'Oil Storm' Sisters -
Katrina And Rita

By Charlene Fassa
"Now all the criminals in their suits and ties are free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise"
--Bob Dylan
Operation Katrina and her sister Rita "OILCANES"
That "sucking" sound is the transfer of your wallet from your back pocket into the Darth Vader a.k.a. OWO (One World Order) cabal's underground troll guarded coffers.
Is the "Secret Government" using weather as a weapon of mass destruction against the American people?
I'm not going to HAARP on about the reality of weather manipulation by our government. Nor am I endeavoring to convince diehard skeptics that weather "weaponization" is a reality. It's my contention however that weather warfare is in full swing. Weather weapons are being selectively used by the "usual suspects" to advance their global takeover and enslavement plan-- the creation of a OWO fascist dictatorship.
Katrina 'the terrorist' (CNN)
Katrina 'the terrorist' Hurricane hit targets that a terrorist strike might have link to
Hurricanes Rita and Katrina have shut at least 20 percent of total U.S. oil refining capacity, which is 17.1 million barrels per day
Is "Oil Storm" A PsyOp?
While cruising around the internet gathering information about hurricane Rita, I came across this rather amazing, to put it mildly, information about a recently aired, TV movie called: "Oil Storm." It was produced by a group called FX networks. "Oil Storm" portrays a category 6 hurricane that devastates New Orleans. According to the movie's synopsis the New Orleans catastrophe soon escalates into a 'national disaster' as gas reaches $5 a gallon. Chaos ensues and there are international repercussions. Whoa! What's going on here? It premiered in June 2005. Although the classic contemplation still applies, does life imitate art or does art imitate life? Perhaps the more relevant question is: Was this movie a PsyOp aimed at conditioning Americans to a fait accompli? Why does the "Oil Storm" synopsis read like an intentionally leaked memo from the desk of Karl Rove? Mind-boggling!
Excerpts From The Synopsis Of "Oil Storm"
"Oil Storm" examines what happens when a category 6 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico slams into Louisiana, crushing the city of New Orleans and crippling the vital pipeline for refined oil that is Port Fourchon. It examines the ripple effect of that event and the ensuing cascade of disasters associated with it...."
Here's the clincher and what I believe hurricane Katrina and Rita have been designed to *primarily* accomplish:
"As the country reels from the loss of life and energy reserves associated with the hurricanes fury, the price of crude oil sky rockets and the United States Government sets forth to take immediate action (martial law and gas rationing?)" Per the synopsis, the movie focuses on the government's immediate recovery efforts like, "rebuilding the oil infrastructure of Port Fourchon, and the sagging and disabled sea rigs in the Gulf of Mexico." In "Oil Storm's" version oil is re-routed to the Houston port and frantic efforts are employed 24/7 in order to get crude to our refineries and out to the public." But now, in real life, in real time, with hurricane Rita bearing down on the refineries around Houston that comforting scenario is no longer applicable. Quite the contrary.
Is It Real Of Is It Memorex?
And the movie synopsis continues: "As gas lines quickly begin and the price per gallon passes three dollars" Saudi Arabia agrees to increase their oil production to help America cope with her devastating "Oil Storm." However, "extremists" retaliate against the Saudi government's decision by " killing some 300 Americans" employed in Saudi Arabia by multi-national corporations related to the oil industry. "With big business directly impacted the need for more oil keen, the US government agrees to send American troops to Saudi Arabia to help protect the oil infrastructure."
My thought: it's very possible that the 'oil storms' we are experiencing could eventually serve to expand the conflict in the Middle East. The Elites always plan their moves in order to fulfill several different aspects of their agenda at the same time. Very economical. The more "collateral advantage" a black-op can generate the better.
As the TV movie plot twists and turns the Russians and Chinese jump into the oil chess game, and "there's a growing chaos on our streets." The Hollywood ending is couched in new age sweetness and syrupy platitudes like, "The true spirit of American sacrifice emerges." The script envisions nothing less than an evolutionary shift in the consciousness of all Americans that catapults them from slavish, egotistical consumerism to enthusiastic selfless service.
