In Search Of Harry

By Judy Andreas
Four days ago, I picked up a book that, from its cover, appeared to be a travel manual about Canada. I have no idea from whence it came, other then from Canada.
The book contains very little about the author. It was written in 2004. The cover is confusing and there is no title page. The one thing that I can say for certain, however, is that the subject matter is riveting. And though I cannot verify much of what the author is saying, I have hardly put that book down since it landed in my lap four days ago.
Because of the controversial nature of this book, I suspect that the author is using a pseudonym. My googling attempt revealed nothing. And so, let's refer to him as Harry. OK?
Simply stated, Harry's book talks about crimes against humanity. Harry's book talks about the New World Order. Harry's book talks about how we are being attacked, decimated and herded toward a UN global slavery system.
Let's look for a moment at the NWO. At the top of this group, Harry tells us, are the Global Bankers. Don't look for them as they are barely visible. However, the results of their strategy are visible all over our planet.
The NWO launches their attacks on a target nation using the following three-part strategy:
1. Force is used to attack a nation and smash its peoples. Soldiers.
2. Religion is imposed to induce insanity and herd people into a sheep like state. Priests.
3. The Legislation of the conqueror is brought in on the shirttails of God. Lawyers.
"The easiest way to bring force against a nation is to play global politics," Harry tells us. "Just set one nation against another and then come in and pick up all the pieces.
The global Bankers first divide the world into nations and then come in and piece it back together as they wish."
My friends are incredulous. They question, "How could people cooperate with such a nefarious agenda?" These innocent souls are underestimating both the brains as well as the lack of conscience of the global elite. You see, friends, the elite are thoroughly aware that a populace that begins to "catch on" to the game plan, needs to be culled.
Harry tells us that one effective way of culling the herd is through vaccines. In this fashion, poisons are put directly into the human body while the elite reap incredible profits. Another effective tool has been the drugging of our children.
"Don't forget your meds, Johnny." After all, we wouldn't want our children squirming in school, now would we?
Are you aware that pharmaceuticals kill four times as many people in North America as illicit narcotics do? Many researchers have made impressive cases for the fact that SIDS, autism and a host of childhood diseases are all caused by vaccines produced by our "benevolent" pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Check the Internet for a plethora of wonderful articles about the drugging of America. And view Joyce Riley's film "Beyond Treason," if you don't believe Harry.
Harry ties the drug trade to the money scams. However, before I proceed, I feel that it is imperative to clarify something. Harry is about to make reference to Jews, and here is where the feathers may begin to ruffle. (or, more accurately, fly) Before you cry anti-Semite to this Jewish born maven or label poor Harry, wherever he is, anti-Semitic, perhaps it is necessary to quote a chapter from his book.
"When I refer to 'Jews' in this document," Harry states, "I mean the people who claim the divine right to rule in the name of the God of the Jews." He explains that he is not referring to the religious people who actually believe the religion and he is not referring to the Jewish people known as "British subjects." Harry continues, "I am talking about the people who are responsible for the Lion of Judah appearing on the top of British Columbia's provincial log and their Jewish Heraldic Arm crest of authority garnishing Canada's courtrooms."
"I mean the people who trace their lineage to Christ and claim to sit on his throne,"
Harry says, "Whether the people in control of this system are Jewish is debatable. However, those that rule us do claim that they are. Elizabeth claims to sit on Christ's thrown because she is related to him by blood. Christ was a descendant of Judah, which is why he was called a Jew. Though the Head of the British Crown of Israel Anglican Church may well be a Christian by religious faith, she is obviously of Jewish ancestral lineage. The term Jew in the Bible refers to someone from the House of Judah, not to someone of the Jewish religion. The religious terms 'Jewish' and 'Christian' were not used at the time of Christ," Harry goes on.
"The world owes a combined debt of nearly fifty-trillion dollars. Of course, no one had fifty-trillion dollars to lend: it was all created out of thin air. If one follows the gold (debt) to its final destination one finds the Bank that controls all the Central Banks of the Jewish Common Wealth Nations of Israel; The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements has an asset base of one hundred and seventy-five trillion dollars.
Basel, by the way, is also the home of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Switzerland is the world's only "neutral nation." And yet, every home is required by law to be armed and all male citizens are compelled to serve in the army. Interestingly, Europe has erupted into violence with two world wars that have left Switzerland virtually untouched.
