Impeach The GOP!

By Ted Lang
To blame war criminal G. Bush for the GOP losses around the country in the recent elections is a bit of a stretch, but not entirely. Douglas Forrester's loss to public office purchaser, Jon Corzine, the three-year Senator from New Jersey who just bought the New Jersey governorship employing his tremendous wealth, had little to do with the notoriety of Bush and his "Pearl Harbor of the 21st century." New Jersey is a "yellow dog" Democratic state; no analytical thinking or honest evaluation of either issues or candidates is allowed anywhere within the state on Election Day - Democrats are a shoo-in!
Republican Assemblyman Michael Carroll did a nice job of explaining the situation: Republicans win in his Morris County precisely because it is a suburban white picket fence community of achievers and workers, and just the opposite is true outside the County and throughout the socialist-leaning wealth redistribution-oriented urban areas of this densely populated state. Big cities, such as Paterson, Newark, Camden and the like, are districts with high welfare and unemployment rolls; and even within Morris County itself, the smaller cities, characterized by lower wage earners, the unemployed and those on welfare, voted overwhelmingly for Corzine.
Corzine spent $ 63 million to buy his New Jersey Senate seat, serving only three years in that capacity, and at a current annual salary of $158,100. The governorship cost him $ 40 million, and pays an annual salary of 157,000. Why would a man who amassed a fortune of $ 400 million on Wall Street spend a quarter of his fortune, a total of $ 103 million, to buy jobs with a combined annual salary of only $ 315,100? We all know the answer of course: Corzine's plan is to buy the White House in 2008!
But whether or not Corzine is able to control the Bill and Hill crowd of the Democratic Party is even relevant; in spite of the obvious growing fissures within the Republican Party, an ongoing event Democrats seem strangely and maddeningly oblivious to, an increasing number of Americans are beginning to see the criminal Bush regime for what it really is. It is pure insanity for Republicans to circle the wagons and pretend that the citizens will ignore the obvious burning necessity to impeach Bush and will simply continue to rally to and support the majority party.
As a life-long Republican, and one who supported G. Bush in 2000, Bush has invoked in me such anger and disgust that I would indeed vote for any Democrat that opposes Bush. Where is such a Democrat? Is there such a Democrat? Corzine will, of course, make himself just as glowingly visible to Democrats in 2008 as he did during the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
But the activities of Democrats are not an issue - it is the growing exposure of the Bush-manufactured phony intelligence brought to the fore by the exposure of the Downing Street Memo and the Plame outing on the Internet. The Niger yellowcake "mushroom cloud" scenario peddled by the Bushevics is not based merely upon "manipulated" intelligence as the mainstream media would have US believe. The pro-Israeli Zionist MSM continues to protect Bush. But the Internet and the growing ranks of the American Resistance against Bush will eventually bring him and his criminal regime down.
As has oft been offered in this space, the growing and highly visible war crimes of the Bush administration, its secret prisons, its secret government operations, its illegal invasion of Iraq, its policy of publicly-announced torture of political prisoners and innocent people, its intended invasion of Syria and Iran on behalf of Israel, and the now-revealed use of white phosphorus incendiary bombs and poisonous gas on the innocent civilians of Fallujah, are all war crimes even more egregious than those engaged in by Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin and even Adolf Hitler. Bush's war crimes make America the most feared and hated nation in the world. Impeachment is the only road back to any modicum of normalcy regarding our relations with the international community.
But the GOP is in charge, and so impeachment is impossible, as ably pointed out by former Pentagon Papers patriot Daniel Ellsberg. Ellsberg is that member of the American Resistance that exposed war criminal and President Lyndon Baines Johnson for lying US into war by manufacturing phony intelligence citing an attack by North Vietnamese aircraft on American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Just like Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the 9-11 "attacks," the connection between the WTC and Pentagon events to current administration policies are beginning to take shape as being part and parcel of an overall plan to affect a military dictatorship and takeover of the United States of America. And evidence continues to mount proving that the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolition. And the chief enabler of this increasingly apparent plot is none other than the whole damn GOP itself!
The thinking on the part of every American, and I do mean EVERY American, should be this: if the GOP is blocking the impeachment, removal from office, and trial of G. Bush via the legal provisions established in the Constitution, then EVERY Republican and EVERY Democrat now holding office, including Hillary, should be voted out of office. This is a call to all Americans; even those not registered to vote. Get registered now, and let's sock it to the GOP and their Democratic enablers.
All now in office are contributing to the Bush crime wave in America, which is increasingly posturing itself to involve the entire world. All current office holders that allowed US to be lied to and tricked into the Iraqi war and the USA PATRIOT Act by an aging, smirking, rich frat brat has-been and alcoholic, should be impeached by proxy, and that proxy is our vote in 2006. It's the right way, or the highway. Let's send the incumbent "honorables" packing!
(c) 2005 - All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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