More Proof 911 Inside
Job - Witnesses To
WTC Explosives
During the afternoon of 9/11, the Mayor of New York city and the Governor of New York state held a press conference.
Reporters asked 2 interesting questions:
"Is there anything to indicate that there could be MORE BOMBS, more planes out there?"
"So, the only National Guard we'll see will be in lower Manhattan, in the BOMB site area?"
Neither the Mayor nor the Governor corrected the reporters by stating that there weren't any bombs, and that -- instead -- the twin towers had collapsed due solely to airplane and fire damage.
If you were a high-level official trying to calm down the public in a major crisis (which is part of the job description) and there weren't in fact bombs in t he world trade centers, wouldn't you have corrected the reporters in order to kill unfounded rumors and minimize panic? Doesn't this lack of a statement amount to an acknowledgment that the Mayor and Governor believed there were bombs in the twin towers?
By way of analogy, imagine that 10 witnesses say they saw Mike shoot Joe. In a press conference, a reporter asks the police chief if police know why Mike shot Joe, and the chief answers without correcting the reporter. In other words, the police chief does not answer by saying something like "No no, Fred shot Joe" or
"we don't know who shot Joe yet, we've just started investigating". Isn't that further circumstantial evidence that tends to show that Mike shot Joe? Doesn't the silence in the face of bomb-related questions help corroborate the numerous eyewitness statements of bombs in the trade centers, such as the following:
A reporter for USA Today stated that the FBI believed that bombs i n the buildings brought the buildings down;
The NY Fire Department Chief of Safety stated there were "bombs" and "secondary devices", which caused the explosions in the buildings;
A NYC firefighters who witnessed attacks stated that it looked like there were bombs in the buildings;
A NYC firefighter stated "On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there was bombs set in the building";
An MSNBC reporter stated that police had found a suspicious device "and they fear it could be something that might lead to another explosion" and the police officials believe "that one of the explosions at the world trade center . . . may have been caused by a van that was parked in the building that may have had some kind of explosive device in it, so their fear is that there may have been explosive devices planted either in the building or in the adjacent area";
A NYC firefighter stated "the south tower . . . exploded . . . At that point a debate began to rag e because the perception was that the building looked like it had been taken out with charges . . . many people had felt that possibly explosives had taken out 2 World Trade";
Assistant Fire Commissioner stated "I thought . . . before . . . No. 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes. . . . I . . . saw a flash flash flash . . . [at] the lower level of the building [not up where the fire was]. You know like when they . . . blow up a building ... ?" -- and a lieutenant firefighter the Commisioner spoke with independently verified the flashes;
A firefighter said "[T]here was just an explosion. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions"; Another firefigther stated "it almost sounded like bombs going off, like boom, boom, boom, like seven or eight";
A paramedic said "at first I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they se t the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop -- thats exactly what because thought it was";
A police officer noted "People were saying, 'There's another one and another one.' I heard reports of secondary bomb explosions ...";
A firefighter stated "there was an explosion in the south tower, which . . . just blew out in flames . . . One floor under another after another and when it hit about the fifth floor, I figured it was a bomb, because it looked like a synchronized deliberate kind of thing. I was there in '93" (referring to 1993 bombing of world trade center;
A firefighter stated "it looked like sparkling around one specific layer of the building . . . Then the building started to come down. My initial reaction was that this was exactly the way it looks when they show you those implosions on TV";
Dan Rather said that collapse was "reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen [when] a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down" (CNN's Aaron Brown and a Fox News reporter also made similar comments);
A British newspaper stated "some eyewitnesses reported hearing another explosion just before the structure crumbled. Police said that it looked almost like a 'planned implosion'";
One ABC reporter stated it looked like a controlled demolition; another ABC reporter stated "anyone who has ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows that if you're going to do this you have to get at the under-infrastructure of the building to bring it down";
A reporter for WNYC radio said "The reporters were trying to figure out what had happened. We were thinking bombs had brought the buildings down";
A Wall Street Journal reporter said "I heard this metallic roar, looked up and saw what I thought was just a peculiar site of individual floors, one after the other exploding outward. I thought to myself, "My God, they're going to bring the build ing down." And they, whoever they are, HAD SET CHARGES . . . . I saw the explosions"; and
A facilities manager in the north tower "was convinced that there were bombs planted all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel pushing detonator buttons". You can view links to the source materials for all eyewitness quotes at .
The 9/11 Commission Report did not even once mention the word "explosion" or "bomb". The mainstream media hasn't touched the evidence of bombs in the trade center. Democratic and republican politicans smear anyone who even raises the issue as a conspiracy nut. Isn't it time that we faced the elephant in the living room? Can our democracy survive if we don't?



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