Another red flag: the script writers don't seem to mind pushing blatant propaganda for the oil industry-- like this gem: 'It's a world that does not forgo oil as an energy source, but rather creates a healthy association with it." It sounds like something lifted out of a Shell Oil Camp indoctrination brochure. I couldn't help but wonder, is "Oil Storm" a joint Hollywood/CIA PsyOps production? Read the synopsis and view the trailers:
When I compared breaking news about hurricane Rita with "Oil Storm's" synopsis, there was definitely synchronism.
"Rita could equal $5 gas"
"In Oil Storm" gas remains at almost $4 per gallon permanently.
"With the US Gulf shut down, global oil markets are on red alert. Extended US refinery outages due to storm damage could create acute product shortages. Although imports can probably offset the shortfall, they will come at a price. Once the immediate crisis is over, the challenge of expanding global downstream {distribution} capacity will remain. In an interview with Petroleum Intelligence Weekly this week, Saudi Aramco CEO Abdallah Jumah says the shortage of refining capacity is a key factor behind the current level of oil prices. Jumah believes the downstream is the real strength of the international oil companies, for whom he sees no place in the Saudi upstream. While big resource holders like Saudi Arabia can be their partners, the IOCs need to step up their downstream investment. So far, there is little sign of this. But if they don't pump more money into downstream expansions, there is a real risk that today's product crunch will become a chronic long-term shortage." Peter Kemp in London
This sounds a lot like the happy, morally naive ending in FX's "Oil Storm."
"However, it is worth considering that America, with 5 percent of the world's population, consumes 25 per cent of the pertroleum used in the world, so even such a loss as one quarter one would think should be manageable, and might even spur a growing consciousness of conservation and result in changing habits to bring American consumption more in line with that typical of places such as Europe (and America could even approach energy self sufficiency, but this would require an analysis of why it is that Americans are so profligate in their consumption of fuel.
"Oil Storm" depicts a "local disaster" that morphs into a "National Disaster"
"Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Greehey said Hurricane Rita's impact on U.S. crude oil production and refining could be a "national disaster."
What's Going On?
Mainstream Media keeps playing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Many of you reading this despite the tripe fed to you by 'our' "free press" know the American economy is on the verge of tanking. Some of you also know our economy is really a legitimized and glorified Ponzi scheme owned by a cabal of domestic and international gangsters. International "banksters" are at the top of the control pyramid because they own 'our' money system. We are in essence their indentured servants.
Indirectly 'they' control us through their "Tavistock" inspired social engineering programs from cradle to grave. The major institutions that shape our spiritual consciousness, our mind, our body, and our behavior are under 'their' control, and those institutions exist largely to advance 'their' agenda, not 'ours.' In our false hubris we often forget that our "overlords" can pull the economic rug out from underneath us at any time. And timing is crucial to this crowd. It's through the occult sciences and arts that they plan and carry out their moves on the global chessboard. To them we are merely disposable pawns. Anything that gets in their way is neutralized or eliminate.
America a Banker's Utopia
"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws"-Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Do you recall the famous Berry Goldwater caveat: "A government big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away." Eventually those who (really) own the government, will "take it all away." From 'their' perspective, whatever they give you(allow you to control) is merely a "payday" loan. But you protest and exclaim, "I earned it." "Whatever I've got I earned!" Well, you simply have to change the prescription of your glasses, if you want to see the world the way it actually is, the way 'they' have arranged it. Someday soon we'll all be forced to realize that we've been living in a "bankers utopia" as a neo-serf under a technologically sophisticated form of neo-feudalism.
Another key point. You don't really even own your own labor, because the market in which you sell your labor belongs to them. And the money you earn and freely exchange for goods and services is also owned by them. Fiat money is "monopoly money", and you've been confusing it for real money. The international "banksters" through their private corporation known as the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with 'our' government, have created a private money system that involves the exchange of IOU's in lieu of constitutional money issued by the government and backed by gold or silver.
Fiat money is created "out of thin air. " Often fiat currency is nothing more than a dollar entry flashing on a computer screen in cyberspace. To make matters worse, banks operating under a fiat money system utilize what is known as the fractional reserve system. That means for every tangible, printed dollar on deposit with a bank, ten can be loaned out. Some say that figure is now up to fifteen even twenty.
