Let's Twist Again,
Like We Did Last Summer

By Barry Chamish
This Thursday, September 15, in Jerusalem's Sacher Park, the Gush Katif refugees will hold their first mass rally since their expulsion. Here is the headline of the full page ad for the event: THANK YOU IN ORANGE.
Here is the rally description below: " Under the auspices of rabbis, public figures and the residents of Gush Katif, thousands of youth from throughout the country will display their unbending gratitude and faith through multi-media shows, artistic presentations and mass dancing. We will all come and salute them."
Now get this for the final message: "With determination, faith and values admired throughout Israel, we will provide the forces to continue to build and create."
Hilarious, no? Let us salute the newly homeless through mass dancing. Afterward, let's go build some more houses the government can tear down.
It would be a lot funnier if real Gush Katif youths weren't going to actually participate in this sad farce. Permit me to throw some cold reality onto the parade.
Gush Katif and northern Samaria are gone. The enemy is dancing on the flaming ruins of your
synagogues, they will destroy the land you turned fertile and your standing buildings will soon turn into mafia-run casinos.
And it's 90% your own fault.
From the time the dictator Sharon announced his plan to disengage you to the day it happened, over 18 months passed. You had 18 months to prepare your defences. You had eighteen months to barricade your communities, to organize your self-defence, to oust the army from your villages. It was your only option from the beginning.
Here's what you did. You held hands and handed out orange rags. You told the soldiers how much you loved them and you danced for them.
You pathetic Jews danced in front of your executioners. Then you handed them your weapons and danced again for them. And as if you haven't had enough of dancing, you're doing some more fancy steps this Thursday in Jerusalem. And all the media will report that the homeless of Gush Katif are so delighted by their new status that they are dancing for joy in the park.
And you will undoubtedly invite members of the Yesha council to join you in a snappy minuet. Why change partners? For a year you saw how the council was sabotaging any hope for victory and you let it glide you to extinction. Not one mass meeting was held in your own community centers to form your own council. You let them have their way with you and did not a thing to control your own destiny.
So why didn't you do a damn thing for yourselves? When the soldiers came into your homes, why didn't anyone try so much as to push them out of the way? You gave up without a fight and the nation snickered at your performance.
You let the government-choreographed Yesha council turn your struggle from a political battle to a religious one. Your battle was a national priority, but you scared the secular away. I was one of the very few secularists I saw at any demonstration. I worked for eighteen months to publicize the righteousness of your struggle and expose the crooks planning your demise. I received little reward but I thought this was the right fight to join. Hundreds of thousands of others took great risks fighting for you with just as little reward.
Now start to fight for yourselves already.
You were viciously removed from your homes by the government and the army of this government. Your livelihoods were destroyed. Your communities were wrecked. Now you are poor and indigent and you know who is responsible.
So stop looking for handouts. Stop the sob stories of being forced out of hotels you thought the government was going to actually pay for. Quit the tales of misery and alienation. Get off your damn knees and raise your fists for once.
The criminal government of Israel is responsible for your fiasco and anyone who gives you charity is letting it off the hook. The government would be delighted if the donors found you homes, jobs and security. That would be their green light to expel everyone from Yesha and Jerusalem. If you care at all about the rest of the land, you will refuse help from anyone but the government.
No matter how destitute you become!
You are obliged to create a refugee problem the nation has to look at face to face. You are required to make this country and this people see what they have done! You must make them pay!.
Stop taking, stop dancing and start standing up for yourselves.
And finally face what was done to you and by whom. On Thursday you will meet to celebrate Zionism. You will actually gather to celebrate more building and creating in the land. That is your reaction to the tragedy you have endured!
How much of a hint do you need? Zionism has no place for you. It has rejected you and punished you.
You are way too good for Zionism. You are above it in every way. Find your own path.
Nothing is quite so amazing as this reaction of strengthening Zionism in the wake of the expulsion. The same people who fought for Gush Katif are busy promoting aliyah to Israel. The only message to be possibly learned from the past summer is:
Sell your worldly goods, give up your secure life wherever you are and build a home in the land of Israel. Best of all, after as long as thirty five years, the government gets to demolish the home you built and take away your income. Come one, come all. Zionism is great.
I will be at your rally in Jerusalem. I will set up my table and hope my books fall into the right hands.
And don't anyone ask me to dance.
This is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and Sharon is planning to make a huge deal of it. Show up in force at Rabin's Memorial Service this year. Drive the truth to the surface! If you are interested in helping out in any way, call David 052 6694999. Long Distance; 011 972 526694999.
Or write me and tell me how you'd like to help.
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