The Dying
Art Of Femininity
Fascinating Womanhood

By Henry Makow, PhD
"Femininity is a gentle tender quality found in a woman's appearance, manner and nature. A feminine woman gives the impression of softness and delicateness. She has a spirit of sweet submission, and a dependency upon men for their care and protection. Nothing about her appears masculine, no male aggressiveness, competence, efficiency, fearlessness, strength, or the ability to kill her own snakes." (247)
Helen Andelin's "Fascinating Womanhood" (1965) is subversive to the New World Order because it upholds the inherent difference between the sexes and the basic laws governing marriage.
Such a book would never be published today. It is only available because it appeared 40 years ago and has sold 2 million copies since.
If you have any doubt about your sexual identity, I recommend "Fascinating Womanhood." It is pertinent for men as well as women. I also recommend Andelin's "Fascinating Girl" for single women and her husband's "Man of Steel and Velvet" for men. (
I'm not saying you should treat this model as gospel or that it's for everyone. It represents a timeless heterosexual paradigm that works. Every couple is different. Choose what is relevant to you and reject the rest.
Femininity and masculinity are an art, like playing the piano. They must be learned. We have to know the basics before we can improvise.
People are very malleable. Society is the target of a long-term hate campaign designed to degrade and discredit heterosexuality. Domestic violence and rape are highlighted to make women fear men, reject femininity and imitate men. The destruction of the family has always been the goal of the financial elite in order to control people. (See "The Illuminati Program I will elaborate below.
Andelin says a woman's happiness depends on her husband's lifelong devotion and love. This book teaches women how to be attractive to men, how to be feminine.
Andelin writes that women don't have to be beautiful to be feminine. "Acquire a feminine manner by accentuating the differences between yourself and men, not the similarities. Since the masculine manner is strong firm and heavy, yours should be gentle, delicate and light. Apply this in the way you walk, talk, use your hands and carry yourself." (256)
I can still remember how a girl I knew closed a kitchen cupboard with a motion of her hips. This happened 35 years ago when I was 20!
When Andelin writes that a feminine woman is never "crude, vulgar, harsh, overbearing or critical," it is apparent that the fair sex is being deliberately degraded and neutered by the media. "All your conversation should reflect tenderness, patience, forgiveness, tolerance and love."
A wife's first priority is her husband and then her children. Thus a single woman will consecrate herself for her future husband and children as much as possible. She will not be promiscuous.
Wives tend to put career, friends, parents, success and appearance before their husbands. "If you are a successful career woman, keep your priorities straight," Andelin writes. "Let your husband know by words and actions that he is number one." (95)
The woman's primary role is to be wife, mother and homemaker. The man's role is to be guide, protector and provider. This doesn't mean women can't have careers or men can't cook or change a diaper.
A man needs to feel that he is needed, and that he excels his woman in his role. If she becomes independent, he may question his purpose and his feelings for her "since his romantic feelings partly arise from her need to be protected, sheltered and cared for." (102)
A woman should accept her husband at face value and not try to change him. His pride and freedom are inviolable. She should focus on his good qualities and he will improve naturally in response to her.
Reactions to Andelin are either very positive or very negative. One minister on Amazon said:" I have given approximately 250 copies of this book to women I have counseled in the past 5 years. In this period of time, I have yet to see ANY of them NOT improve their marriage by working on what they bring to the marriage, as an individual and to the whole."
Many women find the book outdated and laughable. One contentious point is that Andelin advises wives to adopt an endearing childlike petulance when upset with their husband. A lot of women find this demeaning. But in practice, most men will respond positively when their authority is not directly challenged.
Andelin may be outdated at times but she has the basic principles right; it's up to us to adapt them.
Beautiful women are a dime a dozen but feminine women are more rare. The world suffers the loss of feminine spiritual qualities: trust, modesty, grace, innocence, serenity, tenderness, patience and love. This is behind the male obsession with pornographic sex. Men unconsciously seek femininity and love. The restless masculine spirit seeks a calm harbor.
Men and women are the victims of a cruel hoax. They are taught that sexual differences are "socially conditioned." Ironically this lie is the actual "social conditioning". Sexual differences are inborn. For example, males have ten times the level of testosterone as women, and this determines their willingness to take risks, etc. Sex roles express natural differences and are the spice of life.
Feminism's Marxist principles of "equality" do not apply to loving heterosexual relationships and are toxic to them. As I often say, heterosexual marriage is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male love. Equal power neuters both sexes.
Our leaders are accomplices to this monstrous hoax. Behind them are the central bankers who print our currency in the form of a debt to them. They need a world government so that no country can default on it. They need a dictatorship so the people cannot end this scam. They need to stunt our natural development by fostering gender confusion so we can be controlled.
The elitists present women's liberation as if a wife cherished by her husband were the same as a concentration camp inmate. This vicious psychological assault is "progress," they tell gullible women, when in fact it is subversion on a grand scale.
Ladies, where do you think feminism came from? The US Communist Party, the CIA and the elite media, all instruments of the central bankers, organized it. The Rockefeller Foundation funds it.
This weekend yet another movie opened about a woman who is a violent killer. "Domino" is the story of a female bounty hunter. The real-life inspiration for this story Domino Harvey died recently of a drug overdose or murder. No wonder young women are confused! Where do they see wives and mothers presented in a positive light? Women are always harried, arguing with men and running off to work.