This means that the fiat system is a house of cards ready to fall when the bankers decide to cash in. Here's a simplified explanation. In the first phase the "banksters" glut the market with lots and lots of cheap dollars. That creates lots and lots of debt. Excess dollars in circulation creates inflation. This leads to a distorted ratio between goods, services and money. Prices rise in order to balance or compensate for the glut of dollars flooding the marketplace. This is the first spiral of Inflation. In actuality it is a currency devaluation. This is managed successfully for quite some time by the Federal Reserve. They can tighten or relax the money supply accordingly, use interest rates to stimulate the economy or slow it down, etc. But ultimately, to keep the economy moving more and more money needs to circulate and that means more and more debt is created and more and more money is pumped into the already weak economy. Eventually this process leads to a further devaluation of the currency and it's called hyper-inflation. Think of Germany in the 1920's when people with wheel barrels full of money could barely buy a loaf of bread There is no way to rescue or resistitute the economy at this point. Besides, even if the FED decided to restrict the money supply it would be akin to a doctor shutting off the oxygen tank to a patient in intensive care.
As I understand it, allow me to explain the most egregious fatal flaw in this criminal enterprise. First, recall that all fiat money is created via debt creation. That's how money comes into existence - through debt, period. The rub is that all debt incurs an additional fee called interest (more debt) on top of existing debt.
That is a major point: Dollars are never created/circulated to cover the interest owed on debts. All debts require an interest payment. For money to be created a debt must be made. Do you get the picture? There is never (by design) enough money in circulation to pay off the original debt plus the accruing interest of said debt. In other words, the fiat system design requires a debt bubble that can never be paid off. This allows the cabal to keep manipulating and milking the debt bubble to their advantage, expanding it and floating it through devious means such as derivatives, etc. to the very end. Speculation is fueled by more speculation. None of it is based on market fundamentals, aka reality. This creates debt bubbles within bubbles. Then comes the inevitable "pop goes the weasel". Crash and burn time is just around the corner.
The only way out of the contrived humongous mountain of individual and collective debt is to crash the economy. For the "banksters" to remain in control, it must be a 'controlled' crash. That's precisely when they grab in stages all the real wealth, precious metals, material assets such as real estate and natural resources, even industries for pennies on the dollar. The ability to foreclose on collateralized loans is one advantage the banks can use. The other is fear and desperation. Desperate people will sell cheap in order to survive. And there are numerous other tools at their disposal. Remember, the "banksters" never really loaned any money to begin with! They simply exchanged debt based instruments, IOU's or Federal Reserve Notes in order to secure real tangible or intrinsic value items, such as real property or industries or natural resources.
After the "banksters" have sucked up most of the real wealth during the final crash phase of their great enterprise, and they have consolidated their economic hegemony at everyone else's expense, they will again pump up their new and improved fiat dollars, to increase the capital value of their newly (stolen) acquired holdings. The crash leads to a massive redistribution of assets upwards. Any remaining wealth will be further concentrated to the top of the pyramid. We must grasp the fact that the money cartel can and does engineer economic busts or booms according to their best interests, of course.
After The Crash
The "banksters" will install yet another fiat type money system, after they suck all the air out of this one. Their casino will then re-open for business as usual. In order to do this successfully, 'they' must never allow the masses to see how their confidence game works. They need a believable cover to pull the crash off. Preferably the cover should point in a direction 180 degrees away from them and their evil machinations. They know as long as the victims (people) don't see the sleight of hand, the people will fall for the magic trick again. This is called positioning. Any good player factors in positioning. Even pool sharks adhere to this basic principle. For example, if an experienced pool player has several shots to choose from he'll always go with the best shot that automatically sets him up for his next best shot. And the "banksters" are sharks of a much more insidious order.
Perception Control
"The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests." - John Sherman
In America we've been systemically conditioned to believe that everything is "normal" in our society, culture, country, and politics when just the opposite is true. True believers. Yet some of us miraculously eventually wake up, usually after experiencing a traumatic event. At first, it's rather startling to realize the stark darkness that our twisted consensus reality conceals. The thin veneer of normality begins to peel away a little at a time.
