H5 Confirmed In Turkey

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"Anatolia, quoting officials, said the birds in Turkey died of the H5 type of bird flu - but it was not immediately clear whether it is the exact strain that health officials are particularly worried about."
Finding H5 in turkeys in Turkey near a migratory bird path leaves little doubt that H5N1 wild bird flu has arrived in Romania and Turkey. The unresolved issue relates to the number of additional European countries that have H5N1 and have failed to report cases.
H5N1 is a reportable disease, the expectations of an arrival in Europe are well known. The initial Romanian cases were on September 26, but there have been several additional reports that have not been officially announced. It seems likely that many of the rumors of H5N1 in Iran, Germany, and Hungary are true, and many other countries in Europe also have H5N1 wild bird flu.
The meeting in Washington was held in part because of a lack of transparency in countries in Asia, and it seems that the same lack of transparency exists in Europe.
It seems likely that the number of announcements in the upcoming days will be large, but the lack of reports to date extends the scandalous H5N1 surveillance from Asia to Europe.
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