Terrorism? Why Did
It Take A Hurricane
For Most Americans To See?

By Douglas Herman
Watch out when the mainstream media finally finds its balls. Largely silent for the last five years, while BushCo bludgeoned everyone and everything around him (except his cronies), our spayed and neutered newsreporters finally have begun to take their jobs seriously. Finally, they've begun to express their indignation with the Bushco incompetence and corruption that's been terrorizing people for five years now. Indeed, some newsreporters have become almost as perceptive as those on the Internet. Welcome to the cause; better late than never.
Witness--FINALLY--the calls for resignations from the mainstream media, for the inept and downright criminal cronies heading government agencies like FEMA and Homeland Security. Witness--FINALLY--some of the most heated dialogue ever allowed to air on national television.
Aaron Broussard's tearful rebuke to FEMA and BushCo should have inspired the entire nation to demand the resignation of everyone in this tawdry regime. Likewise, Keith Olbermann's primetime dissection of Ivy-League educated (supposedly) Michael Chertoff was as shocking as it was priceless. Chertoff, allegedly head of Homeland Security but holding dual citizenship, asserted that "Louisiana is a city that is largely underwater."
Is this guy Chertoff really just an anorexic Homer Simpson? Do Bush appointees really compete to see who can be more ignorant, more amoral? Or is stupidity simply a job requirement?
Is it just me, or does anyone else fear the clueless morons leading this nation more than they fear any Muslims? Are Americans citizens more terrorized by a few Islam fanatics, or by the incompetent scoundrels who allegedly "lead" us? Witness all the folks "terrorized" by a perfectly predictable natural disaster in the Gulf and the shocking lack of response from the bumpkins in power in Washington DC. God help any state not named Florida.
Indeed, I think criminal charges should be brought against both FEMA director Michael Brown and Homeland Security head, Michael Chertoff. Resignations mean nothing more than a wrist slap. Nothing less than long prison sentences would be fitting for those two guys.
But of course, as friends of the President, Brown and Chertoff will probably get medals. After all, the incompetent morons who allowed the 9-11 attacks and the morass in Iraq received Presidential Medals of Failure, I mean freedom.
Jefferson Parish president, Aaron Broussard--a president who actually gave a damn about his constituents said: "I want to give you one last story and I,ll shut up and let you tell me whatever you want to tell me. The guy who runs this building I,m in, Emergency Management, he's responsible for everything. His mother was trapped in St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, "Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming? and he said, "Yeah, Mama, somebody's coming to get you. Somebody's coming to get you on Tuesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Wednesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Thursday. Somebody's coming to get you on Friday and she drowned Friday night. She drowned Friday night! Nobody's coming to get us. Nobody's coming to get us. The Secretary has promised. Everybody's promised. They,ve had press conferences. I,m sick of the press conferences. For god's sakes, just shut up and send us somebody."
Then Broussard burst into tears. People will not soon forget that image, not even the mainstream media it seems.
Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of the provocative suspense novel, Guns of Dallas




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