It's painfully paradoxical to see the props, the stage, and the actors for what they really are and not be able to leave the theatre. If we communicate to others about our awakening, too openly and persuasively, we are at least marginalized, possibly prosecuted, or even executed. So now we are caught in a double bind, the cognitive dissidence of having one foot still in the matrix and one foot out.
Nevertheless, anyone who "really wants to" can see the fake "government" for the front group that it really is. Actually, the government exists to ensure the elite cabal calling the shots from behind the scenes remains undetected, and that the financial elite maintain and even increase their covert control. Isn't that precisely why your vote has no power? The lever you pull in the curtained, voting booth is disconnected from the hidden source of power that actually runs 'our' system of government. It's a sham. The secret government makes all the important decisions behind another curtain, and the pretend government implements their agenda not 'ours.' Meanwhile the media repeatedly tells you what a great democracy you live in. The big lie.
You'd think by now more people would realize the fact that no one in the "front group" or facade government has any real power to manifest the will of their constituents-- even if they really wanted to. Yet, some politicians can deliver stirring speeches, vote the way you want them to on some occasions, but in the end nothing really happens of lasting benefit for the people. When there is a victory for the people, or at least what appears to be a victory, it never seems to last. It gets watered down, or there's no funding to implement it. It's all a movie, and most of the politicians are paid actors.
Does the evidence of criminal neglect on the part of America's 'elected' leaders reflect a government that is working for the benefit of the American people?
The scenes from the stricken city almost defy belief. Many, many thousands of people left to die in what is the richest, most powerful country on Earth. This obscenity is as far from a natural disaster as George Bush and the U.S. elite are from the suffering masses of New Orleans. The images of Bush luxuriating at his ranch and of his secretary of state shopping for $7,000 shoes while disaster swamped the U.S. Gulf Coast will haunt this administration : George Galloway, British parliamentarian .
The Seven Sisters and the Illusion of a Democratic and "Free market"
Oil Business Couldn't Be Better, Except For The People Who Use It
By James Ridgeway
"Of course, there is not now and never has been in the history of this business anything resembling a free market in oil and gas. Ever since Rockefeller gained his Standard Oil pipeline monopoly at the turn of the last century, the name of the game has been to control the world's enormous surplus of oil in such a way that prices would remain high and business could make enormous profits out of it. Avoiding being swamped by cheap petroleum was accomplished through tariffs and in world trade by means of the cartel of the "seven sisters"-the seven big international companies. The cartel had its beginnings a century ago in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), when the British and Americans carved up the world's oil fields so as to maximize one another's profits."
"Recently the seven sisters were whittled down to five operating in the U.S., due to mergers among the giants. They are ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell. According to a March 2004 report by Public Citizen, these firms now control 14 percent of global oil production (nearly as much as the entire Middle East membership of the OPEC cartel); 48 percent of domestic oil production; 50.3 percent of domestic refinery capacity; and 61.8 percent of the retail gasoline market. In addition, the five also control 21.3 percent of domestic natural gas production. The payoff is $60 billion in after-tax profits in 2003 alone.",mondo2,53588,6.html
The Dance Of The Sisters
"The Seven Sisters (from a phrase first popularized by Italian oil tycoon Enrico Mattei): Exxon (Esso), Shell, BP, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Socal (Chevron) -- plus an eighth, the Compagnie Francaise Des Pétroles (CFP-Total)."
Another Red Herring exposed it's about a strategic lack of refining capacity
It's the lack of refining capability that's a major cause behind high oil prices and supply problems. There is no shortage of actual oil. The public is being intentionally gouged. And the economy is being slowly brought to it's knees by steadily increasing energy costs. According to Lyndon La Rouche, "... the oil cartel has reduced U.S. oil refining capacity to below the level of 1980. The U.S. knew perfectly well that the demand for refined oil products, such as gasoline and jet fuel, would rise during the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st Century. It was criminal to reduce capacity, but reduced capacity pushes up the price. EIR has learned that during the past few years, the Saudis offered to invest in constructing new oil refining capacity in America, but the offer was rebuffed," La Roche opined
And this candid statement from the President of OPEC:
"OPEC President Sheik Ahmed Fahd Al Ahmed Al Sabah, who is also Kuwait's oil minister, said support was building for a proposal to make available 2 million extra barrels of oil a day. But the cartel maintained that it was refinery shutdowns, and not supply, that was putting pressure on prices." "Nobody is against the 2 million barrels proposal," he said.
