The New Food Pyramid -
The Big 'FAT' Lie!

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)
The "New Food Pyramid" (NFP) is a corporate driven lie that is not about keeping you, remotely healthy, reader... It couldn't be!
On the contrary! The objective, as these corporate interests would have it, is for us to continue following the same stupid dietary rules that got us in this mess endured in the first place. Misleadingly, they prosecute their objective with cleverly worded half truths, gross obfuscations, lies of omission, and sweeping generalizations.
Clearly, the major corporations selling a plethora of unhealthful products want to keep you, the individual, sufficiently confused... maybe you will consume even more grains, milk, and margarine... ...thoroughly convinced you're doing the right thing. You're not. You just haplessly live their aggregate lie.
Additionally, and explicably reader, the persons vested in the "sickness business" (MDs, HMOs, and Drug Companies) get richer and richer... our society gets sicker and sicker...
In this iteration? I'm only going to discuss the lies associated with FATS & OILS ... if I included the other five NFP categories involved, this paper could turn into a small book... so we'll cover those in subsequent iterations. There are many astonishing surprises there too.
To start:
1. The NFP recommends, tragically... ...Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) in food oils like Soy, Corn, Canola, Sunflower -- etc. Naturally, it starts right out "Muddying the Water"... by lumping healthful and complex PUFAs (like Omega 6, GLA, and Omega 3 ALA ... found in seeds, nuts, and legumes) in with the unhealthful and LESS complex PUFA (Omega 6, LA) like the food oils mentioned above.
In supplemental form? These complex PUFAs are called 'Medicinal Oils' ( Borage, Hemp, Flax Seed, Fish Oil, etc.) and must be "Cold Pressed" Under Refrigeration. PUFAs that are 'Food Oils'... are "Cold Pressed" WITHOUT Refrigeration...therein lies the problem. Heat! Heat & Air "kills" the oil ... makes it toxic. "Cold pressed" only means no heat was added... ...but it still gets hot due to pressure. More on that in a moment...
Also, with regard to these oils, it is officially claimed that PUFA vegetable food oils have beneficial Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Vitamin E, plus... they do not raise LDL (bad cholesterol). These are the claims. Well... the preceding is almost true... that is to say ...the preceding is not a complete lie... The truth of the matter is this:
Poly Unsat food oils will do those positive things... ...but ONLY if they are the very special kind carefully processed under the much more stringent conditions required to avoid oxidation and rancidity... ...A kind you will NEVER find in the typical grocery store.
These "less processed" oils are much more expensive and require refrigeration after opening. The cheaper poly oils ( pressed without refrigeration) you buy at the grocery store have already turned rancid and toxic (lipid peroxide) at its initial processing... consequently, it must be Refined, Bleached & Deodorized (RBDed) to hide the rancid smell. This is what you drive away from your Neighborhood Grocery Store with, reader -- believe it or not.
This is also why these oils don't need to be refrigerated after opening... ...because RBDed poly food oil is so "dead" and stripped of any beneficial nutrition, that it will stay "fresh" for a very long time, even at room temperature.
So, with regard to the NFPs supposed beneficial EFAs? They have not only been destroyed... they have been converted to the toxin, lipid peroxide! ...Less than wholesome, folks, to understate.
This means (...contrary to NFPs Claims...) RBDed oils DO increase LDL (bad cholesterol) ...but probably of greater significance is oxidized poly oil is one of the major artery clogging substances known to science... ...yet all you ever hear MDs complain about is cholesterol... ...when in fact obligatory cholesterol is an innocent "victim" that gets unjustly blamed for its roll in blocked arteries...
...It's oxidized poly oil, Trans Fat from partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO) and refined carbohydrates are the real culprits. A 1994 study appearing in the Lancet showed that almost three quarters of the fat in artery clogs is unsaturated. The "artery clogging" fats are not animal fats but vegetable oils. Know a tree by its fruit reader!
2. Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) like Olive and Macadamia nut oils are heart healthful. Mono oils are non-reactive (unlike highly reactive poly oils) so they don't go rancid during pressing, consequently, they do not require being RBDed. These oils are ALIVE in comparison! AND...they don't need refrigeration after opening !
Unfortunately the NFP does subtle little things to steer you away from healthful mono oils. For instance, when listing "healthful" oils, they ALWAYS list poly oils first, when in reality they should not be lumping mono and poly together to begin with... it makes it seem that the two are of equal healthfulness. They are most certainly not equal...
Reader! Is death equal to life?
Consider. In the NFP "7 day meal planner", not once do they recommend olive oil... every example for vinegar & oil dressing or for frying... ...they recommend sunflower oil! What?
Remember... mono is stable and poly is reactive (turns rancid easily) -- so of all the examples of PUFAs they could have used, Sunflower is almost the worst at 70% RBDed poly!
