More Miraculous
9/11 Evidence Found!
Four Credits Cards Found In Perfect Condition
From Inside the Wallet of Flight 11 Passenger
Joseph Iskandar said his son, Waleed, always carried his cards in his wallet and were 'miraculously' returned one year later, but he never questioned where and how the credit cards were found amidst the devastation of the towering inferno.
By Greg Szymanski
More miraculous 9/11 evidence has turned up, as Joseph Iskandar, the father of Flight 11 passenger, Waleed,  said not one but incredibly four of his son's credit cards were found in perfect condition by the Ground Zero Recovery Team.
Originally Iskandar reported receiving only one credit card, a perfectly intact Wells Fargo ATM card, but now three more cards mysteriously surfaced, either in a 'miraculous' stroke of luck, considering the devastation in the towering inferno, or possibly another clear sign of more planted evidence placed by the FBI at all disaster locations on 9/11.
Iskandar never doubted the credibility of the evidence, also becoming another in the long line of flight passenger family members who have never questioned the government's 9/11 story.
This comes in stark contrast to the other group of Ground Zero family members, a group made up of literally hundreds, if not thousands, who openly say 9/11 was an inside job or who publicly call for a new investigation. In contrast, the flight families either remain incredibly silent or, like Iskandar, have echoed the government story like a bunch of parrots in a cage.
Regarding the new evidence, Iskandar, 73, a Lebanese native who immigrated to the U.S. in 1980, told the Arctic Beacon Monday in an extended telephone conversation from his Northridge, California, home, the three other cards returned to him included Frequent Flyer credit cards from United, American and Delta airlines.
"When I returned to Ground Zero for the first anniversary of 9/11, I was told by some men that they had found four of Waleed's credit cards, all in good condition. They never told me how they found it or where but just sent me the cards," said Iskandar, adding he never questioned the identity of the men or the credibility of the cards, the items being mailed to his home several weeks later.
"Waleed used to keep his credit cards in his wallet and although it was a bit unusual considering the devastating crash, I just considered it to be a miracle from God. I then took the cards and they are included in a memorial at his burial site."
Another person closely following the chain of strange 9/11 evidence, who wants to remain anonymous, had this to say about the Iskandar credit cards:
"I guess his ATM card must have slid out of his wallet, flown out of his pocket, then out of his seat and around the seat belt, then through the exploding jet fuel and debris, out of the building, then to be found picture perfect!"
Although Iskandar believes the cards were God-sent, others think the FBI had a dirty hand in planting tainted evidence, since besides the incredible find of not one - but four - of Waleed's cards coming from inside his wallet, many other pieces of miraculous evidence has also surfaced.
The Arctic Beacon recently reported Capt. Jim Ingledue of the Virginia Beach Fire Department and 9/11 first responder finding the completely unblemished California ID card, driver's license and wedding ring of one of the Flight 77 passengers amidst the devastation and rubble at the Pentagon.
Passenger Suzanne Calley's husband, Frank, of San Martin, California, verified the return of his wife's items, but like Iskandar didn't question or even seek verification of the credibility of the evidence.
Although Calley had no questions, Capt. Ingledue, a firm believe of the official government 9/11 story, called it "highly strange and remarkable' to find this type of evidence in the Pentagon meltdown.
"I remember thinking it was highly unusual and strange to find a perfectly intact ID card amidst all that devastation," said Capt. Ingledue, a Pentagon first responder who arrived two days after 9/11 and spent a total of seven days in search and rescue.
In a telephone conversation two weeks ago from Virginia Beach, Capt. Ingledue added the find was "so strange" he kept it in his pocket for an hour instead of immediately turning the evidence over to FBI agents like he was instructed.
"When we arrived at the Pentagon, we were advised to turn over any personal effects or possible evidence immediately over to the FBI," said Capt. Ingledue, who admitted the find was unusual, but doesn't subscribe to any wild-eyed 9/11 conspiracy theories.   "I kept this bit of evidence with me a little longer, I don't know why, but I guess I thought it was strange to find an ID in perfect shape when everything else around me was devastated."
