Three Remaining Events

By Ted Lang
Once an inquiring mind accepts the "absurdity" of the United States government's planning, arranging, and conspiring with another government's intelligence agency to bring about the Pearl Harbor of the 21st century, and once it can be recognized that the anger generated by such a successful plot was capitalized upon by the American Empire to wage an unnecessary, unjust and unconstitutional war, figuring out the rest is easy.
Today in America, allegiance to both the Bush administration and its uncalled for invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and its brutal mass murder of Iraqis serving the objectives of Israel and oil, the term "patriotism" is now used to identify those Americans who support Bush and his political party. Those Americans who "support the troops," who cheer the slaughter of "towelheads," smelly Arabs, Israel-threatening Palestinians, "camel jockeys," and all the other rock-solid reasons for killing our fellow humans in the nationalistic trade-off of blood-for-oil, are indeed the select members of "patriotic" American society. Either you are with Bush and his GOP [Gang of Plunderers], or you are with the terrorists!
As a true American, you must agree unquestionably with the napalm carpet-bombing of Fallujah in retaliation for the "murders" of four one-thousand-dollar-a-day private contractors, more accurately termed "mercenaries." They were killed in that hapless city and their horribly mangled bodies were hung from a bridge signifying the contempt and hatred these people now have for all Americans, not just their brutal, criminal US government.
You are a true American if you close your eyes and reject all aspects of the true Spirit of '76. If you support Bush's unilateral word and semantics engineering abolishing the Geneva Conventions that were already in place that far back, you are a true American. Rejecting the Declaration of Independence itself is now a truly patriotic act - what sacrifice! Only one aspect of 1776 must be lovingly and faithfully embraced, for it is the very essence the Bush administration's vision. It is the origin of the Bush crime family's wealth, amassed by working with and for an even greater crime family: Rothschild. It was in 1776 that Meyer Rothschild uttered this famous call for Bush-defined patriotism: "Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws."
So, if you reject the humanity of peace, and accept rather the inhumanity of both war and the torture of falsely-arrested innocent civilians and militarily disabled, captured prisoners of war, you are an American patriot. You reject our Nation's founding, its history, tradition, honor and morality, all of which served to set a standard for moral, just government around the world, then you are a Bush and GOP patriot. And you richly deserve the security and protection of the Bush crime family's trump of the Founding Fathers efforts - the USA PATRIOT Act.
Considering the outrage that this gang of killers has unleashed in the world, how can any sane, thinking human being align themselves with either the Bush regime or today's "Republican Party?" I cannot accept it, so I am no longer a Republican. And I guess, that blows it for me as well in terms of being either an American or a patriot. And I'm sure this is precisely how the Bush gangsters see it.
When one assesses just how far off the track this "Polar Express" has gone, then everything fits nicely into place. And since it is the contention of this writer, and a growing list of others, that there IS indeed a conspiracy working here, no matter what your damned definition of "is" is, we need to digress for a moment and consider it and its objective.
The term "Illuminati," according to Collier's Encyclopedia, originated with the Ante-Nicene Church fathers to designate those Christians who accepted baptism. "They were called 'illuminati' or 'illuminated ones,' on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had received the grace of illumination in an enlightened understanding. Clement of Alexandria speaks thus of such baptismal light: 'This is the one grace of illumination, that our characters are not the same as before our washing. And since knowledge springs up with illumination, shedding its beams around the mind, the moment we hear, we who were untaught become disciples. ... This work is called ... illumination by which that holy light of salvation is beheld, that is, by which we see God clearly.'"
The referenced information from Collier's goes on: "Among the societies subsequently adopting the name 'illuminati' were the Alumbrados or Alombrados, a mystical sect existing in Spain from the early 16th century and appearing in France as the Guerinets during the period from 1623 to 1635. Later, the title 'illuminati' was adopted by a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt, [Jewish] professor of canon law at Ingolstadt, on May 1, 1776, with the aim of combating religion and fostering rationalism." Of course, as you will recall, the Spanish sect was persecuted during that black time designated as the "Spanish Inquisition."
Once again, the coincidental year of 1776 comes to the fore, the same year Rothschild made his notorious claim driving for monopolistic state banks in every nation, which he intended to control. Now citing as a reference, the Columbia Encyclopedia, we progress to an understanding how these seemingly isolated occurrences come together.
After founding his secret society in Germany, Weishaupt, a professor at Ingolstadt, "having close affinities with the Freemasons and seemingly organized on a Masonic plan," the society had only limited success. The following concepts were offered by none other than Pat Robertson in his book, The New World Order, published in 1991. Robertson offers that Weishaupt's organization was supposed to work through the Freemasons, and in order to give his secret society financial momentum, he employed the power, influence and financial might of those rich Jewish bankers: the Rothschilds.
Leonard Fein, commenting on the book in the Jewish news periodical based in New York City, Forward, in a March 10, 1995 article writes: "His [Weishaupt's] immediate purpose was to take over the Freemasons, and for that he depended on rich Jews. The Illuminated Freemasonry moved its headquarters to Frankfurt, which was controlled by the Rothschilds, and suddenly 'new money...poured into the Frankfurt lodge, and from there a well-funded plan for world revolution was carried forth.' Operating secretly in France and Germany, offspring 'revolutionary societies' commissioned the writing of the Communist Manifesto."
