone and they would probably have to agree that its irrefutable proof of coverups. Fantastic stuff, straight from the horse's mouth if you will." [5]
Be warned that the book's contents are outside the paradigm you are comfortable with. If you want to escape the mushroom treatment once and for all, this book is for you. But if you are someone whose religion believes that God only created life on this earth and no where else - then you will be in for the shock of your life. After you read the book, all the images instill in one a feeling that you,ve been to Mars yourself and have seen it firsthand.
The book covers more than 10 times the material of what you have just read.
You can see 10 sample pages taken from the book at which also shows other artifacts not included in this essay.
Ted Twietmeyer
Author of "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars"

1] Typical temperature specifications from two different solar cell companies:
[2] Details about solar cell output vs. light level:



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