The Real Purpose Of
The Central American
Free Trade Agreement
By Deacon Elurby
Dear Professor Walter Williams,
During your hosting of Rush Limbaugh's radio show today, you covered the recent passage of CAFTA, giving your listeners your reason for supporting it, which reason was the traditional libertarian defense of individual freedom, and which freedom would include, say, allowing the U.S.-based merchants of McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications to sell rocket technology to our enemy, Red China, so that she's able to target U.S. cities with nuclear-tipped missiles from Chinese soil. Right, professor?
Well, those free-traders did sell that dual-use technology to Red China, and, recently, its Peoples Liberation Army officers threatened America with a nuclear strike if she interfered with China's claimed property, Taiwan.
You, Rush Limbaugh, and a host of other conservative-/libertarian-leaning rightists, too numerous to list here, are weak-minded on the subject of GATT-engendered "free trade" treaties, which have as their underlying purpose the establishment of Global Economic Socialism--effected by a THIRD-Way-hatched ONE-WORLD government (explained below).
Yes, I mean to give offense by using that term, "weak-minded," as you and Rush and the rest of so-called "FREE-TRADERS" appear to be BLIND, but USEFUL, dupes for the architects of Global Economic Socialism and one-world government.
Or, are you folks privy to the secret plan and supportive of it?
You and Rush and the rest are wrong!, and you are either clueless about the underlying purpose of CAFTA, or you are agents for GLOBAL ECONOMIC SOCIALISM and ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.
In the past, you've used Rush's term, "kooks," to put down anyone who even hints at embracing the idea that a diabolical conspiracy exists to destroy Western democracies - particularly the U.S. because of its wealth and power - and to establish one-world government, but while you resolutely and contradictorily argue in defense of America's constitutional RULE OF LAW!--as if you really cannot see any contradiction in touting trade agreements that DIRECTLY remove U.S. CONSTITUIONAL authority - that is, directly diminish America's CONSTITUTION-PREMISED sovereignty - and gravely alter U.S. CITIZENS' social/cultural/political/financial life, which life the Framers had constitutionally sought to protect (I was just now overwhelmed by a sense of futility in trying to reach you and Rush, but I'll continue).
As we, and the rest of the world, become more and more steeped in the tyranny that those GLOBALIST-DRIVEN conspirators are applying day-by-day, you naysayers and doubters ought to be waking up about now.
The evidence is too stark for you to ignore, professor--to keep on snoozing while America - the West - is being destroyed!
But, alas, it's as if you and Rush and the rest have ABANDONED REASON FOR MADNESS (to borrow a line from that eye-opening movie, Lord of the Rings, which is really about warring between virtuous, freedom-loving men and evil tyrants who would enslave them for evil ends), because the stark evidence was there for you folks to see several decades ago!
This and so many other paleoconservative scribblers have tirelessly worked to sound the alarm, but to no avail (the recent loss of Dr. Samuel Francis was a stunner for my political/cultural camp!).
So this letter is a very tedious repetition for me, trying once again to wake-up you SOMNAMBULISTIC free-traders on the Right.
This time, you're being asked to observe what you clearly see is happening around you, then to check it against what a farsighted "conspiracy nut," Lt. Colonel Archibald Roberts, had predicted and documented (with references, but not included here) in his booklet, "The Anatomy of a Revolution," originally published in THE WOMAN CONSTITUIONALIST on August 3rd, 1968:
"[Page 18] The tax-exempt Ford Foundation, which poured in more than 500 million dollars during the year 1966 to finance revolution in the United States, is also a promoter of one-world dissolve the United States of America; to subject her citizens to the dictates and whims of alien courts; to transfer U.S. military personnel and material to a one-world army; to directly tax the American people so as to reliably support one-world government; to establish a serf-society, which shall be paid for its labors at a rate to be determined by the self-appointed Caesars of the world [think of those Zionist Jewish NEOCONS surrounding President Bush, professor]; to move this captive labor force anywhere on the globe at will [you may recall my eassys, "A Borderless World is Terrifying," "Globalism Dissected," and "North/South Corridor," in which I relate the HOW and the WHY and the WHO of it]; and to void private property rights [hmmm!, professor, does that ring a bell for you this summer?]--except in the case of the mattoidelite ["mattoid" means "a person of unbalanced mind bordering on insanity," which term correctly characterizes those empire-building NEOCONS], who shall have title to all.
"The aristocracy of finance [he means the Jewish/Anglo Big-Banking cabal and the international/transnational CORPORATISM it now controls] thus clearly predicts the disenfranchisement of free men [in Western democracies], the breeding of a submissive world population [through an open-borders, interracial, forced INTEGRATION--and its resulting mongrelization of once-racially homogeneous communities; especially of the too-resistant white communities in the West], and the elimination of any independent intelligence [think of the corruption and dumbing-down of MASS MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTIRES, PUBLIC EDUCATION and CHURCHES these past 60 years, professor] which might, now or in the future, challenge the man-gods of this 'Brave New World.'
