For Those Who Still Believe
Bush Is A Compassionate
Conservative Christian

by Kentroversy
During one of the debates during the 2000 Presidential election season, George W. Bush named Jesus Christ as his "favorite philosopher."  This was an extremely interesting comment, especially given what it is that Jesus Christ represents, which is love for others as we would like to be loved. By Bush insinuating that Jesus Christ somehow plays a role in both his thinking and actions, the good Christians of this country immediately fell into line, and pledged their full support to this man, and for what they THOUGHT he stood. However, George W. Bush has shown by both his LATER words and actions, that he either does not properly understand the message of Jesus Christ, or he is a full-out liar, who invoked Christ's name out of  an interest to deceive those self-same Christians.
For those who still believe that Bush is a compassionate conservative Christian, I have to ask:
"How does this IMAGE of a 'compassionate conservative Christian' fit in with the picture of the ACTIONS that occurred in New Orleans?"  
While it is certainly true that debate has sprung up surrounding the idea that Hurricane Katrina was man-made, or a natural event that was at least intensified and/or directed by man-made means, there is one thing that cannot be denied. The federal government deliberately prevented help from reaching those who could not leave the city -- such as the poor, the homeless, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled -- for a period lasting several days. These facts cannot be denied, as this very subject has been discussed in the media for the past two weeks.
This outrageous faux pas appears to have been a deliberate psychological operation against the people, designed to inflict the maximum amount of fear, misery, suffering, and of course death.  
It also cannot be denied that, ultimately, the buck stops at the feet of the smirking chimp himself. As 'El Residente' Bush is calling himself 'Commander in Chief,' he is ultimately responsible for the actions of the Federal government, as he continues to "occupy" the White House Oval Office. FEMA is ultimately under his command, and so are the military forces and the militarized police forces that have been the source of many problems, which also appear to have been done on purpose. Police officers have been videotaped looting a Wal-Mart department store, and there have been numerous credible reports of gross human rights abuses within the flood zone itself.
As many of these abuses have been directed at African-American citizens, the phrase 'ethnic cleansing' has begun to be whispered among those who are completely outraged and sickened by the events meted out by the Bush Crime Family and their militarized police forces. It has been these same storm troopers who have strong-armed citizens who have done nothing wrong, and who have lived through the deluge.
The federal government is now calling flood victims insurgents!
This is also racial and racist, as white people were said by the Associated Press to be LOOKING FOR FOOD while blacks involved in this same activity are said to be LOOTING.
So, let's take a look of some of George W. Bush's actions and behavior, and let's see just how much of a compassionate conservative Christian he really is:
01) To begin, let me remind the reader that Bush has never been seen at any church, and he does not belong to any church, Christian or otherwise. He never attended a single memorial service of any of the 9/11 victims, and on 9/11 itself, his nationally televised "moment of silent prayer" for the innocent victims lasted exactly FIVE SECONDS!
CNN Tribute: America Remembers ­ DVD (ch. # 1 ­ 'The Unthinkable' 10:25 to 10:30)
I remember thinking at the time; "What compassion! Five whole seconds!" I wrote these very words in my research notes taken from the DVD. Even during this five seconds, the look on this man's face was enough to tell the entire story - he doesn't care about anyone or anything except himself and his fellow members of the Bush Crime Family and the global crime syndicate who have come to be known simply, as the 'globalists.'
I ask the reader to consider this: "Why would the so-called 'leader of the free world' want to be seen as cold-hearted and careless toward the citizens of the country he supposedly leads?" My friends and family who are Christian were all deeply troubled by this, while the sleeping sheeple of this country continued on chewing their cud, caring nothing of the situation so long as their feed-trough remained full.
02) In an interview with Talk magazine while he was governor of Texas, Bush mocked death-row inmate Karla Faye Tucker's last minute plea for mercy. The smirking chimp pursed his lips, squinted his eyes, and and in a squeaky voice, said; "Please don't kill me." Apparently, this was somehow humorous to the Texas governor.  This comment alone should have disqualified him from ever becoming President. The fact that he is the President, never mind HOW it was that got him there, is disgraceful, and it lowers our country to the level of the schoolyard bully who grew up to be a street thug.
No wonder the rest of the world hates us!
Madsen, Wayne - Bush's Christian Blood Cult: Concerns Raised By Vatican, April 22, 2003
03) On 9/11 itself, Bush was shown in a classroom reading a book entitled 'My Pet Goat' to a group of elementary school students. When Andrew Card walked into the room, to whisper to Bush: "The attack has taken place," he sat there in a feigned overwhelmed state for an additional seven minutes, all of which was captured for the ages on video.
I don't know about you, dear reader, but to me that BLANK STARE said ONLY one thing:
"I want my mommy!!"
CNN Tribute: America Remembers ­ DVD (ch. # 1 ­ 'The Unthinkable' 9:23 to 10:41)
No secret service agents came in to whisk him away to safety, as clearly, the President would have been a target of the terror attacks - had they been committed by the Arabs who allegedly broke into the governmental secure military and commercial airlines computer networks, engineering the attacks from a cave in Afghanistan, with nothing more than a single notebook computer. When I heard that, I couldn't help but break out laughing. That is the most ridiculous assertion of 9/11 yet, a conspiracy theory of the governments own making.
