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From Peter Howard
Hello Jeff,
Never in my life would I have expected to see FOX presenters so angry with each other.
I don't watch FOX much but I like to see what they are spinning - to get an idea of what stories they are glossing-over or ignoring, etc.
Geraldo and Shepard Smith in downtown New Orleans unloaded on Hannity on Hannity and Colmes last Friday, with Shepard Smith more or less yelling at Hannity on camera.
He was reporting that the Federal Government had set up check points and would not allow people to leave, and would not give them help...they had been locked in the Convention Centre.
Hannity: "lets put this into perspective......"
Hannity: "Lets put this into perspective, the trucks are arriving...when is that aid to be distributed?"
Smith snapped back: "I don't know." with a pure look of disdain and disgust on his face.
Hannity: "Oh .....OK, well let's cross to Heraldo"
Geraldo holding a young 10 month old baby.....
...and than more or less a very quiet-looking and tame Hannity crossed away from him to another reporter outside that area with hair and lipstick and all smiles.
Haven't seen hide nor hair of Shepard Smith since, except briefly and he looked exhausted. I think "fair and balanced" has taken it's toll on him.
Lies do take a physical toll on people and Shepard Smith has told his full share over the years.
Meanwhile, BBC started playing Mayor Nagin's radio interview, another reporter pointed out that while President Bush ate cake and played guitar, Condi Rice was buying shoes in New York and Dick Cheney has not been seen !!
Meanwhile, they also pointed out that:
Germany is offering 2 million barrels of oil a day for 30 days. Venezuela is offering FREE fuel !! France - more offers of aid than they could list even Sri Lanka...poor and devastated by last years Tsunami...offered cash !!
But NO response from Washington.
Then onto CNN to watch a very pompous CNN announcer, Ralitta Vassileva, saying "What has the rest of the world offered?"
"I am an American and I am very angry at the rest of the World...." and on and on
I found that interesting because I have not heard one angry word levelled at another country but she was trying hard to move blame away from the US government, during her time as presenter last evening she only played the single part of Mayor Nagin's speech that gave Bush credit and NOTHING else... blaming not being able to play the rest of the interview because of 'technical difficulties.' Yeah, right.
Take care, Jeff



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