"There is a terrible familiarity about the totalitarian concepts of the Ford Foundation. The thought persists that we have heard these degenerate ideas promoted in recent times-allegedly backed by the authority of the United States government.
"But, of course! These projections are incorporated, and identified as official policy, in the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) [are your eyes fluttering a bit, sleepy professor?], in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and in the highly propagandized but technically obscure Kennedy Round."
"But, of course! These projections are incorporated, and identified as official policy, in the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) [are your eyes fluttering a bit, professor?], in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and in the highly propagandized but technically obscure Kennedy Round.
"The gradual approach to CONTROL OF WORLD TRADE [my emphasis] as an objective of world government [hmmm!would the professor and Rush Limbaugh support those free-trade treaties if they really believed their purpose was to establish one-world government and enslave Mankind to it; and, ergo, to shred the U.S. Constitution for a bordlerless North America, then world?], under the United Nations, was overtly made by the financial-industrial cartel, via GATT, in 1947. In his 1961 Report to the Congress on U.S. participation in the United Nations, President John F. Kennedy (hence the subsequent designation of the 'Kennedy Round' for the third phase of this progressive plan) said, in effect, that under United Nations mandate the United States is OBLIGATED TO REBUILD THE WORLD [my emphasis], to pour all U.S. wealth into the hands of international cartelists for redistribution to the 'have-nots,' and to emigrate the U.S. population as their skills and energies are needed in the underdeveloped nations [and, professor, we may have to emigrate to our now-exported manufacturing plants just to survive; read my essay, "A Borderless World is Terrifying," regarding what I have called "The Great Leveling".
"In the second phase announcement of 1964 [are you staying with me here, professor?], President Lyndon B. Johnson revealed that emerging nations are to be industrialized [to include Red China] under UNCTAD. Small and medium-size business owners destroyed by such relocation of production [think Wal*Mart importing Red-China-made goods, professor] and labor skills [think Mexicans, Central-Americans and South-Americans taking American CITIZENS' jobs through both OUTSOURCING and INSOURCING: aka "The Great Leveling"] will, he said, be compensated for such losses by loans from the United Nations International Monetary Fund, which theoretically will enable ruined American businessmen to enter new fields of endeavor [reminds me of your IGNORANT and SMUG advice to that caller from Maine, telling him - simple-mindedly so! - to find other employment if NAFTA had devastated industry there]--leaving the market open to tariff-free imports from UNCTAD-industrialized nations
Read my essay, "The NAFTA Debacle"
and my collection of essays,
"Corporate America: What Went Wrong?"
"The Kennedy Round, implementing the provisions of GATT and UNCTAD, went into effect on January 1, 1968.
"The American business community, to appreciate their bleak future [this was written in 1968, professor!], should examine the pertinent United Nations General Assembly Resolutions to which the Kennedy Round refers.
"The key to achieving these one-world objectives is, of course, power--military power to enforce the edicts of the financial-industrial cartel [think INSIDE JOB and 911; and think of the Patriot Act's potentially draconian usurpations]. The transfer of military power into their hands [NEOCONS' hands, firstly, then the U.N.'s] is being accomplished in the name of disarmament [which President Reagan reversed, after Jimmy Carter's defanging of our military and spy agencies, and which defanging began again under President Clinton, but was radically reversed by NEOCONS pulling off that Northwoods-type plan on 911, ensuring NEVER-ENDING employment for that MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that President Eisenhower warned about].
"One-world propagandists and their dupes belabor the expression 'general and total disarmament' as a label for their publicly announced goal of 'international peace and security.' This is, however, a false and misleading label; for the fact is that what is actually proposed by them is a central political authority [think WTO and World Court and Codex and much more, as part and parcel of this socialistic, communistic GREAT LEVELING] backed by overwhelming armed force [this transformation of U.S. armed services could be accomplished only by its FEMINIZATION through an all-volunteer, all-races-are-equally-welcome, citizen-or-not recruiting policy].
It is painfully clear that such an international 'peace' force-now imminent [think of U.S. military personnel being forced, at this time, to wear U.N. head covers and patches]-is intended not to insure peace, but to insure the involvement of Americans and their soldier-sons in interminable 'no-win' military adventures--a series of Koreas and Viet Nams which will create a climate of conflict to justify a war-based economy [Colonel Roberts couldn't have imagined a 911-premised, NEOCON-contrived push for such adventures in the Middle East, which primary purpose there is the protection of Israel not an oil-grab, as the latter is Zionists' payoff to the Gentile West for sacrificing its blood and spending its treasury in protecting Israel from Islamic Arabism, in perpetuity!
