There Are No Moslem
Terrorist Organizations
In Indonesia

From David Leibovitz
Sydney, Australia
Hi Jeff,
Today is Yom Kipur, the holiest day of the year in our Jewish calendar. It is also the saddest day in Australian history. Last night, the biggest fraud in the history of Australia was disclosed to the Australian people on TV.
The Former President of Indonesia (who is widely known in Indonesia as the only honest Indonesian politician there) directly stated IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the Indonesian police and/or military have perpetrated the infamous Bali bombing in which over 200 people were killed...about half of them Australians.
To remind you, this is the blind former President who is honest and religious and beyond the possibility of being corrupted. His attitude was similar to Israel's former Prime Minister Lady Golda Meir, something like: "terrorism shmerorism, there is no such thing as 'Moslem terrorism.'"
In an one hour documentary/research/investigative program on SBS-TV Date-Line program last night; all the fabricated cover-up story about 'terrorist Moslem Organizations' in Indonesia fell apart.
THEY DO NOT EXIST! They were all created by Indonesian Military Intelligence!
We Australians know our Indonesian neighbors very well, they are a very gentle nation under strict military Nazi-like repression, and informed Australians never believed the official cover-up story about 'Moslem terrorists organizations' in Indonesia (Please see the excellent research done by the late Australian journalist/researcher Joe Vialls. Joe was the ONLY Australian journalist who dared then to write the truth).
The program last night established beyond any doubt the followings:
A. The former Indonesian President is the most honest personality in Indonesian politics, and has no reason to lie.
B. The Indonesian public are scared for their lives and are very afraid to speak up. Watching the response of the poor Indonesian citizens last night, reminded me as a Jew the terrible times we Jews had in Nazi Germany.
C. All Indonesian researchers and journalist agree last night, that 'Moslems terrorists' DO NOT EXIST, they were all created by Indonesian Military Intelligence.
D. The Indonesian Generals are corrupt, they boasted on TV that they got 50 million dollars from the Americans, in order to 'fight terrorism'. In reality, they created 'terrorism' and pocketed the money.
E. ALL 'coordinated bombings' in Indonesia against Moslems, Christians and tourists are done by the Indonesian military. It was stated flatly that NO terrorist organization could have possibly created such 'coordinated bombings'.
F. The former Indonesian president repeated, WORD FOR WORD, the allegations by the late Australian journalist Joe Vialls, and many other Indonesian. He said that the first small Bali bomb was planted by Ambrosi (who got the death penalty). BUT! - the former president insisted - (as Vialls insisted), that the second big coordinated, blast which destroyed Bali business center and Bali,s economy, was done by the Indonesian Police or military. Over 200 tourists and locals lost their lives in this blast!
G. Indonesian Generals lied on TV.
H. Indonesian generals has been extremely successful in fooling western governments, creating 'terrorism' and pocketing the money.
I. The Indonesian former president was very sad, his facial expressions were of total helplessness, he indicated that there is no hope to end corruption in Indonesia.
This is UNQUESTIONABLY the saddest day in the history of Australians:
OUR American controlled 'media' have been bombarding us daily with endless fabricated 'Moslem terrorists' stories daily for about two years now.
OUR 'media' is encouraging us to spy on each other and to 'report suspicious terrorist activity'.
OUR 'media' keep reminding us that our government spent thirty million dollars to manufacture and post to us, magnetic stickers to be hanging on every Australian home refrigerator, warning us to report 'Moslem terrorism activity' with telephone number attached.
OUR 'media,'keep regurgitating 'CIA reports' about illusionary 'Moslem terrorists' planning to attack Australia.
OUR 'media'' is posting TV-commercials almost every hour encouraging us to 'look under every bed' in order to find 'Moslem terrorists'.
OUR 'media' is advertising toll free telephone number on TV almost every hour to 'encourage' us to 'report terrorism'.
OUR 'media' is creating an anti-Moslem paranoia.
OUR 'media' is indirectly siwing fear against Moslems.
OUR 'media's' behavior is a little short of a Hate Crime against Moslem brothers.
OUR 'media' never mentions that our Jewish/Christian families are falling apart.
While Moslem families are almost always religious with high moral values.
OUR 'media' never mentioned the good character of the Moslem the people and the Moslem religion, mostly praying 5 times a day, while we Jews and Christians practically never visit Synagogues and churches.
OUR Australian 'media' is mentioning daily, names of fabricated 'terrorists' and 'terrorist organizations', without ANY real evidence. NOT ONLY THAT! new institutions are been created almost daily to report to the 'media' about 'terrorism'.
NOW WE KNOW it is all mostly fabricated, they are all stampeding to the news rooms to release their latest disinformation, to deflect the Australian public from knowing the truth.
OUR 'news media' daily, repeatedly, endlessly is 'interviewing' armchair 'experts' who always give us the latest story they get from the US. All of a sudden almost every Australian University has a 'terrorism expert'.
