NASA Transmission
Showed Distinct UFO
Several people who were able to look up the footage and evaluate it have stated that they believe what I saw was an ice crystal being illuminated by the camera light or the sun, and that several similar objects appear earlier in the footage (which I did not see), shot over Brazil. We appreciate these hunters for skulking out the real-deal! - webmaster
Tonight at approximately 2:15 Central time on DirectTV Satellite channel 376 (NASA) they were broadcasting a shot from the Shuttle/Space Station of the darkened earth, where only the city lights could be seen apart from the faint corona around the edge of the globe. I could not tell if this was live feed or not. This went on for roughly five minutes or so from the time I tuned in and then suddenly, an extremely bright, solid white disc appeared in the lower portion of the screen and shot inward, toward the earth, at terrific speed (leaving a tracer on the camera in its wake). As soon as this happened, the feed went black and returned to their standard map of the globe showing the orbital paths of the shuttle.
If anyone was taping around this time, double check your tape for this. It was definitely not space debris, was perfect in shape, appeared to be self-luminous and moved at a terrific velocity away from the camera, toward earth, getting smaller as it went. Below is an illustration of what was seen.

Ralph Scavone

Jeff, I was wondering if anyone else noticed the sphere that came into the live shuttle feed just after the astronauts entered the shuttle Monday? It was a video feed of the open cargo bay doors at the very end of the spacewalk mission It entered the picture from the lower right and floated near the docking tube then left the picture to the upper right of the frame. the whole incident lasted about 4 seconds and sure didn't look like an ice crystal to me! Just was curious if ANYONE else noticed it and could possibly explain it? (P.S I think it was about 10:28pm Chicago time)

Thank you,
Ralph Scavone




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