Truth Within Generalization

By Ted Lang
Generalization is the greatest asset to all whose primary goal it is to conceal, deceive, alarm and incite when rallying for support from the masses. As one considers the annals of history, generalization is the quickest and most effective route to muster supportive public opinion. Like comedy, with its heavy reliance upon truth, the more the truth in a situation, the more effective will be the comedic routine or quip satirizing it, and the more truth in a generalization, the more effective it also will be.
As an example, one generalization that really sets me off was the one offered by William Shirer in his book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. And although he answered his own question three times during the course of his massive volume purportedly assembled to report and inform, his overarching argument was that the German people allowed Hitler to rise to power - they weren't clever enough, worldly enough, or smart enough to recognize the dangers of fascism. His erroneous assumption was that we are.
There is of course, a preponderance of truth in his generalization, and alas, it appears it is a substantial component of Shirer's argument; but to make such a broad base argument denies completely the existence of any resistance to Hitler's ascension on the part of any Germans. What about Germans of the Jewish faith? How can he dismiss them as "non-German?"
And I find it impossible to believe that German Jews alone denounced Hitler. My father wasn't Jewish, but upon his return to Germany in 1938 during a brief visit to his and my mother's homeland, he wasted neither time nor words denouncing Hitler. Recall Hitler's plea for all Germans to return to the "Fatherland." My parents were only there for a brief visit, but upon returning home, letters from the family members visited awaited their return and advised them that the Gestapo had made inquiries as to my father's opposition to Hitler, and had been looking for them - they were already on board the ship returning home - a lucky circumstance for me. Yup, it was one of Grandpa Bush's liners from the fleet of Hamburg-Amerika.
If just this isolated incident of German-born dissenters venting their opposition to Hitler were unique, it is yet enough to make Shirer's overarching generalization concerning Germans invalid. Obviously, it couldn't possibly be unique, but Hitler's generalization that the Jews were all evil is yet another broad-based argument to rally mass support.
Then there's George Bush's generalization: "They hate us for our freedom, our wealth." Or how about Nancy Pelosi's recitation of the AIPAC-created advertising slogan: "Israel has a right to exist!" What does that even remotely have to do with Israel's horrific, shocking terrorism perpetrated against the Palestinians and their penchant for the mass murders of unarmed men, women and children? How do these monstrous actions differ from the racist/religious mass murders perpetrated by Hitler and his Nazis? Oh, I see, this too is a generalization, and is not to be used against Jews because to do so is to be proclaimed "anti-Semitic."
Why are generalizations reserved for only dictators, mass murderers, and the organized liars of the State? Notice how they indulge themselves liberally in rhetoric to herd and condition the masses, but refuse to acknowledge even a modicum of totally truthful criticism?
Israel has committed atrocities against its allies and enemies indiscriminately. It has committed acts of war against our nation [U.S.S. Liberty - outwardly; 9-11 - covertly], conveyed weapons technology in return for cash to our greatest potential enemy, stolen our nuclear secrets, participated in deadly false flag operations against our citizens, and then cries "anti-Semitism" when anyone tries to point this out. Isn't this itself a generalization? Haven't writers such as I desperately tried to avoid generalizing and blaming all Jews for Israel's transgressions?
Yet it is the Yiddish proverb that offers: "Our own Jews will destroy us." Isn't that happening right now? The generally insignificant number of Jews who protest Israel as a false god and representing blasphemy and sin are overpowered by Jewish rabbis themselves who insist that Israel and Judaism are one and the same. When Senator Fritz Hollings retired from the Senate, and was no longer under the control of the Jewish lobby, AIPAC, he stated emphatically that the entire Iraqi quagmire was engineered only for the benefit of Israel.
Here is the rabbinical response from a source cited in my previous column: "The whole foreign policy of the United States is based on Israel? What kind of ridiculous statement is that?" said Rabbi Philip Silverstein of Columbia's Beth Shalom synagogue in comments to "The State," a South Carolina news source. "It makes him anti-Israel. It's anti-Semitic ... it's dangerous," continued the Rabbi. Abraham Foxman, of the notorious Jewish smear organization, the so-called Jewish anti-Defamation League, launches the standard smear: "This is reminiscent of age-old, anti-Semitic canards about a Jewish conspiracy to control and manipulate government," Foxman continued.
Have either of these "religious" men ever addressed what is written in the Talmud, the "Protocols of Zion," their "religion's" disgusting generalizations describing Christians and non-Jews as being subhuman "Untermenschen?" Doesn't this smack of a Hitlerian racist-driven fascism, as reduced to writing by either Jews or Satanists? Their racist anti-Christianity was on full display when Jewish Hollywood turned on Mel Gibson when he attempted to portray "The Passion of the Christ." And of course, in addition to, an in total support of the Hollywood Jews, was Abraham Foxman again and his ADL of the B'nai B'rth, the latter directly connected to the satanic international banking wealth and power brokers of the Illuminati.