Switzerland is the ancestral home of the European Jewish Royal Families. The center of the Habsburg dynasty is the Falcon's Nest. All the Royal Families of Europe are descended from the line of Judah. They claim to sit on Christ's Throne."
Don't take my word for this. I am merely quoting Harry.
Harry states that the Brit-ish Crown of Israel created the British State of Israel? He also tells us it was the British Crown of Israel who created the Mossad.
"It has been claimed that Interpol also paved the way for the Nazi 'war criminals' to escape," Harry continues. "How many of these were really British operatives? Did you know that the motto of the Jewish Mossad is 'by deception thou shall wage war' and that the motto of the Queen's private intelligence agency that created the Mossad and all other intelligence agencies is 'always hidden?' "
Thank you, Harry, but this may not be news to many of the Internet readers. However, to those who are stumbling on these statements for the first time, I urge you to keep an open mind. The worst thing that can happen is that Harry could be wrong. But, what if he's right?
Personally, I, Judy, believe that the heads of many groups have united in this plot. It is combinations and recombinant strains of evil that have united at the top.
Pointing the finger at one group is missing the target and playing into the hands of the NWO. The leaders of the power pyramid stay in darkness, happily watching while others take the fall.
Harry's book slaughters many of our most sacred cows. Take religion for example. (please) We have all heard "More wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other cause, perhaps all other causes." We have all heard it because it is true.
Harry tells us that religion is the key to inducing critical mass insanity. "So complete is the subjugation of a God oriented human that the herd member will actually sit still while it is slaughtered by those that maniacally chortle while they sacrifice him on the alter of their deceit."
"Churches are a key link in teaching the young that they are not the sovereign authority in their own lives. Their livelihood depends on this deception, as indeed does their entire criminal conspiracy. Some of the most immoral and unethical attacks on target nations are directed by those that hide under the skirts of the church."
Ponder this. 100 million Africans have been killed in 400 years of the African slave trade under the sanction of the Vatican. And don't ignore the current Muslim-bashing by the likes (and dislikes) of Bill Bennett. Keep in mind Dubya's use of the word "Crusade." (nice going, George) And finally, take notice of how Jerry Falwell has altered the meaning of "thou shalt not kill" to mean God winks when you bomb Muslim wedding parties and kill everybody.
But forgive me. I have digressed, as a woman with a grievance will often do.
"Fear is an illusion of the mind, " Harry tells us. "Mind controlling a herd is much easier than physically restraining it. If you can control the herd and still maintain a high level of motivation by having them believe they are free at the same time as they are cowering, this is much more financially desirable." The New World Order knows this all too well. Legislation is slavery. The United Nations is all about establishing a private legal system franchise globally. "Once the system has fully (d)evolved to global judicial rule, global slavery is complete. Force (Military), Religion (Bishop), Legislation (Legal); United Nations (Beast) END GAME ! "
Harry quotes Robert McNamara's words to a group of international bankers on Oct 2, 1979. The words are as telling as they are chilling:
"We can begin with the most critical problem of all, population growth...short of a nuclear war itself, it is the greatest issue the world faces over the decades ahead......Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly, or the current death rates must go up." Guess which choice was made?
"Genetically modified foods, fertilizers and weed killers introduce a plethora of health problems," Harry informs. In the words of pResident Bush, " Mission accomplished!" "Vaccinating animals with poisons that destroy their immune systems and then feeding them waste by-products from slaughter-houses in huge feed lots poisons our livestock on a grand scale."
Remember that when you go to your local supermarket. Does that rump roast still look as tasty?
And, as I stated earlier, our vaccination program may merit a closer look.
"There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good." Dr. Anthony Morris
"Is the astonishing rise in autism a medical mystery or a pharmaceutical shame?"
"Public policy regarding vaccines is fundamentally flawed. It is permeated by conflicts of interest. It is based on poor scientific methodology...." Jane Orient MD, Executive Director Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc.
Suffice it to say that I have merely scratched the book's surface in this brief essay. I have not tackled such topics as "The Knighting of Sir Henry Kissinger" or the reason why "The Declaration of Independence was a legal but not lawful document." But Harry has.
So what has become of Harry? According to the book, he has been exiled, and happily so. For, as Harry says, "Humanity does not exile except the one whose noble spirit rebels against despotism and oppression. He who does not prefer exile to slavery is not free by any measure of freedom, truth and duty."
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