A Factual Appraisal
Of The Holocaust
By The Red Cross

The Actual Background To The Most 'Unquestionable Event'
Zachary Robertson
Note: The following is an extract from Sir Reginald Paget's book Manstein: His Campaign and His Trial (Collins, 1951), page 109:
The (US) Simpson Inquiry Commission "reported among other things that of the 139 (German) cases they had investigated, 137 had had their testicles permanently destroyed by kicks received from the American War Crimes Investigating Team." 
Typhus, an acute infectious disease characterized by high fever, extreme weakness and stupor or delirium, was a serious problem in the German concentration camps during WW2. Typhus is spread by lice in overcrowded conditions. (Why did the Germans put the Jews in these camps? Why did Franklin Roosevelt's government put all American-born Japanese-Americans into concentration camps?).
Typhus was endemic to eastern Europe and Russia. In 1812 Napoleon assembled an army of 500 000 men to invade Russia. By 1813, only 3000 soldiers remained alive to complete the retreat. The vast majority of deaths were the result of typhus and dysentery rather than battle.
In WW2, the German camp administrations tried to cope with the problem amongst camp inmates through shaving of body hair, showering and disinfection of clothing. After the war the photos of naked shaved people and the existence of showers were presented as proof of a campaign of extermination, rather than of an attempt to save lives (for camp labor). 
The trials of Germans accused of war crimes were conducted by their adversaries, rather than by a neutral party. Guilty verdicts were, politically speaking, the only possible outcome.
What Really
Europe Seen Cracking Down on Holocaust Revisionists
Posted Nov 27, 2005 04:14 PM PST
The interesting thing about the "crime" of holocaust denial is that the truth is no defense at all. You can be telling the absolute truth and even be able to prove it ... and still go to jail for several years.
Meanwhile, if Zundel, Irving, Rudolph and Verbeke are being sent to jail for challenging the orthodox story, then why hasn't the International Red Cross been arrested? after all, they had access to the German camps, both POW and labor, and their official reports do not support the orthodox accounts popularized in novels, TV shows, and films.
And, if Zundel, Irving, Rudolph and Verbeke are being sent to jail for challenging the orthodox story, then so too should the curators of the Auschwitz museum, for daring to revise downward the total number of dead at the camps from 4 million to1 1/2 million in 1990.
Nobody locks up people who claim to see Bigfoot, or who think Elvis is alive. People with such loony notions are simply allowed their freedom of speech, then ridiculed, then ignored. If Zundel, Irving, Rudolph and Verbeke are totally crazy, why the intense pressure to steal them from their homes and ship them to Germany for the crime of simply not agreeing with a particular spin of the history of WW2?
Truth needs no laws to support it. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma. More than anything else, it is the extreme tactics employed by the defenders of the orthodoxy that calls into doubt the accuracy of the history they proclaim to the world.



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