Unreported Deadly Force
In Katrina Aftermath?

By Wayne Madsen
Pentagon covering up shooting incidents in New Orleans and environs? Reports are emanating out of New Orleans that National Guard, regular military, officers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and private security personnel have shot to death homeless and needy survivors of Hurricane Katrina. One shooting incident is alleged to have occurred last week at Louis Armstrong International Airport where over a hundred people were subjected to lethal force after troops feared they were going to "riot." It is uncertain how many people have been killed by lethal force in New Orleans, but the numbers mentioned are in excess of 150.
There are also reports that those who gathered in and around the New Orleans Superdome after the flooding were shot by troops and their bodies stored in walk-in freezers in the arena. Local reports from New Orleans suggest law enforcement personnel have been required to sign non-disclosure agreements about the shooting incidents. There are also recurring reports that troops, Federal law enforcement, and private security personnel are harassing civilians on the streets.
There are also credible reports that wealthy land speculators have descended on New Orleans to buy up flood ravaged property. Some of these individuals, notably from Florida, are connected to the GOP's Indian gambling casino scandal. Informed sources also report that there are plans by the land speculators to turn New Orleans into a "Las Vegas on the Gulf" minus the city's poor and largely African American population. Story unfolding.



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