Price Of 'Multiculturalism' -
Swedish Girls
Beaten, One Raped
From Jan Lamprecht
Some interesting rape statistics from Sweden below. 80% of rapes in Sweden are caused by immigrants. We're always hearing how the Swedes are supporting Africa and how Liberal and Politically Correct they are.
A journalist in Sweden sent me this most interesting story which has a photo which is a must-see. Violent and deadly crimes of all types have skyrocketed since the immigration flood began in Europe. - Jan
Here is the email -
Hi Jan,
This might be of interest to you.
(This is the original link, along with the photo):
The link story is about two Swedish girls who were brutally beaten and one of them raped on last New Years Eve in Gothenburg, Sweden. The picture shows the raped girl called Linda. The attackers were a bunch of black immigrants from Africa.
The two girls met the men when going to a party but couldn't find their way to it. The blacks suggested they'd accompany the girls because they knew where this party was. Since Swedish women are brain-washed since kindergarten that 'every one is the same' and just like any other Swede on the inside, they went along.
On the way, the girls "got" separated and were horribly beaten. One of the girls faked being dead and because of it escaped being raped.
Swedish police have finally, after 9 months, managed to find one of the attackers. In the Swedish main stream media he's been described as 'Finnish.' What they've been trying to hide is the fact that he's a black African with a Finnish citizenship.
These poor girls were actually on Swedish TV a while after they were assaulted. Spurred on by the reporters et al, they both exclaimed that the fact that the rapists were black had nothing to do with what they'd been subjected to...
80% of rapes in Sweden are perpetrated by immigrants and 80% of the victims are ethnic Swedish girls and woman according to any police officers investigating rapes when speaking off the record. Rape statistics in Sweden have sky rocketed since the start of multiculturalism.
Risto Aallonharja
It is just unbelievable how Sweden manipulates its people with 'Finn Fear.'
When their minister got stabbed to death, somehow the Swedish media 'knew' the same day or the day after that the perpetrator was 'Finnish.' As it turned out, he wasn't, and there was never any basis for the claim.
This is some very twisted hate propaganda without any base in reality. I think this hate propaganda has roots somewhere prior to the Middle Age or something because the recent history in World War1 and 2 should have added Finland (finnlad) to their Swedish hall of heroes.
We defended their fancy asses with incredible sacrifices and they just stabbed our backs continuously during the war...and they just keep on doing it.
Sweden has a very long history of distorting the Finn image, not only to their people, but to people abroad as well. It is just outrageus and blatantly arrogant behaviour towards a country that provides, clearly, the world's best circumstances to one of its minorities - the Swedes in Finland. There is no other country in the world where a 4 percent (Swedes) minority is treated like Finnish-Swedes.
Whatever comes from the Swedish media, especially concerning Finland, please verify it from other sources. Swedish media cannot be trusted and they are first degree backstabbers.
Risto A.



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