The Quintessential
False Dichotomy
Criticism of religion is only fair
when the critic isn't saying
"My God is better than your God'

By John Kaminski
Although I am not a practitioner of Islam, I defend Muslims because they are constantly and unfairly slandered by a vicious media spin machine attempting to create an enemy where none exists - with inflammatory prejudices from the untrustworthy lips of slithering hypocrites trying to promote the bogus authenticity of their own creed at the expense of innocent strangers who live far away and possess precious commodities coveted by others.
Although I am not a practitioner of Judaism, I defend Jews who are unfairly criticized for slyly undermining the moral character of Christian nations, when in fact the existing social oppression in these Christian nations provided the opportunity for secular Jews to persuade the public they were being needlessly enslaved by rules that only benefited the holy men who controlled them.
Although I am not a practitioner of Christianity, I defend Christians who are unfairly maligned for their pure beliefs, even though they may be based on questionable historical facts. There is no doubt that the truly believing Christian heart has the best interests of the universe as its goal, though in their rapturous piety, fundamentalist god blatherers have become silent and unknowing victims of perfidious perverts practicing exactly the opposite of what they preach - to be specific, who preach hate instead of love and back it up with instantaneous mass murder on demand.
Each of these belief systems controls the minds of significant segments of humanity's unitary consciousness, and billions of individuals are buffeted this way and that by the pronouncements of living cultural icons who are nurtured and promoted for their public roles by influential men who profit by their obedience, spreading blood like storms in every land.
By far, the most important of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." Why is the people who talk most about God do it to justify killing?
These homicidal robots like George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Ariel Sharon all operate with the supernatural sanction of the media church, and mask their crimes in hollow hymns to their own magnificence while the transfixed masses sway in Pentecostal ecstasy to the lunatic media circus triumphalizing the ravaging of our own nest.
The real problem with these systems - and all the other permutations generating every conceivable stripe of social fellowship throughout the world - is that they predicate their own value on the narcissistic necessity that they are the sole executors and operators of the one truth path. This is a pattern that guarantees ceaseless conflict for as long as the unitary mind of the species is undermined and sabotaged by the psychological need of individuals to embed themselves in a social context and strive to emulate the poisoned prescriptions of the hive mind as the most valid measure of their happiness.
Keep it simple, stupid.
We're all the same. Humans of any origin under any condition have always had the potential to become the most important person on the planet. The vast majority of humans born into this sublime paradise called Earth live their lives as decent, cooperative, sincere and principled individuals. Everyone realizes that the greatest freedom possible is for any individual to do exactly what she wants with her life.
Anybody who tells you different is either shuckin' and jivin' or he has his hand in your pocket.
So why do we have all this stupid strife?
Because it's profitable. There, in three words, is the history of the world.
And don't kid yourself - we're all signed onto this program. Luxurious leisure is what we're all after - the time to pursue who we are, because if we can do that, the rest will all fall into place. That's freedom.
Man conquered nature. I don't think it's too early to say nature will vomit up its tumors should humans continue to be so thoughtlessly toxic (although I've been saying that for 40 years). Perhaps this is the message in the rash of hurricanes that have suddenly developed as new mobilization points for the corporate war machine, assuming this new meteorological plague is not merely another government program like AIDS, fluoride, aspartame, chemtrails, white flour, and child kidnappings, not to mention thimerosal, depleted uranium, MSG, Prozac and, well, you know the list, or should, if you harbor any actualized interest in your own survival.
It seems to me we need to do things to close the gap between this artificial life that is constantly crammed down our throats - making stars on Star Search - and what we know in our inmost hearts is the right way to live, regardless of creed or tribe.
The tangible reality that underpins the context in which we live our lives that begins with our feet attached to the surface of the planet and stretches through the birth of our children and the deaths of our parents.
Though it is most important to us, it is virtually never discussed in public media. As a result the forces of shameless profit are able to kill off thousands of people at a time with sadistic stratagems, and we relegate the daily shock into a news brief to be consumed during our misprioritized leisure.
What's that about?
That we've fouled our nest is a serious understatement. We have chosen, willingly, to live in a sewer. This is directly attributable to letting profit be our real god. And we're only getting what we deserve, not to even mention that we're doing it to ourselves.
For most, children are their signature contribution to human society. But the herd doesn't run without herding - or so the Illuminati tell us, in myriad ways, from your TV sitcoms to your presidential pronouncements - so instead humanity sweeps across the planet killing practically everything in its wake, including, most especially, itself.
And we all snatch our piece of whatever pie we can master, somewhere along the line learning the bigger the pie, the better the snatch.
Where is that boundary many of us cross from getting enough to really getting enough, and in the process forgetting .... well, you probably know the tune. Maybe it's addiction to life, and we always want more.
Because if you don't know that boundary, you're not really living, not really a decent person. Soldiers and politicians should be shunned. If everyone ignored the government - because it sure ignores us - maybe it would just go away. I know, the world doesn't work that way.
And when I say, "But, it's killing us," the most common reaction is that Leave It to Beaver shrug, ballcap askew.
Religion is bondage conditioning, servitude to a bloodthirsty wraith named Yahweh who orders his robots to obliterate the victims of his robberies, and calls it holy.
And in the the trap of monotheism, the euphoric blindness of transcendental ascension engulfs us in a poisoned fog of pious ecstasy that prevents us from seeing the world clearly, and realizing that we are all just people with the same basic needs.
Worse, the powers that be nurture these nagging hatreds for the purpose of selling guns, and the men in long robes pronounce these matters "holy."
During the Catholic Inquisition, priests determined the fate of "witches" with the following process: they were hogtied, weighted with stones, and dropped in a lake. If they floated, they were guilty and put to death, all their property confiscated. If they sank to the bottom and died, they were judged innocent, but, as they were dead, all their property was confiscated.
Tell me, my friend, how is it any different today? Except that the rabbis are now rendering the verdicts. But the rule that they may kill anyone they want for any reason at all is still, as so many people know, very much in force.
And all propelled by the deceptive moneymaking operation that pits Team A versus Team B, while the puppeteers who make the rules we live by sit back, chuckling at the gore and smiling knowingly at homosexual prostitutes in the White House press corps, and count the money.
Convincing us we are different - be it through language, or custom, or religion - is the single biggest mistake ever made by the human species. Every current indicator shows this was ultimately the reason for our extinction.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida (still sizzling with noxious fumes) who Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.



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