Besides the possibility that Calley and Iskandar's ID cards and credit cards were planted by the FBI, a   similar question has been ignored by the state sponsored press and authorities the day after 9/11 when miraculously the unscathed passport of Satam Al Suqami, one of the alleged 19 Arab terrorists, turned up several blocks from Ground Zero.
Although ABC News and the Associated Press played up the importance of the Suqami passport, linking 9/11 to the Arab hijackers, serious questions were never raised in the press or by the 9/11 Commission as to the credibility and authenticity of the find.
Critics now contend with the Calley and Iskandar cards, all turning up in perfect condition like the passport, it only adds to the necessity of launching a full scale investigation into the possibility that all three items were planted by the FBI in an attempt to hoodwink the American people into believing the official 9/11 story, a story that has so many holes that it makes a perfectly good piece of Swiss cheese look like a solid object.
And to add even more fuel to the fire, numerous other accounts of suspicious evidence has also conveniently surfaced, linking the alleged hijackers to 9/11, including two of   Mohamed Atta's bags also found right after 9/11.
Not only did authorities find the luggage but they conveniently contained a handheld electronic flight computer, a simulator procedures manual for Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft, two videotapes relating to "air tours" of the Boeing 757 and 747 aircraft, a slide-rule flight calculator, a copy of the Koran, Atta's passport, his will, his international driver's license, a religious cassette tape, airline uniforms, a letter of recommendation, "education related documentation" and a note to other hijackers on how to mentally prepare for the hijacking.
Again the state sponsored media jumped on the story, running in the Associated Press, Boston Globe and other papers in the weeks following 9/11, further perpetuating the government's 9/11 myth without even asking the question of whether the evidence was credible or possibly planted by the FBI.
Regarding the Iskandar case, what's even more unusual than the credit cards, is Waleed, a 34-year-old Harvard graduate, was never even listed as an original Flight 11 passenger either on the American Airlines flight manifest or the several different conflicting passenger list versions made public by major media outlets.
In fact, his name first appeared on a passenger list one year later in an unverified list given by a media outlet on the first year anniversary, but continued not to be listed on other distributed lists by other large media outlets.
In response to his son being left off the Flight 11 list, Iskandar said:
"I contacted American the day after the tragedy and told them not to list my son as my wife, Samia, and I were grieving terribly and we didn't want to be bothered by the press. Later after we realized how big this whole incident became, we had him put back on the list."
Iskandar said he also kept his son's flight itinerary as a keepsake, adding his son was on his way from Boston to Los Angeles to tell his parents about his recent engagement to his new fiancé, who was also with Waleed in Boston but decided to leave on a later flight that never arrived in Los Angeles due to the airplane lockdown after 9/11.
The official flight lists and there many discrepancies have been a serious bone of contention for 9/11 critics, who call attention to the glaring errors and conflicting numbers on many of the flight lists released, many coming from unverified sources.
On Flight 11, for example, American Airlines released two different lists containing 77 and 75 names the day after 9/11, but the Washington Post published 89 names the same day while the Boston Daily published 89 names with conflicting names, however.  Remember, complicating matters worse, Fox News all along was still claiming that only 81 names were confirmed a week later.
Through out the years, not only have the numbers conflicted but so have the names on the lists. Gerald Holmgren, a 9/11 researcher who has spent much time and effort researching the flight irregularities found one of the  most glaring errors never explained by the airlines or the government.
Holmgren, whose compilation of 9/11 flight data can be found at,  uncovered that four of the alleged passengers on American Airlines Flight 11 with the last names of Ward, Weems, Roux and Jalbert also mysteriously and unexplainable were also listed as passengers on Flight 175 that struck the South Tower.
