France, Trinidad...
Then Venezuela?
By Wayne Madsen
France imposed a state of emergency as rioting continued for a 13th straight night and spread to more towns, including Calais, the French end of the "Chunnel" rail link to England; St. Raphael; Amiens; Grasses; Bassens; Savigny-sur-Orge, and Arras. Other cases of arson were reported throughout Belgium -- in Ghent, Antwerp, Lokeren -- and in Germany, where Cologne was hit for the first time with car arson.
WMR has emphasized that the arson attacks are well planned, coordinated, and only plaguing the three major NATO countries that opposed the war in Iraq, For that reason, European law enforcement and intelligence agencies should place 24x7 surveillance on Israeli diplomatic and intelligence personnel who may be engaged in "Lavon Affair" and "911" style false flag operations. Such an operation aimed at Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez may have just been uncovered in Trinidad and Tobago.
In what may have been an attempt to stage a set of bombings in the Caribbean oil region and point the finger at Venezuela's significant Arab and Muslim population, a Russian-born Israeli national was recently arrested in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Vatang Agrunov (who uses the aliases Bhatang Agranouve and Dahtang Mik Agarunov), 26, is being questioned by Trinidadian authorities for his connections to four bombings in Port of Spain this year-- on July 11 on busy Frederick Street (injuring 14 people, 2 seriously, one woman losing her leg), August 10 on busy George Street, September 10, and November 3. As was the case with Israeli "art students" and "movers" who have been detained in the United States and Canada, Agrunov played dumb, first claiming he did not steal an immigration extension stamp that could be illegally used to grant visa extensions in Trinidad. According to the Trinidad and Tobago Express, in typical broken English and proffering a sob story, Agrunov told police, "I just want to say I take the stamp and finish this story. I don't want to stay in this country any longer. I want to go home. I just want to finish this and go back to my country because my family does not know what happened to me."
Agrunov had used the immigration stamp to extend his own stay in the country. Caribbean authorities have intelligence that Agrunov is a suspected terrorist.
Israeli terrorists in Caribbean setting the stage for attacks in Venezuela?
Trinidad and Tobago authorities, including the Trinidad Anti-Crime Unit, the Criminal Investigation Division, and the local Interpol representative, are awaiting an Interpol report on Agrunov. Port of Spain Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor denied Agrunov bail, citing him as a flight risk. Israeli agents have been arrested in New Zealand and Australia on charges that they were involved in the theft of New Zealand passports. As typical in such cases, the Israeli government denied any knowledge of the Trinidad affair. The Israeli embassy in Caracas, which has responsibility for Israeli affairs in Trinidad, said it had no information on Agrunov's arrest.
The unfettered use of a Trinidad visa stamp by an Israeli false flag cell would have permitted Israeli agents to secretly enter and exit Venezuela via nearby Trinidad, which is only 7 miles away -- an excellent cover for committing terrorist attacks on tourist centers or oil installations in either Venezuela or Trinidad -- and blaming them on "Al Qaeda" or Arabs and Muslims living in the area. The previous bombings in Trinidad were at first blamed on local Muslim activists.
There is also evidence that the FBI arrived in Trinidad after the July blast to cover up for the Israelis. Local police complained that the FBI presence was not required and Prime Minister Patrick Manning said he was unaware that anyone had requested help from the FBI at the time. In cases where local police and Federal agents detained Israeli agents snooping around sensitive industrial and military facilities in the United States, the FBI quickly had them transferred to their control whereupon they were hurriedly deported from the United States. In some cases, deported Israelis have returned to the United States.



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