The worst? That would be Safflower oil at 80% poly. The more poly? The more toxic, reader.
...And Pleeease... don't put Canola oil in the same class with a "true mono" oil like OLIVE OIL just because it's 54% mono... Canola is also 37% poly that has been RBDed, which trumps any beneficial effects of the 54% mono!
In healthy contrast? Olive oil is 76% mono, and has an insignificant amount of poly at only 8%. Macadamia nut is even better at 80% mono.
3. The NFP demonizes, by association, saturated fat (SatFat) by always listing SatFat and TransFat together in their warnings... they were remotely the same thing! This is WRONG! They are not the same thing! Their very dodgy and suspicious reasoning is that both fats are solid at room temperature... pause to gag!
Folks! Being a solid at room temperature does not make a fat "BAD"... any more than being a liquid at room temperature makes an oil "GOOD"!
...As evidence, TransFat from pHVO is an *evil*, toxic, man-made, solid *fat* (...toxic sludge actually!) which has been irrefutably linked to virtually every chronic disease... especially heart disease! On the other hand, unburnt / unprocessed / undamaged SatFat is good for you! Look at the extremely high SatFat (blubber), grain-free traditional diet of the Inuit ( Eskimos )! With the help of Omega 3 thrown in, they have about the lowest incidence of heart disease and MS on the planet! The children eat raw SatFat as if it were "Cheezy Poofs".
SatFat is only heart unhealthy when it is burnt or processed- burning creates a dangerous free radical (HCA), or if damaged through arduous processing causes oxidation. Folks, even the cholesterol associated with undamaged SatFat is good for you! It only becomes the enemy when damaged through processing! The most extreme examples of this are powdered milk and powdered eggs.
In contrast, undamaged cholesterol in raw or lightly poached eggs is good for you. The NFP, ridiculously, allows only one hard cooked egg per week! I'm astonished that the Egg Industry is remotely sitting still for this slight. If I were the Egg-man I'd be standing on somebody's Desk!
goo goo g'joob... ( ...You remember the Beatle's ?)
Here's another subtle little trick at the NFP website. They never mention TransFat and partially Hydrogenated Veg. Oil (pHVO) in the same breath! Even though the pHVO molecule and the TransFat molecule are the SAME THING !!... This is so they can slip pHVO into products without you realizing it. Here's how:
They tell you to avoid TransFat by looking for products, like margarine, and Peanut Butter, with "ZERO TransFat" ( this might be prominently displayed on the front label ), and zero transfat is listed under the "fat content" on the back... This is WITHOUT telling you to avoid pHVO, which you might then find listed under "ingredients." If one of the ingredients is pHVO -- how can it contain "ZERO" TransFat? Well -- that's the trick! If a serving has less than 0.5 grams of TransFat, they can then advertise it as "ZERO" TransFat! Outrage! The substance is still in the FOOD, reader.
So, with certain products like margarine and Peanut butter where they can make serving sizes very small (like one or two tbsp) then they put in 0.49 grams of pHVO per serving... which is just enough solid *fat* to keep the margarine from turning completely liquid and enough so the oil in Peanut butter won't separate and float to the top... like in natural peanut butter. See Peanut Butter Paper..
BUT!... If you know pHVO and TransFat are the same thing and you see pHVO in the ingredients? Then you know it has TransFat, even if the label SCREAMS "Zero TransFat."
The only place I saw pHVO even mentioned? It was linked with Oil as things to avoid in breads and cereals... ...I guess, because it is called partially Hyd."VEGETABLE Oil" they can try to pass it off as oil... ...when it's actually a solid, man-made toxic, *fat*, and not a real food at all!
When I was young & dumb I use to think pHVO was good for you because it was...well... uh... "vegetable oil". ...And isn't a vegetable a good thing?
Now get this! The NFP advises the individual to avoid pHVO in bread because it would add extra calories, but NOT because it is the dangerous TransFat molecule causing or exacerbating virtually every chronic disease! Noooo!...The only bad thing that they could come up with, is that it adds a few extra calories...Un-freaking believable!
4. Coconut oil -- Maybe the most blatantly egregious "FAT" lie is lumping CCNut oil in with "damaged" SatFat and toxic TransFat... They are from different universes nutritionally!
Again...lumped together just because they are all solid at room temperature! This is just another "muddy the water" half-truth. Disabuse yourself of this ludicrous notion, reader!
Yes! CCNut oil is a saturated fat... but it is a MAGICAL SatFat... unlike Long-Chain Fatty Acids (LCFAs) such as animal SatFat and Food Oils, which have 18 carbon atoms in the chain... CCNut oil's Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) or Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) is only 12 carbon atoms long. This makes these MCTs very digestible, which is why they are in Breast milk and the reason every baby formula on the shelf contains CCNut oil. Folks! Demonized CCNut Oil is good enough for babies?!?
