Why Was The Brazilian
Electrician 'Petrified'?
Commentary By Vigilantys
Ok, this thing with the murdered Brazilian is just too much. Why isn't anybody talking about this in what would seem to be an extremely logical deduction. Consider:
"As the man got on the train I looked at his face. He looked from left to right, but he basically looked like a cornered rabbit, like a cornered fox. He looked absolutely petrified," said Whitby.
"The next thing I saw was this guy jump over the barriers and the police officers were chasing after him and everyone was just shouting 'Get out, get out,'" Wells said.
"He half-tripped, was half-pushed to the floor. The policeman nearest to me had the black automatic pistol in his left hand, he held it down to the guy and unloaded five shots into him."
Now this is saying they thought he was a suicide bomber... well is that how you confront a suicide bomber? I mean the man is wearing pounds of explosives, or must be, so is it the best tactic to chase him into a crowded area, throw him to the ground, and fire at his torso five times, exactly where the explosives must be...?
We all know, now, that Menezes was not a suicide bomber. He was just a Brazilian electrician. So why, then, was he so scared or as the witness says "petrified". I mean if the police are chasing you (or just some random 3 guys, as by some account the "police" were plainly clothed) then would you be "petrified"?
You might be startled, a nerved, surprised, ready to defend yourself or maybe scream for help (as he was in a crowded area). But not petrified!
It seems we have both the victim and the officers behaving not at all as they should have been. The police behaved as though Menezes was not a suicide bomber (or at least not one about to blow up) and Menezes did not act as the innocent electrician that we're told he was.
"Jean was followed from the apartment building where he resided, to a subway station, where he was then accosted by 'plain clothes officers' who chased him down to the train, tripped him, jumped on him, and then shot him five times in the torso."
The shooting is a rarity in London, where police generally are not armed except for special response units.
"Then I heard shots. I thought it was three but someone else said five. It sounded like a *silencer gun* going off, and then there was blind panic, with people shouting and screaming and just running away.
Odd isn't it, going from no guns at all, as they usually are, to carrying silenced weapons... Why? To cause less panic... maybe, but I wouldn't imagine silenced weapons are standard issue now in London. Could those have been special operatives?
Police said the man had emerged from a house that was under police observation, prompting surveillance officers to follow him to the Stockwell station.
So going back to my original point, what were they doing leading him to a crowded area while suspecting he was a suicide bomber! They should be fired just for that!
-Unless they knew he was not a suicide bomber
If we examine closely the reported behavior of the policeman and the victim, two odd conclusions might come to mind. First, it seems the police had full intent on going after Menezes and not because he was a suicide bomber, (as they followed him from his home and confronted him way late, and not at all as a suicide bomber should be confronted). Also the behavior of Menezes resembles someone about to get killed, and who knows it, and not someone who's about to get questioned or at best, arrested or beaten up and mugged.
With the above, lets consider:
The police, officially, followed Menezes not knowing what is up, except that he looked "suspicious". They followed him from a building that was under surveillance, as well as, was being searched (a fact Menezes could not have missed). I can't find direct reference that the building was being searched (it has been reported by CNN) but since we know the bombings had occurred prior to this incident I don't believe the police could have been just "waiting for something" at the building, they'd either be searching, or not there at all. What could they have been surveying, the terrorist are either there or not, they must have been searching the whole building. However it was not Menezes in particular that was their target, that seems certain, initially anyways.
Once at the subway station nonetheless, they started chasing him and he started running away... Well suicide bombers don't run, they blow up, the police know this, so what the hell... Wouldn't the fact he's running mean that he's not a suicide bomber to the police? Else the fact that they chased him would imply the police do not fear death; or that they knew he is not a suicide bomber. And why would you shoot him FIVE times when he's strapped with explosives... explosives could explode no...? -the officers being a foot away and all Else, if they thought he was not a suicide bomber but a terrorist, why shoot him five times to ensure that he's dead? Isn't it better to get him alive and get him talking?
Since we know that the building was under surveillance, we can safely assume there must have been a reason for that, as I'm sure every random building is not under surveillance in London right now. Reports have indicated that the building was a residence of one of the suspected bombers and therefore, it wasn't just under "surveillance" but the police had been working in that building. If so, Menezes must have seen the cops around the area and must have been aware of the situation (with the terrorist bombings and all and the extremely jumpy authorities) which causes even more confusion as to why would he behave as he did, he wasn't that dumb, he was an educated electrician!
Unless of course we theorize a bit and consider that he saw something he was not supposed to see, at his home building, while the police were working in there. And that something made him convinced to flee as otherwise he knew he is a dead man, if the cops get him. Why else would an educated man that came to a new country to start a new life would behave so odd?
This is just a suggestion though... If , for example Menezes, was a special agent (I don't think there's any chance he was involved with terror) then that would explain many things but not everything.
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