Spot and Futures Markets are another method to manipulation of oil prices
"The oil spot market was created in 1969 by the Lazard/Rothschild-allied Philipp Brothers, then the world's largest metals trader. Philipp Brothers, largely in the person of their top trader Marc Rich, began by selling small quantities of Iranian crude oil to independent refiners. The oil shocks of 1973 and 1979, which were orchestrated by the financier oligarchy under the cover of the OPEC oil embargo and the fall of the Shah in Iran, resulted in a shift in oil pricing away from long-term contracts toward the Rotterdam-based spot market. By "spot" is meant, that one buys the oil at a market only 24-48 hours before one takes physical (spot) delivery, as opposed to buying it 12 or more months in advance. In effect, the spot market inserted a financial middleman into the oilpatch income stream in much the same way that deregulation would later do for electricity."
"Today, the oil price is largely set in the futures markets. The two principal locales which dominate oil futures trading are the London-based International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), established in 1980, and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), which is more than a century old, but also first started trading oil futures in 1983. Traders call futures contracts "paper oil": the contracts are a paper claim against oil, which is far in excess of the volume of oil produced and actually delivered at oil terminals on behalf of those contracts are another way the price of oil is being manipulated upwards." --Lyndon La- Rouche
La Rouche goes on to explain how there are still more levels of leverage employed that fuels more speculation and that "ultimately pulls up the underlying price of oil."
"The massive oil futures speculation, buttressed by the deliberate reduction in U.S. oil-refining capacity, and the long-term effect of merging of the oil companies, pushed the price of U.S. light crude oil for July delivery to a record closing price of $42.33 on the NYMEX June 2, before the price fell back somewhat. By this process, the wealthy oligarchical families that own the oil cartel, and related banking houses, have tightened their grip on world energy supplies, and realized enormous profits, some of which loot has been deployed to prop up the bankrupt world financial system."
"This process has intersected and led the global inflationary process triggered by insane money-printing policies of Alan Greenspan's Federal Reserve Board, in an attempt to hold up the $400 trillion in bloated speculative financial aggregates with a "wall of money." This two processes feed a Weimar-style hyper-inflationary shock wave that would rip apart the global economy. What's happened is that the banking cartel and the oil cartel have essentially merged in order to facilitate a "controlled crash of the global economy (within their sphere of influence)." This black-op will facilitate a major redistribution of the wealth (real assents) upward where the elites can use it to further consolidate their death grip on the planet. And as I have said, the overall aim of this financial maneuvering is the installation of a global fascist dictatorship."
How To Control The World The Easy Way
"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent". --James Paul Warburg
The oil barons have historically and ruthlessly suppressed the widespread implementation of alternative energy sources and technologies. Especially "free" energy. What else might they do to maintain control? That's the wrong question. The right question: Is there anything they won't do to maintain and increase their control? The current Orwellian war on terror is being waged against all of humanity (directly or indirectly) primarily for the benefit of the oil and banking cartels, along with their corporate affiliates. They've already murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq alone. And it is correct to say that one of the major objectives behind the 'war on terror' is the acquisition of oil. But they are not after the oil because it's scarce. The "axis of evil" that Bush and Cheney like to rant about are mostly oil rich countries, or they are needed for pipelines or for the transport of oil and natural gas. Oil is actually very abundant and is constantly being made and refreshed by the earth herself (abiotic oil). Isn't it obvious that a limitless supply of oil poses a major problem for this cartel?
In order to make huge, obscene profits from a commodity it must be "scarce"--either naturally or artificially. If all the oil (and its infrastructure) on the planet is somehow controlled by a tiny cabal they have achieved artificial scarcity. And at the same time they have "weaponized" oil. An entire economy/country can be destroyed, literally brought to their knees, through the devious price manipulations, and deliberate supply disruptions of their energy supply. The Chinese saying: "No tickie no washie" applies. Energy is the "tickie." Can you see how effectively oil can be used like a weapon? All economies no matter how primitive or advanced need some type of reliable, abundant energy source to just survive let alone prosper.
