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By Douglas Herman
Having been a Hollywood scriptwriter for several years, penning cinematic masterpieces that have yet to see the light of day (normal for scriptwriters), I often wonder what makes a great movie. Acting? Directing? Special effects? As a writer, I'm convinced the story and how it develops character is the most important element.
When Hollywood finally makes "911-The Movie," will the story ooze patriotic excess, or will it tell the true account of massive government complicity? Will viewers see the criminal confederacy of dunces portrayed as a band of incompetents and accessories to a crime, or will the film focus solely on acts of heroism, of which there were many?
Not long ago, Michael Savage accused Hollywood of an "anti-Christian" bias. "Why hasn't liberal Hollywood made a movie about 9/11?" he rasped.
Four years later, you have to wonder. Are the big Hollywood producers and directors--Jerry Bruckheimer, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott--closely inspecting the scripts for just the right blend of action, suspense and individual acts of heroism, while deleting altogether the details of complicity between government agencies, the dereliction of duty between high officials, the suspicious actions of Israeli "allies," the curious aspect of building collapses, and the inconvenient aspect of Muslim hijackers who never appeared on passenger lists?
Yes, emphatically.
Could Hollywood make a true account of the events of 911? Could anyone in Hollywood, even Mel Gibson, make a movie close to the truth?
Call me cynical, but I very much doubt it. Too many obstacles in the way. You see, Hollywood would have few qualms of toppling the Trade Towers again. The film would be an enormous box office success. Indeed, "911-The Movie" would be the biggest blockbuster to come out of Hollywood since the Titanic. That movie cost in excess of $200 million to make and grossed $900 million worldwide.
When Hollywood finally makes this movie"only a matter of time"how much will the American viewer be permitted to see? Will we see Minnesota FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, a more efficient version of fictional FBI agent Scully, inform her superiors in Washington of suspicious flight school students? Will we hear Rowley's remark: "Minnesota agents became so frustrated by roadblocks erected by terrorism supervisors in Washington that they began to joke that FBI headquarters was becoming an unwitting accomplice to Osama bin Laden's efforts to attack the United States?" Will we see Rowley at all?
Not likely.
Will we see our president informed of the probability of attacks from the sky, by Condi Rice at the ranch in Crawford, one month before it happened? Not likely.
Will we see the curious, unexplicable collapse of WTC-7? Not likely.
Will we see a 757 smacking into the Pentagon and disappearing completely? Not likely.
Will we see swarthy hijackers being checked and verified for pre-boarding, their names and ID cards matched to reservations? Not likely.
Will we see dancing Israelis celebrating in Liberty State Park; will we see them stopped and arrested by police? Not likely.
Will we see swarthy skyjackers planning the horrific crime? Yes, of course. Will we see them at strip clubs, spouting fanatical slogans and harassing strippers? Yes, of course. Will we watch them pack those box cutters with care? Yes, definitely.
If Tom Clancy were to write the script--after all Clancy has already written TWO books about pilots crashing fuel-laden planes into government buildings and killing the president"and James Cameron were to direct this blockbuster, it couldn,t fail. Of course, the 19 hijackers in this movie will be as two-dimensional as those cardboard villains in Cameron,s, "True Lies," a movie glorifying the destructive power of smashing a fighter plane into a tall building.
Not long after the attack on 9/11, Hollywood scriptwriters were asked to suggest worst-case scenarios regarding possible future attacks. Anybody with a little imagination could have predicted the WTC attack well before it happened. Indeed the whole scenario was predicted in detail in The Lone Gunmen's "Pilot" Episode six month's before the towers allegedly collapsed.
Pascal wrote: "diversion amuses us, and leads us unconsciously to death." The Hollywood movie version of the 911 attack will avoid all the uncomfortable discrepancies that knowledgeable people on the Internet know so well. Instead, the three-hour movie would focus on the firefighters, those heroic but betrayed rescuers. The movie will focus on those four doomed fellows that fought to regain control of Flight 93. But instead of showing that plane shot out of the sky, according to witnesses, "911-The Movie" will show the plane exploding in a fireball on the ground moments after Todd Beamer yells, "Let's roll!"
While New Yorkers live in denial of the actual events of 911, the movie will do nothing to clarify the truth. The actual images of buildings collapsing, spewing dust clouds toward the viewer, will only serve to further cloud the truth of what happened that day. This tremendously profitable but duplicitous movie cannot help but be government propaganda.
The truth will set us free, but it's scary as hell sometimes. Instead, special effects serve in place of moral lessons. And doomed heroes who sacrifice themselves serve the government interests. No sign of those NORAD fighter jets but many images of American flags will appear in the movie.
Visually stunning, the movie will garner many Oscar nominations. With the profitable release of "911-The Movie," the rest of the world can watch our doomed heroes--Matt Damon or Ben Affleck or George Clooney--perform heroically. They can relive how America was insidiously attacked that day; they can acknowledge the justification of all our wars against "terror" in the Middle East.
And the movie will be a great lie. A splendid, spectacular lie.
Indeed, I fully expect the movie to garner many Oscars, win many
individual awards, but fully obscure the truth.
Amateur historian and USAF veteran, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas. Contact him at



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