A Letter To Judy
By Judy Andreas
Last week I was interviewed on Channel Islam.   Prior to the interview I had my usual set of concerns.   I was scheduled to speak for the first hour and to take questions from listeners during  the second hour.  Being far from an expert,  I wondered if I had two hours worth of information and I wondered about the worth of the information I would impart.  I wondered how I would be received by the audience.  After all, Judy Andreas is merely an essayist who writes from her heart and feels things very deeply.  I wondered if that would be good enough.
Surprisingly, the two hours flew by and there was a strong emotional connection.  My words seemed to come from the deepest part of me. The callers were gracious and accepting and  I felt truly welcomed.
After the interview, the host stayed on the line to tell me how well it had gone. With gratitude, I felt that I had made a small contribution towards healing. 
Today. I received the following letter and asked the sender for permission to publish it   He granted it gladly, and requested that I omit his name and email address.  The letter both warmed and broke my heart.   I was born of Jewish parents and this man is a Muslim,  yet these labels become meaningless as we meet in friendship and caring.  There is no distance between us. This man is my brother. 
 Dear Judy
I listened to part of your interview on Channel Islam from Zambia. It was a heartwarming experience for me also.
Your statements and comments were like music to, I am sure, all the Muslim listeners of Cii.
I have the following contribution to make from a Muslim perspective. 
The confrontation we are witnessing today in my opinion is not just about democracy, oil reserves, occupied Palestine & Iraq. Take the issue of wearing the head scarf for instance not only in France but also in some Muslim countries.
There was a case in Turkey recently where a Muslim lady was not allowed to wear the head scarf to university.
She took her case to the European court of human rights and lost. A female physician in France has a notice posted outside her clinic."You are not allowed in if you're in Hijab". I listened to a radio programme on the BBC about the construction of a mosque somewhere in Europe. Residents of the locality signed petitions to the authorities complaining that the minaret was too high. The minaret had to be reduced from 25mtrs to 15mtrs.   
So why all the fuss about religious symbols predominantly Islamic?
Islam is a complete and comprehensive way of life. Every aspect of life for a Muslim is part of religion.
There can therefore be no separation between secular and religious matters. This is why in my opinion there appears to be a confrontation with the west.
Take the prohibition on usury in Islam also referred to as interest, for example. This is an aspect for business but very much part of religion for a Muslim also. The Quran clearly forbids any transaction with usury. Muslims have therefore set up Islamic financial institutions based on profit sharing in some countries.
The way Islamic banking works is that the bank must share in the profit and loss. In other financial systems, the bank always wins. I have seen people who have lost their homes and business to banks.
The west supports despots in the middle east for many reasons. One of the reasons is to ensure Islamic parties do not come to power at any cost. There was an uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in the 80's. President Assad ordered in the military who massacred over 10,000. Was this reported in the media? I do not think so. 
They know very well that if Islamic parties come to power they will abolish the interest system. If interest is abolished, how will the IMF and World Bank survive? The IMF and World Bank is one of the many systems put in place for global domination.
Muslims will ask authorities to take down nude bill boards near mosques as was the case in Britain recently. They are afraid that Muslims will begin asking for more Islamic identity and the west will start looking like the "Middle West".
The news media and hollywood have already started their disinformation campaign against Islam with movies like The Siege with Denzel Washington.Have you noticed the news media always focuses its cameras on veiled women in Muslim countries.
Donald Rumsfeld,
Tony Blair and Bush often say that the enemies of freedom wish to impose their medieval vision on the world.
They consider the enemies of freedom to be the Muslims and their way of life.
Islam, in my opinion, is the only ideology that stands in the way of a group some call the Illuminati who have a sinister vision to subjugate the people of the world and their natural resources.
Their major tools are the Zionist controlled news media, movie theatres (I call brainwashing halls), financial institutions and the United Nations. 
Mr. Bush was hard on Ariel Sharon in a few of his press statements. A couple of days later did you see how quickly he changed his tune to "Sharon is a man of peace"? Affairs are not directed by Mr. Bush or Blair. People are not aware of this because they only see and hear the voices of Mr. Blair and Bush.
Algeria is another good example. The Islamic party there was poised to win an election when the commanders in the military backed by France stepped in and canceled the election. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a religious party with popular support. They are banned from taking part in elections. Their candidates have to stand as independents. I guarantee you 100% that they would come to power if they were allowed to take part in elections. The same goes for Hamas in Palestine.
In Zambia, construction of a mosque was halted by the authorities when the building had reached window level. Permission for the mosque was granted, then later revoked while construction was underway. Do you see how events in the media have influenced the decision of the Zambian government to prevent the construction of a mosque?
I have concluded beyond any reasonable doubt that the war on terror is actually a cover for a war on Islam.
Thank you for the Cii interview. We look forward to you coming on air again. It is pleasing to know that more and more people are becoming aware of this global conspiracy.
Yours faithfully,
(name withheld)
Copyright 2005 Judy Andreas



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