YES...Babies have inefficient desaturaese enzyme systems, initially, making it difficult to break down LCFAs -- but MCTs are easily broken down with saliva and stomach acid (don't require enzymes), thus providing instant energy and heat for babies to grow and thrive. All of these shorter chain FAs, like Coconut Oil and a couple of the chains that are around 6 atoms long, found in real butter, have truly unique and powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!
Well, about now you should be asking - if Coconut oil is so great, especially for babies... why do medical doctors and non-holistic dieticians say it is heart unhealthful??
Here's the shameful truth...
4 or 5 decades ago the "Evilly powerful pHVO industry" took wonderful unrefined CCNut oil and turned it TOXIC by "hydrogenating" it... then conducted tests with this ringer-oil showing an increase in bad cholesterol and heart disease! Folks! They cooked their own books! Why would they do something SO disgustingly dishonest? You already know the answer...Money !!
They were afraid of the tenuous, yet growing, toehold that CCNut oil had in this country (in the 50s and 60s many theatre chains used healthful, solid CCNut oil to make popcorn). Now days they ALL use the toxic pHVO. This unjust demonizing was easily accomplished because 90% of the CCNut oil comes from the Philippine Islands, which is a poor country that multi-national corporatists could easily "SLAP" around.
This is no secret. Every naturopathic doctor and holistic practitioner in the "World" knows about this dirty trick... ...and knows, too, that "non-hydrogenated" Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is magical stuff. Yet MDs and Dieticians still quote that BOGUS data from 50 years ago as justification to demonize all tropical oils... ...while THEY recommend "margarines" with its toxic complement of hydrogenated TransFat molecules. This is truly sinful behavior on the part of our institutional leadership!
5. OK... The last big "FAT" lie:
The required (4 to 1) EFA ratio (that's 4 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3) is dangerously ignored ... The NFP website claims that poly unsat food oils contain EFAs that activate beneficial prostaglandins.... Wow! This is not even a HALF's more like a QUARTER truth. The following is the 'down and dirty' version. For a complete explanation to include illustrations of both EFA Prostaglandin Pathways (PWs) see "Fat Facts" paper.
To refresh your memory, PUFAs like corn oil (LA) cascade down the Omega 6 Prostaglandin Pathway (PW) ultimately activating the PG-1 (Series One Prostaglandin) that reduces inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure and allergic reactions...
Yes -- it is true that the less complex Omega 6 (LA), like Sunflower oil, etc. CAN (but probably won't ) cascade down the Omega 6 PW increasing in complexity before taking the fork in that Pathway that activates the beneficial PG-1. But, if you closely adhere to the NFP, "7 day meal planner" and consume only poly Omega 6 oils and margarine (which is also poly Omega 6 oil that's been solidified, you know...pHVO ) then the LA will cascade down the PW and take the "wrong" fork in the road activating the undesirable PG-2, which increases inflammation, platelet stickiness, blood pressure and allergic reactions... leading to heart disease, MS and a host of other problems?
This is because for optimum good health you need a balanced and efficient Omega 6 / Omega 3 Prostaglandin system where your EFA ratio is (4 to 1) or less. With every increase above (4 to 1)... the DEATH rate increases.
Unfortunately, most Americans are at an "out of whack", heart stopping, (20 or 30 to 1 ) ratio. This is a result of consuming TOO MUCH Omega 6 (LA) and TOO LITTLE Omega 3 (ALA) from flax seed & Omega 3 (EPA / DHA) from fish oil and eggs.
Yes, Omega 6 (LA) is an "Essential" FA, (Essential means- you must have it, but you can't make it); however, it is everywhere, in every form of food to include fruit! We need to make a conscious effort to get Omega 6 out of our life! ...Not look for ways to include it back in!
The obvious and easiest way is to avoid poly unsat food oils. This is also the healthiest way because, unlike the LA in food oils, most of the LA found naturally in foods like seeds, nuts, fruits & veggies has not been damaged...So, if every time the NFP, "7 day planner" calls for Omega 6 sunflower oil... substitute Omega 9 Olive Oil ... and everyplace it calls for margarine? Switch out with real butter... then your EFA ratio will be much closer to a healthful (4 to 1) or less.
You can really nail down this ratio if you also add 2 or 3 tbsp of ground flax seed, 2 or 3 grams of fish oil and avoid ALL forms of Sugar.
Next time we will discuss how the NFP "spits" in Mother Nature's face by encouraging things we did not evolve to consume -- like bread, cereal, pasta, milk, and fruit Juice. The preceding, you will find... ...are not the wholesome foodstuffs you are encouraged to trust... not by a long shot.
Until next time, then... Well BE!
Alan D. Graham
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