UN - Extinction Threatens
70% Of Dolphins

Prensa Latina, Havana
NAIROBI (PL) -- The UN Environmental Program has denounced that fishing nets put more than 70 percent of dolphins and small whales at risk of disappearing forever, and survival of the Cetacea has again become of central UN interest.
The denunciation and call for action was made at the Migratory Species Convention meeting at UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, where UN actions for improved international legislation were planned.
The UN wants revision of international law protecting eight species, and an additional seven species, to make their protection obligatory with measures to safeguard those that still exist.
Although 19th Century-type massive whale hunting is no longer, whales are still hunted in significant numbers for their oil, meat and grey amber of their brains (used in perfumes).
In addition, destruction of their habitats, pollution and use of military sonar have reduced food supplies, living space and communication of this species.



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