Dissecting The Obvious

By Jim Kirwan
Since the first appearance of George W. Bush as a presidential hopeful, ominous clouds of suspicion and credibility have shadowed his every move. Over the five years since the beginnings of this still unfolding legend that will ultimately become what Bush leaves to the nation and the world - the questions concerning the veracity of this strange presidential imposter have only deepened as both national and global events keep pace with the continuing failures of this presidency.
The Office of the Presidency in the US is the one and only office that was created to take responsibility for this nation and for its survival, it was not meant to become some kind of ceremonial office for a National Cheerleader whose sole purpose seems to be the private gain of his friends at the public's expense - nor was the presidency meant to be a place to be protected from criminal charges by a bunch of underlings.
The Presidency is at the heart of American politics, and what this president heads is the Administrative branch of a government that has grown impossibly huge since the end of WWII. Yet as the scale of this branch of government has grown, its officers have shunned responsibility for their own actions in inverse proportion to the direct expansion of their powers and their propensity for lawlessness. This obscenity applies most particularly to this president, which is what has created the nightmares that are only now beginning to unravel.
Trust has always been at the heart of the leadership in any nation, especially in this one. And Bush has done everything in his power to dissuade the public that there is anything that anyone could look to him to accomplish "In the Public's Interest." Yet he still sits in that office, and continues to play his shabby shell games to hide the truth of all his actions, regardless of the consequences that are now everywhere in abundance. From Iraq to Katrina, from the economy to health care, from the environment to the deficit from every corner his obvious ineptitude in the decisions he makes is raising the stench of his failures to new levels of intolerance. As his judgment, his inability to envision, and his real purposes continue to rise unchecked, his falling poll numbers are finally beginning to reflect the truth. His reception at The Summit of the Americas is only the latest clear signal from those outside the USA that George W. Bush is not only without credibility, but is in fact a key element in what is wrong with the world today.
Bush apparently has never understood that trust is at the heart of integrity, whether that occurs in a one on one situation or whether this comes from him as titular leader to his people. Responsibility and the acceptance of that concept is the key to the Office of the Presidency and there is nothing in the world that causes Bush to run away from reality faster than to demand that he take "responsibility" for his actions. Without acceptance of responsibility there can be no legitimate leadership of anything, much less the presidency of this country.
All nations and governments, just like everyday people are judged on how exactly they keep their promises, because that goes a long way to determining how credible whatever they might propose really is. Presidents of the United States must also meet this time honored human standard, a standard that goes well beyond our ever-changing legal system.
This began in earnest with the rearrangement of the military Chain of Command, regarding any attack upon this nation, and what this government did to absolve boy-George from any and all responsibility for what happened on 911 - well before that black day was planned. Some powers of the Presidency cannot be delegated, and the powers of the Commander-in-Chief fall into that category.
A US President has very clear responsibilities. But GWB has allowed himself to be divested of those responsibilities that give weight to the title of the Presidency - along with authenticity. Bush demands that he be taken seriously, but how can anyone take a self-appointed national cheerleader seriously, especially given this man's Herculean failures in every area he has tried to affect? He has substituted national terror for National Security and terminated clear and effective leadership during any national emergency. What happened to sound judgment and balanced fiscal plans in a rapidly changing world beset with energy demands and shortfalls that stagger the mind? Why is the USA falling behind so many other countries in health and national preparedness not to mention quality of life? The only thing this government excels at is their attempted stealth management of the real problems that the New World Order has brought to the 95% of us that are not power barons.
Why are our borders not secure, why do the individual states no longer have their national guards here in the very states that they were created to assist? We have a government that is fixated on creating diversions so that we do not see what they are really doing with all that they had when they took over. This government has squandered our resources, our job opportunities, our national reputation and given our lives to a bunch of soulless corporations that care nothing about those who work for them, but only about more money legal or otherwise.
From the beginning, George W. Bush has run from responsibility wherever he has encountered it. Now his tawdry White House advisors are expected to take the fall that he and Cheney so richly deserve. Can anyone seriously believe that Libby or Rove ever did anything major without the full and riveted attention of their immediate superiors? It is this troubling thorn of actual "responsibility" in the paw of the White House that is causing the Jackals all those sleepless nights - because everybody knows that this is not even the tip of the corruption or the crimes - merely the entry point that will begin to erode the myth of their "absolute power."
But there is a huge and frequently overlooked co-conspirator in all of this and that is the antiquated rubberstamp machine that we call the Congress of the United States. This is the institution that holds the purse strings that has enabled all the lies and all the abuse of power that the Outlaws have engaged in. Had congress placed strings on the funding, taken a more disciplined view, or demanded an open and determined oversight of what this White House did with all that money over so many years - but that's all just history now.
There is however still one opportunity to get to the heart of this darkness - and that lies in determining the degree of determination that this congress could now show in actually airing the Intelligence Committee's remaining half of their in-depth report on the misrepresented intelligence that led directly to the Weapons of Mass Destruction debacle. With over 15,000 damaged and debilitated US troops, not to mention all the death and destruction that we caused to ourselves and others in the world, we must sooner or later begin to find the root causes for this war and for the crimes that have evolved out of the policies set by this administration. The real target here must include the presidential edicts that govern secrecy (including his father's immunity from scrutiny during his stint as vice-president) on far too many levels - war or no war.
Currently the USA has a leadership that cannot lead because it is hopelessly mired in failure, in presidential mistrust and in complete incompetence no matter what this Leadership turns its energies to, and this must change. Impeachment was the legal means written into the Constitution to address this problem and if we are serious about continuing to have a nation we should begin to consider this option very carefully because the world will not wait for us to find the convenient moment, because as far as the planet is concerned, we are way too late already. Paris is burning now, with a similar disconnect between the haves and the have-nots, must we wait for a backlash here, or can we turn the national spotlight on the depths of this nightmare and finally begin to disentangle the truth beneath all the lies?
Ask yourself if you really know who this government is. For that matter ask if this nation has anything to do with the welfare of the majority of those who live here. What continues to be given to the corporations in Corporate Welfare is an outrage that puts social welfare payments into the category of Pennies vs. Billions, yet no politician even mentions this giveaway. Billions upon billions are being thrown away on wars and treachery, while those who pay taxes and put up with all the lies are being left to fend for themselves. This can only end if Congress and the public finally begin to look at what the United States has become, versus what whatever the thoroughly corrupt Spinmeisters have most recently tried to make this nation into.
There is a rare opportunity before us now, but we have to begin to make some demands of those who supposedly serve us if any of this is to ever be any different. We tried letting the politicians and the corporations restrain themselves, and that did not work, Maybe we need to devote some real effort toward finding out just who it is in government and elsewhere that gives a damn if any of us live or die!



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