Even when organized religion points out the truth, and then takes action, such as when the Presbyterian Church renounced the atrocities committed by Israel and announced they were excluding Israel from its $ 7 billion dollar portfolio, they were attacked by Zionists. Also at that time of the Presbyterian Church USA's denouncement of Israel's policies of mass murder and apartheid, another Jewish columnist compared the evil Presbyterians to the goodness and wholesomeness of the Catholic Church. Why? Because Catholics were now toeing the religious symbolism permitted by Jews and rejecting the obvious political implications of fascist, despotic Israel.
Dennis Prager, in his piece for, dated July 20, 2004, and entitled, "Presbyterian Church defames Christianity," also grieves over the Presbyterian boycott of its investment funding in Israel, writing: "Incredibly, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) joins the list of religious groups committing evil. In the name of Jesus, it has called for the economic strangulation of Israel. They have equated the Jewish state with South Africa during apartheid and called for a universal divestment from it."
Committing evil by failing to worship a foreign nation-state entanglement? And PCUSA is "strangling" Israel economically? Yo Denny, where are the TRILLION dollar Pentagon assets stolen by RABBI Dov Zacheim, hmmmmm? An impressive economic and financial education, but he can't account for a trillion bucks? I've only got 24 semester credits in Accounting, but I know where those assets wound up. And what foreign entanglement gets more American taxpayer money than any other?
Denny goes on, "The Presbyterians are the first Christian church to do this, and, ironically, the divestment campaign came the very week that the Roman Catholic Church signed a document equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism." Now that part of Christianity seems okay with Farah and Prager; as long as everybody worships the foreign nation-state of Israel as a special religion over and above their own. If you worship their fascist state, the Jewish and Christian Zionist pundits will pray for your soul. But watch out - thinking and turning generalizations against them is verboten!
But now even the Holy See has screwed up. They require immediate sensitivity and multicultural training. Just check out how the blackguards are now depicting the Catholic Church. Apparently, Tel Aviv, Sharon and AIPAC have a real bad wedgy over the fact that a terrorist attack against Israel went unprayed for by the Holy Father. Sayeth the Vatican: "The Holy See cannot take lessons or instructions from any other authority on the tone and content of its statements." That's funny - Nancy Pelosi and the Bush regime can! "It also defended John Paul II, who died in April, saying that he had publicly condemned Palestinian attacks on 'numerous' occasions."
Representing the political State of Israel: "Rome's Chief Rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni, said the Holy See was acting in the matter like 'a political institution, with precise interests to protect in the chess game of the Middle East.' He added: 'I hope that Benedict, who knows theology so well, will quickly try to also grasp the ways of politics and the art of diplomacy.'"
Isn't this hypocrisy just simply mind-boggling? When the Presbyterian Church pulled its investments out to protest Israel's policies of mass murders, terrorism and apartheid, Presbyterians were accused of allowing their religion to "defame" Christianity, and as doing "evil." Back then, the Catholic Church was praised for condemning those who are opposed to Israel's terror and mass murder against the Palestinians as anti-Semitic. But now, the Catholic Church is being accused by Rabbi Di Segni of not only acting like a political institution, but not being political enough by "not grasping the ways of politics and diplomacy!" The Rabbi explains that theology consists of politics and diplomacy? Astounding!
Clearly, everything the Christian Zionists and their Jewish hypocrite counterparts are offering, is that Israel is a religion, depending on your definition of "is." Politics is theology; theology is diplomacy; spying on America is okay because it is our "ally" that is doing it, does it most and does it best. Murdering 34 of our sailors is good. The controlled demolition and the placement of explosives by Israel's Mossad for 9-11 is a good thing! That's enough - I've had it!
Israel is Judaism, and not worshipping Israel is anti- Semitism? Fine! Put me down as 100% anti-Semite, okay Abe, and Dennis, and Rabbis Silverstein and Di Segni? You up with that?! I will no longer struggle to distinguish between Talmud Jews and Torah Jews. Let's all progress to the non-guilt of generalization. Israel didn't attack the Liberty, or participate in 9-11, or orchestrate the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal, or the AIPAC spy scandal the Zio [oops!] JEWISH MEDIA is covering up, right? It was the JEWS who double-crossed US and are continuing to do so.
Aren't you all pleased? You've finally pushed me where I never wanted to be. And yes, I'm a Christian - and yes I'm a Presbyterian. So here's my German pagan Christmas tree, and get your evil Menorah outta my face.
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
©2005 Theodore E. Lang. All rights reserved



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