Six New Suspect H5N1
Cases in Thailand

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"At least six people were suspected yesterday of having bird-flu - and allappear to have been in contact with birds before they fell ill, informed sources said. The first person to be listed was Thongpron Klompanya, 39, in Nakhon Pathom, after two initial lab tests suggested he might have caught the deadly H5N1 virus."
The six suspect cases in Thailand is cause for concern. After claim no human H5N1 cases this year, the number of cases being confirmed or testing is alarming. Two patients have already been independently confirmed. They formed a familial cluster and now a neighbor appears to be positive.
The two Thailand bird sequences from 2005 were similar to 2004 isoaltes from Thailand, but these latest cases may have H5N1 wild bird flu sequences.
Release of the sequence data from isolates from these recent human cases would be useful
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