Strange Looking Things
Over Mexico City

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By Santiago Yturria
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On July 4, 2005 another weird sighting took place in Mexico City videotaped by Mr. Flavio Alcantara outside of his home in Colonia Anahuac, Polanco at 1:57 PM.
The strange entity looked like a "Worm" shaped object, black and thin but certainly huge, morphing itself and at the same time a smaller dark UFO was closer to the main body.
"I began taping this thing - Flavio Alcantara - with my JVC videocamera and the object was weird in shape. I was not afraid even that this thing looked so weird, i just felt excited with so much adrenalin in my body.
I have seen some strange things and UFOs in the past and I belive these objects are not terrestial but from somwhere else."
On May 22, 2005 Mr. Flavio Alcantara filmed a white kind of organic entity in the sky but this body presented a rare feature: It was expelling white spheres from it's body, a unique and disconcerting feature rarely seen in our research work. Mr. Alcantara was on the roof of his home at 9:30 AM when the surprising sighting took place.
This object was huge and white colored - Flavio Alcantara - It was changing shape continously like rotating but at the same spot in the sky and then it began expelling small spheres. It was intriguing indeed.
Mr. Flavio Alcantara went to the Jaime Maussan Research Center and made the report of both sightings and showed the videos as evidence of his significative experiences. Both videos along with Mr. Alcantara's testimonials were presented on national tv by Jaime Maussan adding more suspense to the recent unexplained incidents over Mexico.
Interestingly a year before, on July 3, 2003 Mr. Jose Eduardo Diaz had a similar sighting outside of his home in Mexico City. At 10:40 AM Jose Eduardo took a great video of a most strange looking object or entity in the sky, a huge " collar " shaped body of many dark spheres grouped thogether in a formation performing changes of shape as it was static in the sky.
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"This weird group of objects changes it's shape initially from a collar kind and then it plaited itself several times during these manoeuvers - Jose Eduardo Diaz - From collar to plait several times the whole formation suddenly released some small dark spheres. I don't know what could this mean and never seen anything like this before. It was awesome butvery mysterious."
These new type of sightings over Mexico are redefining our research work opening new challenges to confront. Weird shaped UFOs, enigmatic flying humanoid creatures, strange large bodies kind of organic entities in the sky etc.
All these new features appearing mainly over Mexico City but also in other major cities constitute a big mystery to be solved but unfortunately with very limited expectatives due to the nature of this
complex phenomena.
It's clear we are confronting a new level of sightings, perhaps a new generation of diferent kinds of phenomenons in our skies. But the people
continues witnessing these amazing sightings and more evidences on video are coming confirming these rare incidents are happening.
We will continue following these kind of events documenting every account and evidence supplied by the people. At this stage of our research we are confident that these presences in the sky don't represent yet a threath or a contamination to our enviroment.
This new phenomenons are very difficult to understand and certainly we must pursue more complex proccedures to interpret the nature of this new reality.
Special thanks to Jaime Maussan and Ana Luisa Cid.
Santiago Yturria



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