Amour-Piercing Iraqi
IEDs Killing More &
More GIs
The Lebanese Connection

By Nicholas Blanford
JDW Correspondent
BEIRUT -- Insurgents in Iraq are employing armour-piercing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) similar to those used by the Hizbullah organisation in Lebanon. The IEDs are claiming a growing number of casualties among coalition forces.
The UK government has accused Iran of supplying allied Iraqi groups with the advanced IEDs, which appear to be a new generation of the version first adopted by Hizbullah guerrillas fighting Israel Defence Force (IDF) troops in south Lebanon in the late 1990s.
The emergence of shaped-charge armour-piercing bombs in Iraq is an alarming development for the US-led coalition, which is struggling to devise effective countermeasures to defeat the rapidly evolving IEDs. At least six UK personnel have been killed in recent months in IED attacks carrying the hallmarks of shaped-charge explosives. The bombs first appeared in southern Iraq in the hands of Shia Muslim militants but have since spread to Sunni insurgent groups further north.
No effective countermeasure has been devised to protect troops from these devices, according to a British Army officer experienced in manufacturing and neutralising the IEDs. The technology to construct such weapons has been around for many years and did not necessarily have to come from Iran or Hizbullah, the officer told JDW.



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