Considering the many false flag operations conducted by Jews on behalf of Israel, and the millions of lives lost in all the wars America has been caught up in via Jewish influence, is it really so hard to imagine that an Illuminati, manifesting itself publicly through the Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission and Bilderberg, and reaching all corners of the earth through the Communist-established International Monetary Fund, really exists? And if we view the real conspiracies of a Pearl Harbor of the 20th century, as well as the 9-11 Pearl Harbor of the 21st century, as well as the U.S.S. Liberty incident, just how many iceberg tips and smoking guns are really required for real inquiring minds? And now we have the Downing Street Memo, and the Air Force One Valerie Plame memo, and still no effective reporting and detailed analysis from the Zionist-controlled media?
We're not talking about Adolf and his beer hall buddies here! There is more than mere coincidence and conjecture at work here - as FDR said, everything in politics doesn't just happen. So I now must sadly relate all these events to the unavoidable future. There are three things that the Jews will foist upon US before they leave US alone to go about their business of destroying America and its sovereignty to merge our military, private property and wealth into the UN.
The Illuminati's plan will be to use Israel to destroy the US by an unending war with all of Islam. In this way, the two major obstacles, the people of the United States, and the people of Islam, will neutralize each other and become to weak to resist. True American patriots, those that remember the purpose of America's founding, also known as "the remnant," will be termed not only as unpatriotic, but as traitors to the cause [The New World Order]. Thus, any true American patriot must either be imprisoned or murdered by The State. Once Jews have served their purpose in putting the Illuminati's NWO in place, they will be summarily massacred in total, as they have demonstrated all throughout history that they turn on their own kind and cannot be trusted.
As far as we-the-people are concerned, American government, as per direction from our Jewish rulers, must be encumbered by three distinct events: one) hate crimes legislation; two) total abolition of the Internet, the source of truth; three) a nuclear 9-11 "terrorist act" in order to institute the Rove-Cheney-Rumsfeld plan for martial law in America.
Step One: "Hate crimes" legislation, which ultimately protects Jews and Israel from any and all criticism, MUST be enacted. Two Senatorial prostitutes have already been approached: Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum [R] and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy [D]. Considering the anti-American legislation that has already sailed flawlessly through Congress, war powers for "Unser Fuehrer" and CAFTA, and the Supreme Soviets' "legislation" abolishing private property, hate crimes should be a no-brainer. Jews need this protection to silence the growing ranks of Americans who are finding out through the Internet just what's going on. Information technology is rapidly outpacing the Zionist media, and this is a real threat to Jews, their fascist/imperial police state of Israel, and to their international communism designs as well.
Step Two: As previously pointed out, the Internet is a serious threat. But in order to quietly and rapidly abolish it, tax legislation must first be created to "regulate" websites, and to ensure Senator Hillary Clinton's vision of "responsible journalism" through licensed and State-authorized "gatekeepers."
Step Three: A nuclear 9-11 is MANDATORY. How else can the Bush gangsters deploy the USA PATRIOT Act?! Of course, since the bothersome Internet through some of its more radical and unpatriotic websites, along with Scott Ritter and some guy named Hersh, interference via Internet predictions with "The Grimace's" plan to nuke Iran has already compromised the Bush criminals and deferred the execution of their quest in bringing nuclear democracy to the heathens in Iran and Syria.
Considering this and the serious threats to world democracy, risking yet another sloppy 9-11 WTC/Pentagon hit, and then constrained by the resultant Downing Street-type Memos, the Valerie Plame mess, the bull---- has to stop! The Bush regime will really think this through.
Perhaps the mechanisms have already been put in place. First, ignore Limbaugh and think conspiracy. Second, think of the massive nature of a false flag nuclear hit on America. Third, think of Israel and the Zionist Jews.
Obviously, the best and so-proven false flaggers are the Israeli Mossad. They, along with the CIA, will need to smuggle the nuclear device across the USA to where it can be detonated. Second, it might be a problem to detonate it in either the Northeast, or the West Coast. Considering all that "Jewish Activity" immediately preceding 9-11, and then just think of the Jewish activity [Wall Street short sells, long and extended holidays for Jewish businesses and their employees, a massive Jewish exodus] that will precede this deadly hoax; these activities might constitute a tip-off! And of course, security is tight all over America, except!
The border with Mexico! That's the only hole in the Bush regime's tightening grip on America! And the risk of trying to get a nuclear device through the country might tip off some real American patriots in the CIA and FBI - but dismissal by higher-ups loyal to Bush and Israel has been exposed for the conspiracy it was. This time around, some American public servants might just ignore their politician-appointed superiors. Looks like the Southwest United States is in for a nasty surprise! And no, it won't be Texas or anywhere near there. Looking at a map of the Southwest United States, where can a nuclear 9-11 best take place?
I don't wish to frighten needlessly - that is not my intent here. But, when considering the unbelievable crimes committed so recently by our government upon all humanity, even the mass murders of our own people, just as was planned and executed on December 7, 1941, I am just sure these criminals and Israel intend to carry this out. The warning signs will be disruptive and well-publicized civil unrest between Mexican illegals and Americans - perhaps riots, lynchings, shootings, etc. Then, as usual, a pow-wow between international mass murderers Bush and Sharon. Then the big bang.
Hopefully, this message will serve in the same vein as that of the Ritters, the Hershs and the LaRouches - perhaps this false flag horror can be delayed long enough to vote the entire GOP out of office, impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Zakheim, and repeal the USA PATRIOT Act and Bush's suspension of the Geneva Conventions. We will need to make war reparations to Iraq. We will need to abolish AIPAC and the ADL. Then, and maybe only then, can we ask the world's forgiveness, and promise to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear and real American sovereignty and patriotism.
© 2005 Ted Lang - All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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