Diana's True Cause
Of Death Sealed
For 100 Years

By Mark Reynolds in London
and Peter Allen in Paris
The Daily Express - UK
A bizarre legal loophole in French law enables the authorities to suppress vital evidence.
Since she was killed in the Paris car crash eight years ago, the identities of 24 bodies placed in the same mortuary as the Princess's chauffeur, Henri Paul, have never been revealed.
Sources close to the investigation believe blood from one of the bodies may have been swapped with Paul's to make it appear he had been drinking heavily on the night he drove himself Diana and Dodi Fayed to their deaths.
A Daily Express investigation has heard allegations that secret agents were behind a plan to switch Paul's blood samples with those of a suicide victim, who died in Paris in August, 1997. Yesterday a judicial spokesman admitted that French death certificates do not show a cause of death and that, apart from close family requests, all information remains confidential for 100 years.
"Even if the identities of the others in the morgue were made public, there is no possibility of us knowing how they died," said the spokesman.
In France there is no central registry corresponding to the General Registry Offices in Britain.
Because of the legal technicality, the French authorities can keep information concerning the other 24 bodies secret for another century.
A spokesman for the Paris Medical Institute, which runs the French capital's mortuaries, explained: "Records of anyone who has died in the past 100 years are confidential and can only be shown to family members."
The heavy bureaucracy prompted by France's extremely strict privacy laws, means the truth behind the Princess's death may now remain a secret until 2097.
The legal block means that repeated requests for information about the other 24 bodies, both from the al Fayed family and the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens - who is conducting an inquiry into the deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed - have fallen on deaf ears.
Last night a spokesman for Mohamed al Fayed in Paris said: "We have struggled for years to establish the identity and cause of death of the 24 other bodies in the morgue that night.
"It cannot be right that no record has been made of their identities or of the causes of their deaths. This just reaffirms our belief that there is an orchestrated cover-up.
"Until anybody can prove otherwise, we believe that Diana was murdered."
Following the Daily Express revelations about Henri Paul's blood tests earlier this week, we asked if readers believed that the authorities were telling the truth about Diana.
Ninety-six per cent of readers said "No", with just four per cent saying "Yes".
Mohamed al Fayed said: "I will fight to my last breath to ver the truth about the death of Diana and my son.
"It was more than just a tragic accident. I take strength from readers poll. They obviously to know the truth as well."
Those who believe that Diana's death was the result of a plot to murder her have questioned French claims that Paul was three times over the drink-driving limit on the night the Princess and Dodi Fayed were killed.
They believe that MI6 agents and their French counterparts played a major role in developments immediately after the crash. The Daily Express revealed earlier this week that Paul's body was taken to the Place Mazas mortuary and placed alongside the other 24 bodies.
It is claimed that blood samples from a suicide victim may have been swapped with Paul's blood on the orders of the security services.
This would explain why the readings for alcohol and carbon monoxide were so high. In addition to the blood-alcohol reading, the tests carried out by forensic toxicologists showed such high levels of carbon monoxide 20.7 per cent - that Paul would have been unable to stand, let alone drive the Princess from the Ritz hotel.
A suicide victim who had drunk a bottle of whisky and then attached a hosepipe to their car exhaust as a' method of killing themselves would have given exactly the same readings in their blood.
Adding weight to the contention of Dodi's father Mohammed that there has been a major cover-up by both MI6 and the French equivalent, the DGSE, the French authorities have repeatedly refused to reveal who the other 24 bodies in the mortuary were.
They have also resisted repeated requests by Paul's family to reveal whether any were suicide victims and the results of any blood tests carried out on them.
Just like Dumblain - the evidence is sealed for 100 years. Don't hold your breath expecting, as the Express suggests, we can bring pressure on the UK government to force the French to reveal the evidence. Those involved are in the highest positions of power, both here and overseas. The spiders web is London!! Nothing will change - this is too big.



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