I get emails from feminists saying my articles are "hurtful." It's eerie how they all use that word and repeat the party line. I think it's "hurtful" that the super rich want to take the place of God and nature and enslave humanity. But these feminists don't get it. They don't get A's for connecting feminism with the Rockefellers, Sept. 11 and Iraq, i.e. Central Banker Dictatorship, the New World Order.
Feminism is designed to make women feel unworthy for devoting their lives to the people they love. It forces them out of the house where their employers can control them. It forces infants into joyless daycares subject to conditioning and who-knows-what-else.
I would never stand between anyone and their idea of fulfillment. But ladies, don't be so gullible! You're being defrauded of a lifetime of love. Have your careers later but don't forfeit your femininity and your chance to have a family.
See my section on "How Heterosexuality Works"C-1
Related, my "The Hoax of Female Empowerment"
Search "Anne Moir" on Amazon for Two Great Books on Biological Gender Differences
-- Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.
Wun Lun Ranting
Mr. Makow, Your babbling about the femininity of wymen is so absurd as to be ridiculous. Wymen are not just ideologues that one takes down from the shelf when one is feeling frisky. Your whole rant is that you want wymen who are compliant to your views of the world. Your wymen are not real. They don't have to work, or provide for their families. Your elevation of the masculine from the sweating, beerdrinking construction worker is hilarious.
Men are not the superior animal that you portray them to be. In l997, at the Geneva, Switzerland, Science Conference, a male body of scientists stated that it should be taught that the female is superior in every way to the male of the species.
1. More females are born than males.
2. More females make it to the age of five than males.
3. Females have accelerated learning up to the age of 12, boys usually do not have accelerated learning until the age of 12.
4. Nine ourt of ten wymen have both lobes of the brain functioning at birth, while only one in ten men does. And that one in ten male is usually left handed.
5. Wymen can tolerate more pain than most men, unless that man is a Marine or Special Forces.
6. Wymen are more capable of informed decision making than males before the age of forty.
7. Most men do not attain a state of maturity until the end of their fifth decade.
8. The average womyn lives ten years longer than her mate.
Wymyn today do not need to have a man around to make them feel feminine. Most men do not know how to respond to a womyn with love and respect. If they are not tormenting with their brutal opinions and vulgar thoughts in the work place they are entertaining themselves usually at some womyn's expense.
Wymyn today can work and play as hard and fast as the men they keep company with. While working Maximum Security in an all male forensic facility, we proved that four small wymyn could take down a 400 pound man who was 6 foot 8 inches tall, with less injuries than when the stupid men we worked with would "dogpile" a patient.
We earned the same money that the males made and we had far fewer injuries.
Your limited view unequivocally demands that you will miss some of the neatest wymyn on the planet, wymyn who support themselves and their children without the aggravation of having to pick up after a man who has no idea how to clean, cook, change a diaper or balance a checkbook. You have spent so much time playing games and badmouthing "feminazis" that you have missed knowing some really wonderful wymyn who just make great friends.
You have missed two whole generations of wymyn who have stuck together, praised one another's accomplishments and sent our children to school, all without some man who does not put down the toilet lid (we are not the ones who leave the pubes on the ring), refuses to put his clothes in the hamper and too lazy to get his own beer.
Your Utopian view is so limited that you don't seem to be from this century. But several centuries ago. This is a fast paced, unsynchronized, anarchic state of the union, and you would seem best suited for teaching history. That is how it used to be. When men were men and no one questioned their brutality and wymyn had to do what they were told. We just came to realize that men are not "all of that". You are the one who keeps trying to bang the drum back into the last century, just like the Four Horsemen of the WhiteHouse. Including the Psycho/Governor/Executioner/pResident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
You do a disservice to the men you want to save. Teach them goodness, fairness, honor, integrity, morality, and THE TRUTH about wymyn and men.
We even have pariogenesis to keep the species going, you do not have that. There have been over 100 Virgin Births since l900 and all of the progeny were female.
Ronald Reagan and his idiot James Watts started the backlashing against wymyn and this country in general when Watts came back from an Affirmative Action meeting and made the comment: I just came back from a meeting with a Spic, a Niggar, a Jew and a womyn. That is the kind of male thinking that wymyn do not like and do not tolerate in most men, unless they have a lot of money.
I have pondered the reason that the animal world is so different from ours and her is the conclusion I came up with: In the animal kingdom the dominant male is decided by the females of the herd. The females are willing to have only one male elk in their herd, but the females decide who he is. Sadly, he does not keep his position very long, he can only last two or even three years.
But during that time he keeps the other males from raping and impregnating the females with bad genes. The females perpetuate their position by training the younger females how to identify the next male that will lead the herd. And all males are kicked out of the herd when they are old enough to make it alone.
The females do not accept rutting with just anyone, however, we human females do. We will accept the lesser males and try to keep them with us, with all of their flaws and bad habits. That is why so many wymyn can live so happily without men. We do not need you for anything except an occasional conversation or for inhouse entertainment.
We do not "need" your money, your things, your attitudes, your bad habits or your meanness.
We do actually love and like some of you, but as a general rule wymyn can survive much better and have more than most men, who seem to need an anchor, or they do not really do well without a womyn to tell them their little dot-to-dot for daily living.




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