The O'Reilly Tractor

By Ted Lang
It had to happen, but on national coast-to-coast TV? Impossible!!! When's the last time you saw a real live debate on the electronic idiot box? Of course, it failed to make prime time, being nosed out by the substituted airing of that emergency landing of a JetBlue A320 Airbus with a misaligned nose wheel. Had it not been for that, you would have seen a rollicking and most refreshing entertaining event ever seen on TV.
Pompous, arrogant, obnoxious and noxious gas bag, Bill O'Reilly, Bush's chief Nazi propagandist, got his clock cleaned by none other than Phil Donahue, once at the top of my list of left-wing, anti-American "Hollywood commies" as defined by my back-then broadcast gurus and so-called "conservative" saviors: Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity and Savage. To partake in this limitless joy, please go here!
Scroll down to "Video: Bill vs. Phil." After enduring the commercial, the donnybrook begins. Donahue kicked ass, and I,m hoping to watch this battle between Phil's integrity and honesty versus O'Reilly's Bushian bullshit again, and again, and.... Like an Israeli D-9 bulldozer crushing a crippled old Palestinian to death while still inside his humble home, Donahue ran over a stammering, angry and an intellectually frustrated disgrace of talk show host, Bully O'Reilly.
The Bush Nazis hate, loathe and despise Cindy Sheehan, the focal point of this electronic Hamilton versus Burr dual of the 21st century. O'Reilly lead off by attacking the Nazi Bush regime's number one threat: Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan is America's greatest patriot thus far in the 21st century. She has done the impossible in so many admirable ways: she has endured and suffered the elements in a hot and dirty roadside ditch to confront the most powerful, deadly Nazi threat the world has yet seen; she has converted the meaningless yet painful loss of her eldest son to not only something positive, but something positive for all in America; she has exposed for the American people the control and power that Israel has over US, a power soon to be made even stronger by Congressman John Conyers "hate crimes" legislation; she has been roughed up by the "Blue Shirts" of the Bush/Bloomberg Nazi crime machine; and she has started a much-needed anti-war movement, a Populist grassroots let's-take-America back movement. She's a heroine of impeccable stature in so many ways; hence, the terrifying threat to Amerika's neo-Nazi movement.
Now before we proceed further, and in the event that some who read this may not be aware of the truth and the facts thanks to the babbaloneyan efforts, lies and cover-ups of the media, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Savage, Coulter, as well as the insanity that is Hannity, we must address the impending outrage of the ignorant, the stupid, and the media-addicted uninformed. The Bush family came to wealth and power through Adolf Hitler and his genocidal and racist Nazi movement. During World War II, G.Bush's Nazi grandfather, Prescott Bush, was Hitler and Hitler's chief financial benefactor, Fritz Thyssen's primary banker and financial advisor. In 1951, after being threatened by prosecution for continued violations of the "Trading With The Enemy Act," Prescott Bush pulled $1.5 million out of Union Banking, and started the Bush family ascent to untold war industry wealth. Webster G. Tarpley assembled the total account in excruciating detail.
Now considering that the Bush crime family made its wealth via the deaths of all those on both sides that fought and died in World War II, and also from those that died in concentration camps and in the Holocaust, why would a Zionist "Jew" such as "rabbi" Abraham Foxman support America's "new" Nazism? But make no mistake - he does indeed support it. But if one reads Tarpley, there is absolutely nothing new about this "Jewish" Zionism supporting the new Nazism; old Zionism, as personified by the "Jews" Sulzbergers [NY Times], the Warburgs [Rothschild International Banking Illuminati] and even the Masonic B,nai B,rith! Zionist "Jews," all collaborated with Hitler, and today, that Zionism culminates in Israel.
Increasingly, evidence is turning up the heat on Israel and its secret intelligence operations, identifying not only Israeli Mossad operations against US, but also their collaboration as well with our own CIA. The Mossad has been identified as the most explosive-savvy undercover operation in the world, specializing in false flag covert operations to start wars; it is their motto. They are world-class demolitionists specializing in destroying large buildings. Prescott Bush's ties to the CIA just after World War II, and his recruitment of many of Hitler's intelligence specialists, is known fact. Its first chief, Allen Dulles, was one of the lawyers hired by the Satanic Rothschild bankers to write the Versailles Treaty that ensured the rise of Hitler.
These are all known facts, but mysteriously way over the heads of the Bush Babbaloneyans. Why is it that such astonishing revelations, those that would scoop, shock, and awe the mainstream media, are not being revealed? Are they false? Are they overstated? Does anybody reading this really think so? Then why not contact your Bush Babbaloneyan of choice, some having Internet blog addresses and e-mails, and ask them to deal with this topic in order to initiate that which is considered "democracy's" greatest attribute; namely, a good fiery debate, similar to the one we just witnessed between O'Reilly and Donahue?
Easily, the most hated word in the English language is the term, "Nazi." And when I consider the USA PATRIOT Act, and the unjust, illegal, immoral and unconstitutional invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans, USA, I see a Nazi regime that has commandeered all American government. And this Nazi regime, just as was the case with Hitler and his "old" Nazis, is fervently being supported by Zionists and Zionist "Jews." Just like Hitler and his "Brown Shirts," and Mussolini and his "Black Shirts," we now witness precisely the same fascist thuggery as perpetrated back then in the actions of Zionist "Jew" and New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and his NYPD "Blue Shirts" in breaking up the free speech gathering of Cindy Sheehan in the Apple's Union Square.
And O'Reilly thinks this is all just peachy here in the "Blue Shirt" Apple. Freedom of speech and protest in Nazi Bush's "free speech zones," protecting him and his fellow Nazis in both the Democrat and Republican branches via razor wire, snapping police dogs, tanks and heavily armed machine-gun-toting Blue Shirts. This is the new means of petitioning government here in Bush and O'Reilly's Amerika. And if not this, then we can all have what we think is a patriotism founded upon honesty and truth, and appear on Nazi O'Reilly, s factor to be shouted down and humiliated like Jeremy Glick by this selectively ignorant loudmouth. So how does O'Reilly start his "show?"
He accuses Sheehan of being somewhat of a wacko and a "radical." An American "radical," at least in my book, is someone who opposes America's purpose, America's reason for being, America's founding philosophy; and that is, the creation of a government by the people to ensure the protection of individual freedom. How has this sole objective of American government been served by USA PATRIOT, or Abu Ghraib, or Guantanamo, or the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and New Orleans, or by deliberately withholding federal aid to the victims of Katrina, or by "disappearing" selective American citizens and foreign nationals without criminal charges against them and torturing them and/or sending them abroad to other nations for torture? Does this sound like America, or Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union? Can O'Reilly pick the right example?
It may be a mystery to some, including possibly even William L. Shirer, as to how the horrors of Nazism gained popularity in fun-loving Germany. He had offered that the German people were unarmed and unorganized. But he never focused on his very own medium of persuasion: the so-called American press and media. Nazism in America has gained popularity precisely through the efforts of such traitors as O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter and the insanity that is Hannity. They are America's traitors precisely because they have the endless resources to either prove or disprove all the accusations I have made, but won,t even muster the modicum of courage or decency to initiate such debate. Bless Phil Donahue, and especially this nation's new Populist leader, Cindy Sheehan, for doing so.
In the meantime, from this day forward, I will refer to the criminal Bush regime and its Nazi founding as the "Nazi Bush regime." And this definition will be similarly offered as regards all the broadcast boneheads who support "American" neo-Nazism.
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Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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