Outing Plame Let
The Mossad Grab
Russian Nukes

By Cyte
Valerie Plame and many CIA agents were working under the cover of a company called Brewster-Jennings and Associates. They were active in Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia and Syria.
Outing Plame meant exposing this company as CIA front and thus destroying and compromising all these agents. Basically, the most important CIA human intelligence agents are all gone. The Mossad destroyed the CIA using the White House.
In Russia, these agents were the only people monitoring loose nukes, making sure that nothing goes missing, and tracking and locating missing items.
Across the southern areas of the former Soviet Union there are numerous nuclear devices, fissionable material and delivery systems that are barely guarded by the locals.
For years now, and since outing Plame, these Russian nuclear devices and materials have remained unguarded, available for the Mossad to grab. The Mossad would use the nukes to stage terrorism and blame it on "Al-Qaeda" or Arabs or Iranians.
The pending indictments in the Plame outing case are threatening to shed a lot of light on the real purpose of outing Plame and the Mossad operatives and sayanim involved in grabbing the Russian nukes both in the US and overseas.
Will the Mossad now accelerate the staging of nuclear terrorism? Where will they strike?
Look for nuke-proof stolen Arab passports.
Better yet, keep your eyes on the right people this time, not the Arabs. Maybe you will catch them before they do it.




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