Modern technologically advanced economies and their governments are mostly highly centralized and for good reason. Centralization enables the real power players behind the scenes to easily orchestrate and shape pivotal events to their advantage, while the democratic facade makes it appear that the people's will is the deciding power that controls the reigns of government and that shapes and directs the economy. In reality 'our' system is a clever form of dictatorship. A plutocracy.
Whoever controls the energy and money supply of a given economy owns that economy and indirectly the people who survive by way of that economy. When you add the two cartels together money and energy you quickly see that these cartels hold the key to controlling all people, countries, resources, and even the entire planet.
"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance." --James Madison
The above statement applies equally to the oil cartel. I call them the evil twins.
Tom Bearden 2001
"At any point and at any time, one can freely and inexpensively extract enormous EM energy flows directly from the active vacuum itself." Tom Bearden
"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels." Nikola Tesla
Oil Stocks up US oil stocks posted gains on the upswing in oil prices.
Oil giant ExxonMobil Corp closed up 93 cents, or 1.46 percent, at 64.63 dollars while rival Chevron Corp closed higher 93 cents, or 1.47 percent, at 64.31 dollars.
How Could Black -Ops like Katrina and Rita Happen right under our noses?
Operation Rita
First we have to concede that weather control technology exists and that it can be used by the OWO crowd as a stealth weapon to achieve their unsavory Orwellian dystopia. How convient, by manipulating the weather 'they' could wreck strategic havoc and then blame God, or global warming!
By the way, the most efficient and stealthy way to eliminate large numbers of "useless feeders" is to increase the cost of energy. A spike in energy prices would greatly accelerate the overall plan of the globalists. It could induce a "controlled Chaos" that can be utilized immediately to advance 'their' military occupation of the USA. and 'control crash' the economy to benefit them and their cronies. A serious gas crunch will enable greater restrictions on travel both within and out of the country. The walls are getting higher.
Unemployment levels may increase to a point where FEMA work camps can be opened and many people would be likely forced by FEMA to work in the camps for food, shelter etc. I think you understand where I'm going with all this speculation. I feel another 'terrorist attack' would have been too risky for "the black-op boys in the "catbird seat." Believe it or not even "they" have to walk a fine line between competence and incompetence. I feel another 'terrorist attack' would have severely eroded 'their' facade and possible 'their' constituent power base. It's essential that 'they' spread their "incompetence" theory around to other disasters. This way government "incompetence" in general is the real problem inmost people's minds. Weather weapons to the rescue!
Disruption not necessarily destruction of more oil rigs and refineries will get the job done
"Currently Rita is projected to plow through an area densely packed with off shore rigs, and also refineries which are resonsible for one quarter of America's petroleum."
Katrina and Rita are the "Oil Storm" sisters. I suspect the globalists have manipulated and enhanced these hurricanes using weather modification technology, under the radar, against unsuspecting and hapless Americans. Their goal is to bring America completely in line with their OWO (One World Order) agenda. One of the fastest routes to accomplishing that goal is to permanently increase the price of oil and gas, and then blame the suffering, death, pain, and destruction on God, or the victims, or both. Perhaps reviewing the synopsis of "Oil Storm" will tell us what's going to happen next?
9/21/2005 9:42:31 AM Pacific Standard Time
#1 picture of Rita this morning the eye is SQUARE, straight lined walls, not round like normal, also has spoke like lines coming out from the center, a pinwheel design and a clear signature of scalar electromagnetic weaponry [puffy clouds are all square]. Inside the eye are a series of lines which are hexagon lines starting to form.
#2 picture in the 5 o'clock area just below the eye, a group of square digitized clouds, another clear signature.
#3 picture, clear hexagon eye on Rita. This all started this morning when it was a category 2, and jumped to category 5 in about 4 hours time
Hurricane Rita #1
Hurricane Rita #2
Hurricane Rita#3



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