Holmgren in his 2004 article had this to say:
"What a mess ! This crime - the murder of approximately 3000 people, and the excuse for two wars and alarming attacks on civil liberties - and presumably more to come - is supposed to have been properly investigated and documented ? Why should we be expected to believe who the hijackers were, when the spin doctors can't even do a credible fabrication job of a list of innocent victims?
"It's previously been demanded by many skeptics that we need to see a verifiable official passenger list which actually contains the names of the alleged hijackers. We can now take the implications of that further and point to the absence of any passenger list documentation for AA11 which stands up to scrutiny as a credible document. We have nothing which could support the existence of any of the alleged passengers on the alleged flight.
"The fact is - that in nearly three years - the media has tried to give the impression that they have published valid passenger lists, when all that has been provided is the contradictory rubbish exposed in this investigation. We are left with no choice but to conclude that these AA11 lists are fabrications.
"Personal stories of those allegedly involved have been built on the basis of these fabricated lists. As qualified earlier, some or all of them may be real people who are really missing, and may have friends or families who genuinely believe that they got on to a flight called AA11. We don't know at this stage. But the passenger lists as complete entities are lies."
Whether Iskandar knows the real fate of his son or whether his son is a fiction, is unknown due the speculative nature and unreliability of the flight lists. Taking Iskandar at his word, his son exists and was killed on Flight 11, but it is also well-known the CIA/FBI creates aliases and fictitious identities to fill many needed slots in the witness protection as well as other clandestine programs.
"The FBI/CIA are busy now creating fictitious identities that they will need 30 years from now, complete with totally made up backgrounds right down to pictures in high school year books," said Phil Jayhan, a long time 9/11 researcher. "Maybe the boys at the Pentagon borrowed some for 9/11 because the flight lists just aren't credible or real."
Researchers also point to speculative nature of the flight lists when information surfaced regarding to the real possibility that Flight 11 and 77 never even existed in the first place on 9/11.
According to Bureau of Traffic Safety (BTS) statistics both flights officially never took- off on 9/11, as well as showing no elapsed run-way time, wheels-off time and taxi-out time. However, Flights 11 and 77 existed on 9/10, having all the recorded data properly logged as do each and every commercial flight that leaves each airport in America.
Why the discrepancy?  No one has ever given an official explanation for the BTS missing flight data, even though it is well known that airports are extremely meticulous about recording accurate BTS data for each and every flight in and out of its airport for liability purposes.
But, more importantly, if this is a clear indication Flight 11 and 77 were only 'phantom flights" and never existed, why then wouldn't some of the family members publicly voice their concerns?
One more suspicious thing about the Iskandar interview is that he became another in the long list of those who lost loved ones on the airplanes who either remained silent or  bought into the official 9/11 story lock, stock and barrel.
"I have no reason to doubt the government. Everyone has been good tome including former California Gov. Gray Davis," said Iskandar. "I come from Lebanon and I think these people are crazy, like bin Laden, and I call them the bad seeds or bad Muslims. I am satisfied with the government investigation and have no doubt who caused this terrible disaster."
Iskandar joins several other members of the airplane 9/11 community, including Calley and Linda Gay, who recently said they are in total agreement with the official government story, adding they are unquestionably satisfied with the government investigation.
In fact, save Ellen Mariani, who lost her husband on Flight 175, the rest of the jetliner family community has never publicly questioned the government's official 9/11 story and has pretty much stayed quiet in the background, out of the public eye.
What makes this surprising, if not downright suspicious, is that it is in stark contrast to the majority of family members who lost loved ones at Ground Zero, a group that has hundreds of outspoken critics of the government's official story, a group unafraid to publicly blame the Bush administration for being the real culprits behind 9/11.
For example, there are literally hundreds of survivors and family members from Ground Zero who protest the government regularly, saying Bush and the neo-cons are hiding the truth about 9/11 to protect their own skin.
But in stark contrast only Mariani has gone public with her disgust of the government from the airline group, a fact that shouldn't be ignored when trying to unweave the complex web of deceit woven by the neo-con culprits behind 9/11.
Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist.
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