The one place where they would have been immediately stopped was in the security codes. There is no way that an event like that could have gone down in REAL-TIME without access to those codes. This alone proves it was an INSIDE OPERATION. Please use your own common sense, with how dishonest they have been about EVERYTHING since they got into Washington, why would ANYONE believe ANYTHING they have to say about 9/11. Complicity in the mass-murder of innocent citizens is yet another treasonable offense.
Could the reason why Junior wasn't whisked away immediately, be because it was he himself who actually signed a sealed Presidential Executive Order authorizing the attacks, as Stanley Hilton has alleged in his multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Bush and his his high-level staff? Stanley Hilton is the former chief of staff for Senator Bob Dole (R-Kansas), and this gives him instant credibility. If Hilton truly possesses the kind of evidence that he claims to have, my hope is that we are soon to see these people be arrested and prosecuted for treason and the mass murder of nearly 3,000 innocent people.
Hilton, Stanley ­ Sue The Terrorists website
Is it compassionate to commit heinous sadistic acts, and later laugh about it in the presence of others, as George W. Bush has been caught doing a number of times throughout his career as a political puppet for the globalists?
04) The chart put out by the Congressional Budget Office shows that Bush Jr. has 'disappeared' more than HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS down a bottomless pit that feeds the Leviathan known as the Military-Industrial Complex, e.g. as in Halliburton receiving one of the early contracts to repair New Orleans. This is the same Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned the nation about, in his farewell address, on January 17, 1961.
Eisenhower, President Dwight David ­ Military-Industrial Complex speech
Is it fiscally conservative to create an environment of runaway spending when the country is already hopelessly bankrupt? As is self-evident when looking at the following chart, which represents the last forty years of the eight Presidents we have had, both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were the most responsible for the financial mess in which we currently find ourselves.
There are nearly six-hundred billion dollars of deficits left by both Sr. and Jr., as can be clearly seen in the chart above. I have a friend named Jack, who told me that he voted for Bush Jr. twice, because he was "fiscally conservative, and moral." Is it either fiscally conservative or moral to defy the Presidential oath of office, charging up a debt so big that every man, women, and child in this country now owes more than $140,000.00 each, just to pay off this massive debt, which is soon to be EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS?
05) And here we get to the thorny issue that the mainstream press would NEVER mention - the matter of both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. (and Prescott Bush as well] having taken an oath in an occult black-magic fraternity - which supercedes even the Presidential oath both men took at their respective inaugurations. Skull and Bones is known in the occult world as 'The Brotherhood of Death,' and their initiation ritual involves unspeakable acts involving an open coffin.
The Skull and Bones oath is to lay the initiates loyalty at the feet of the Order, and this oath supercedes any oath subsequently taken. This includes the Presidential oath. Is there anyone out there who believes like I do that a President belonging to any secret society designed to benefit their own interests is against what is best for the country as a whole, and equivalent to treason? This would also include such organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission.
Honesty does NOT need to hide behind secrecy.   
Does Christian morality now permit lying and secrecy, and if so, where in the Christian Holy Bible does it outline this ideology?
CBS-TV 60 Minutes ­ Skull & Bones ­ October 5, 2003
06) The existence of the Downing Street Memos and their being leaked to the press was further evidence of the lies and deceit used by the Bush Crime Family in the run-up to the second Iraq war. It is heartening to all of us who are involved in the research of true and provable government crime, that there are a few brave staff members who have slipped this material to the right people online - so these people can be prosecuted for what they have done. This is un-Christian to the extreme - to lie and send innocent people on BOTH SIDES to their deaths.
07) Now, let's talk about Katrina . . .
How Christian was it to wait DAYS before sending help?
How compassionate was it to know that tens of thousands of people would die from a lack of potable water? Why would FEMA refuse a convoy of 13 eighteen-wheelers from Wal-Mart that were filled with bottled-water, food, and emergency supplies? EMT's were stopped from helping, and so were police and rescue workers.
Of course, the dumbed-down media never tells the full story, and this one will make you angry.
Each tractor-trailer eighteen-wheeler in this country can weigh a maximum of 80,000 lbs, as per Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations. The tractor portion weighs 16,000 lbs unto its' own. With 300 gallons of diesel-fuel in twin tanks under the doors, and a single gallon of this fuel weighs 8 lbs. Thus, our weight is now 18,400 lbs. Maximum cargo capacity is 36,000-44,000 lbs per truck.
Multiply this by 13, and the total weight of the donated food, water, and supplies is:
36,000 lbs to 44,000 lbs per truck (13 trucks!)
468,000 (234 tons!) to 572,000 lbs (286 tons!) of emergency supplies REFUSED BY FEMA!
How conservative was it to wait until AFTER the storm hit, before sending in FEMA?
And finally, what must it be like to listen to someone die?
Are any of these acts, the acts of a man who is compassionate, conservative, and Christian?
Because if they are, GOD help us all!
© 2005 The Kentroversy Papers



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