Cheney's Halliburton
Stock Rose 3,281%

Executive Intelligence Review
(EIRNS) -- Halliburton stock options held by Dick Cheney rose 3,281% since October, 2004,according to figures compiled by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), reports rawstory website today.
The options were worth $241,498, now they are worth $8 million.
In a Sept. 15 statement, as Halliburton was getting no-bid contracts for repairs following Hurricane Katrina, Lautenberg said that Cheney should divest himself of these Halliburton holdings.
"Halliburton has already raked in more thant $10 billion from the Bush-Cheney administration for work in Iraq, and now they are being awarded some of the first Katrina contracts. It is unseemly for the Vice President to continue to benefit from this company at the same time his Administration funnels billions of dollars to it.''



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