Former Military Intel
Officer Salutes Joe Vialls
From Gregory M. Zeigler, PhD
former Captain, US Army, Military Intelligence
As a long-time reader of Joe Vialls' articles, I want to express my regrets over his death and offer an assessment of his work.
Vialls was electrified by the death of Constable Yvonne Fletcher, an event that triggered him to investigate thoroughly. His conclusion, that the shooting was a false-flag "black operation" intended to create unjustified hostility toward the innocent nation of Libya, was a fitting starting point for his subsequent voluminous internet offerings. It would not give full justice to Joe Vialls to say that he used the internet to express his views. It would be more accurate to say that Vialls, like other giants such as Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero, actually transformed the internet into the most effective and trusted means of communication in today's world, turning what used to be called the mainstream media into what may more accurately be called the sunset media.
On a large number of topics, Joe Vialls' analyses are still the most penetrating and detailed available. He was one of the first to expose the problems in the stories of the Bali and Jakarta bombings, the assassination of Rafik Hariri. His prescient account of Operation Shekinah, with its focus on a planned oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Haifa, was and remains a classic of political analsysis. Vialls' analysis of the Lockerbie disaster is also unrivalled, one of the most serious challenges to be found anywhere. Vialls' detailed knowledge of firearms and ballistics, so effectively used in his analysis of the Yvonne Fletcher case, is also very much in evidence in his analysis of the Port Arthur massacre, with its framing of a patsy clearly incapable of performing the feats of marksmanship involved.
Similarly, Vialls's exposure of the framing of the German student Robert Steinhaeuser for a similar massacre provides deep insight into the ruthlessness of the criminal elements so eager to disarm the people of the world in preparation for their own intended reign of tyranny. Those of us, such as myself, who regard their failure and defeat in this task as inevitable, owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Joe Vialls for shedding the light on their activities that is indispensable to the preservation of our own freedom and human dignity.
This last point brings me to the essence of Joe Vialls' contribution to the human race. His intellect was indeed sharp, his ability to produce meticulously researched articles truly amazing. But what makes him most admirable was his enormous heart. A man of flawless courage, he was infuriated by cruelty inflicted on women and innocent children.
The brutal murder of the diminutive British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher was only the start. Vialls stepped in courageously to defend what he regarded as the falsely accused individuals imprisoned in the ugly murders of two English girls in the vicinity of an American airbase in England. He was aroused to righteous fury at the terroristic killing of innocent Iraqis in what Vialls proved to be an utterly unjustified attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq. Above all, Joe Vialls used his own superb manliness to defend the weak and the innocent from the attacks of the cowardly and corrupt.
For that, Joe Vialls deserves the thanks of decent people around the world. His life was a resounding victory, and his works and his name will live on in the hearts of those who treasure the weak, the innocent, and the defenceless.
Gregory M. Zeigler, Ph. D.
former Captain, US Army, Military Intelligence



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