OUR 'media' always refused (or is not allowed to interview) the only journalist in the history of Australia who already proved himself (on most occasions) to be the ONLY terrorism expert in Australia. Joe Vialls. FULL STOP!
OUR 'media' never reported where the one billion dollars 'tsunami aid' we gave Indonesia has gone?
OUR 'media' is not allowed to EVER mention what already most informed Australians know, THAT 911 WAS AN 'INSIDE JOB'.
OUR 'media' assured us before we joined Bush/Blair Iraq massacre that: THERE ARE NO MOSLEMS TERRORISTS IN AUSTRALIA, and therefore we should not worry about any adverse effects sending our Australian military forces to join the occupation forces in Iraq. Now, we hear daily 'reports' that Moslems 'may be' infiltrating every section of Australian society. WHAT A BACK-FLIP by our Australian 'media' in less than two years.
Now, after all this spectacular Australian 'media' anti-Moslem hate campaign, ALL THE AMERICAN'S TERRORISM, HOUSE OF CARDS OF FABRICATED DISINFORMATION IS NOW FALLING APART!
Last night's program highlighted that important HONEST PATRIOTIC element in Australian journalism STILL EXIST. While ALL the American press continue to maintain the 911 cover-up (as if the internet do not exist), here in Australia we still have a VERY small group of honest Australian journalists who dare to bring the truth to the Australian people, and who are not corrupted by American pressure and money!
We Australians are have been aware for years about the massive corruption in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, when we gave Indonesia one billion dollars 'tsunami aid', IT WAS THE INDONESIAN PUBLIC who raised eyebrows asking us HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY GIVE MONEY TO SUCH CORRUPT REGIME?
We Australians, never believed before that the Americans would be successful in corrupting a the world's largest Moslem country, to create 'Moslem terrorists organizations', to act against the Moslem world, in total contradiction to their own religion, to bomb their own cities, to massacre their own citizens, to destroy their own economy! Well, money can talk.
We are urging all our American brothers to watch/listen to last night SBS-TV program. It would be the 'EUREKA MOMENT' of your lives. For the first time it would open the eyes of those of you who still believe that 'Bin-Laden' is behind 911.
Australians now know the truth.
NEVER AGAIN will we be fooled...
Regards, David
Police 'Had Role' In Bali blasts
The Australian
Indonesian police or military officers may have played a role in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid has said.
In an interview with SBS's Dateline program to be aired tonight, on the third anniversary of the bombing that killed 202 people, Mr Wahid says he has grave concerns about links between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups.
While he believed terrorists were involved in planting one of the Kuta night club bombs, the second, which destroyed Bali's Sari Club, had been organised by authorities.
Asked who he thought planted the second bomb, Mr Wahid said: "Maybe the police ... or the armed forces."
"The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces, not from the fundamentalist people," he says.
The program also claims a key figure behind the formation of terror group Jemaah Islamiah was an Indonesian spy.
Former terrorist Umar Abduh, who is now a researcher and writer, told Dateline Indonesian authorities had a hand in many terror groups.
"There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence," he said.
Abduh has written a book on Teungku Fauzi Hasbi, a key figure in Jemaah Islamiah (JI) who had close contact with JI operations chief Hambali and lived next door to Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.
He says Hasbi was a secret agent for Indonesia's military intelligence while at the same time a key player in creating JI.
Documents cited by SBS showed the Indonesian chief of military intelligence in 1990 authorised Hasbi to undertake a "special job".
A 1995 internal memo from the military intelligence headquarters in Jakarta included a request to use "Brother Fauzi Hasbi" to spy on Acehnese separatists in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sweden.
And a 2002 document assigned Hasbi the job of special agent for BIN, the Indonesian national intelligence agency.
Security analyst John Mempi told SBS that Hasbi, who was also known as Abu Jihad, had played a key role in JI in its early years.
"The first Jemaah Islamiah congress in Bogor was facilitated by Abu Jihad, after Abu Bakar Bashir returned from Malaysia," Mr Mempi said.
"We can see that Abu Jihad played an important role. He was later found to be an intelligence agent. So an intelligence agent has been facilitating the radical Islamic movement."
Hasbi was disembowelled in a mysterious murder in 2003 after he was exposed as a military agent and his son Lamkaruna Putra died in a plane crash last month.
Another convicted terrorist, Timsar Zubil, who set off three bombs in Sumatra in 1978, told the program intelligence agents had given his group a provocative name Komando Jihad and encouraged members to commit illegal acts.
"We may have deliberately been allowed to grow," he said.
Abduh also told the program his terrorist organisation, the Imron Movement, was incited to a range of violent action in the 1980s when the Indonesian military told the group that the assassination of several Muslim clerics was imminent.
Another terrorism expert, George Aditjondro, said a bombing in May this year that killed 23 people in the Christian village of Tentena, in central Sulawesi, had been organised by senior military and police officers.
"This is a strategy of depopulating an area and when an area has been depopulated both becoming refugees or becoming paramilitary fighters then that is the time when they can invest their money in major resource exploitation there," he said.




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