Ruins On Mars Around
Crater With Ice?

By Ted Twietmeyer
Recently, the Eurospace consortium's satellite imaged a crater with an ice lake. While it may look like no one ever lived in this region, we shall see this doesn't appear to be the case. The ice is actually nothing, compared to my discovery I will report on here.
I have carefully combed over a hi-res image of this crater. What I found was astounding. In this report, I will provide copies of image extracts. You will see two of each image. The first one is the not notated. An exact copy of it is notated, so you can see that structures. Structures are outlined in with white lines. Each image is labeled showing what region of the crater image it came from.
The structures from many millennia ago, cause the surface to raise showing an outline of what is underneath the sand and dirt.
If one carefully examines the top image, you will see raised features. The geometric shapes and straight lines appear to outline walls and building.
The above ruins are near the crater's rim. It appears to consist of walls and a plateau-like pyramidal structure.
This appears to have a striking resemblance to a subdivision on earth. The pentagon-like structure is also present in other images.
In the above image, we can clearly see walls or other raised structures. A box with one corner having two extended lines from it, is visible in other images. And it appears TWICE in this image.
The above image may be outlining a raised wall not visible. This image is near the crater's rim.
The above image is somewhat puzzling as to what it may be.
This image appears to show the outlines of structures just below the surface.
The images above show outlines of structures just below the surface. Their age is most likely many thousands of earth years. There are repeating patterns of pentagon shapes, and square structures with extended lines in one corner. Statistically, the odds are astronomical that a geologic process would create all these patterns, of the same type, some of almost exactly the same size and all in the same area.
NASA always has had their lips glued shut when faced with undeniable evidence of life in the past. To borrow from the name of a movie, they have their "eyes wide shut." It is hoped that the European scientific community will actually wake up and realize our "red planet" was at one time, a busy place on the surface like our earth. It may now still be quite busy, but down underneath. Perhaps the Martian people if they still exist, are busy tunneling like prairie dogs...
Ted Twietmeyer
An image processing technique know as the unsharp mask provides the best results.
I have re-processed all the images from my initial report to sharpen them, and also provided a notated copy for the square ice image. The processing brought out much of what was invisible before - including the presence of symetrical structures.



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