Saucers Photographed
In ET Zone, Puerto Rico

From Reinaldo Rios
(Note - please excuse the broken english)
To the reader: By way of explanation, see the following story on the 'Extraterrestrial Highway' being proposed in this "zone" in Puerto Rico, due to its high level of UFO activity (Courtesy Filer's Files #41)
* Expectacular Sighting in the Extraterrestrial Zone that causes mysteries*
* Day near of the events of the 5 of May of 1997*
* The Denominated Boricuan Roswell Crash*
* Prof. Reinaldo Rios *
This history has not been easy to narrate since many informations are not complete. Single we can star that this sighting of being real happens in the environs of restricted airspace of the Extraterrestrial Zone, now denominated Extraterrestrial Route. These photos were presented/displayed in television in a local transmitter of Puerto Rico and the given investigation begins the case that the first denunciations happened of an used assumption of the Municipality Goverment House of Lajas, Puerto Rico.
Reminder: ALL JPEGS have what appear to be rectangular boxes around objects, especially contrasted objects, due to the JPEG compression scheme itself. It is no indicator of hoaxing or photoshop alteration. Examine any JPEG, especially any well crunched JPEG and look at the edges of all the items in the image... trees, houses, phone poles, etc. They will all have compression "scars" around them just like the UFO in the photo does. It is perfectly normal to find such scarring around detailed objects and especially so when those objects are against a broad background containing only a few pixels of color (such as sky).
The following images are highly compressed JPEGS.
Town highly identified by these events of paranormal type. The certain thing is that we did not obtain to reaction of the first executive the Mayor of Lajas that previously have suceptible to any interview but looks like that given the ghost or extraterrestrial case of assumption that surrounded the area it covers the local press seems that the town pressure has taken it to stop to make expressions you publish said the case that irresponsible people used themselves these events to create scenes altered of such which now many comment that it is a fraud the apparent events of appearances of organizations happened recently in October of 2005.
Something paranormal moves in the zone and although these photos were taken long time the certain thing is that the original author has not given expensive public we do not know if is by the pressure that generate these incidents and the change that it causes to the personal life. Our report it is come off that these photos were taken in the environs from the Aerostat. Radar globe that they elevate in the Extraterrestrial Zone for the tracking of everything what flies in and near the area. As they can appreciate they are worthy of a meticulous study which have been exposed for it. We waited for the collaboration of other investigating colleagues who help us to complete this history of to be real the same one. Nobody has the reserved rights of this evidence even publishes but little spread, for that reason I expose it for consideration of all. We tried to receive reactions of neighbors of the Aerostato radar and estan all shut up, of the Radar it is impossible to penetrate the area since she is restricted and of the Government nor it is said, does not say anything of anything. Single it is of this to provide the information to him. This it is the first report of this case of which we will expose after the detail or conclusion same other.
These photos were taken near the facilities of the declared UFO Airport which already has its natural tracks destined single for landings of one ufo at its certain moment



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