Qinghai China Outbreak
May Be Biowar
'Tweaked' Bird Flu
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Jeff, I think the outbreak in China is something other than straight H5N1 bird flu. As I mentioned, it is different. Man-tweaked. Maybe their Plum Island had power outage and loss of biosecurity. If dealing with an altered bird flu - or worse, Ebola/flu - then we would see the high death toll that we are seeing. I think Dr. Niman knew all along that the Chinese bird flu samples would be different.
China had admitted using Amantadine yet, the bird flu was amantadine sensitive. I am sure that the Chinese bird flu is a new type. All of the Boxun News service reports claim various diseases, Ebola, an Ebola with up to 6 month incubation, FMD, Bird Flu etc etc. Whatever is happening centered in Qinghai - and is spreading.
The military involvement tells me that the Boxun reports were accurate.
They have chaos there now and I surely hope that our government will do something to prevent it from coming here. It won't be popular but we may have to really watch our borders for immigrating Chinese. Those who can leave China will...if the conditions are as reported. Some may head for North America.



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