And no matter that as I scribble this letter, professor Williams, those Zionist Jews are betraying the U.S. for a future-bedding of Red Chinese wh_res, against U.S. interests, selling them America's secret technology; for which TREASONOUS CRIME all they needed to do was publicly apologize, as they had done just a of few weeks ago; and, no doubt, WITHOUT STOPPING that treachery!--think of the U.S.S. LIBERTY!; of those FIVE DANCING ISRAELIS!; of those hundreds of "ARTISTIC" JEW-SPIES, caught and sent home without any investigation, before and after 911!; of JONATHAN POLLARD!; and of so many other examples of Zionist Jews' deadly underhandness towards their BILLIONS-GIFTING "best friend": America's badly duped and cheated TAXPAYERS!; and let us not forget Marxian Jews' deadly contributions to America's popular culture, as explained in here by a truth-telling Jew, Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition (Oops! Is it anti-Semitic of me, professor, to relate one Jew's criticism of other Jews?): ].
"'Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace,' an unscrupulous policy of unending military entanglements [the U.S. now has troops stationed in 100-plus nations, bleeding her treasury towards certain bankruptcy], was revealed with stunning impact during the war in Korea, when it became known that the United Nations controlled the action on both sides of the thirty-eighth parallel. The agony in Korea was the first U.N. 'no-win' war instigated to advance 'trade and aid' objectives of the financial-industrial cartel. As a matter of historical record, it should be noted that the United States military establishment in South Korea is still designated, 'The United Nations Command'...As a second objective, these stage-managed wars serve to intimidate, to confuse, and to condition the populace, thus leading to public resignation and ultimate acceptance of one-world government as a 'solution' to the world's political ills.
"Lastly, a centrally controlled United Nations army will be employed to crush recalcitrant government and counter-insurgents (i.e., anti-U.N.) people [what U.S. and British armed forces are now doing worldwide; and think of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City--and the once-strong, now-defunct Militia Movement]. For confirmation of the totalitarian concept embodied in the thrust for a United Nations 'peace' force, we need but recall the U.S.-sponsored Carnegie Endowment plan, 'Apartheid and United Nations Collective Measures,' which envisages hurling American soldiers against the government of South Africa in a massive blitzkrieg to reduce that country to a submissive state within the United Nations body [but actually accomplished through trade sanctions instead of military force; and, yet, the former Yugoslavia was not so fortunate as to suffer only U.N./U.S. economic sanctions].
"Enforcing legislation which will activate a United Nations army is now before the United States Congress in the form of Senate Resolution No. 32 House Resolution No. 130 and other bills of similar nature. The authority to transfer the United States military establishment to United Nations central control was carved into stone by the Congress in 1961, i.e., Public Law 87-297."
"Enforcing legislation which will activate a United Nations army is now before the United States Congress in the form of Senate Resolution No. 32 House Resolution No. 130 and other bills of similar nature. The authority to transfer the United States military establishment to United Nations central control was carved into stone by the Congress in 1961, i.e., Public Law 87-297.
"The lineage of Illuminism [yes, professor, there really is an Illuminati-driven cabal operating through high-government (and military) offices, here and abroad] is today within reach of their ancient goal of world government via the lofty United Nations organization. The United Nations is, without question, the prime instrument for covertly imposing a one-world government upon the people."
Well, professor, I'm almost finished.
Are you still a bit sleepy, or are you now wide awake?
Colonel Roberts continues, tying the Council of Foreign Relations to one-world machinations, explaining that it espouses the goal of "destroying the Constitution and sovereignty of the United States." And he quotes an anti-U.N. congressman, Usher L. Burdick: "To bring this country into line to accept world government, many things must be done by the United Nations and her agencies, such as UNESCO [keep in mind that President George W. Bush has agreed to continue funding UNESCO with taxpayers' money]. First of all, love of country on the part of the people of the United States is found by these conspirators to be very deep and hard to destroy. Here UNESCO comes into play, and out it goes among the school children of the United States with specially trained teachers from Columbia University who teach these children that love of countryinterferes with a loyalty to a world organization; that they must be fitted, educationally and temperamentally, to forget love of their own country and transfer their loyalty to the world organization[think of the open-borders DIVERISTY and WE-ARE-THE-WORLD movements these past decades, professor]."
"The international cartelist structure through which the collateral descendants of eighteenth-century Illuminists control the United States government and its people today [he's referring here to Marxist and Zionist power-/money-brokers in the West] is represented by the subversive Council on Foreign Relations...[which] has been exposed by extensive research and much testimony as being actively engaged in destroying the Constitution and sovereignty of the United States of America...[and] has managed to force many of its members into positions of power in both political parties...
As in the days of the Jocobine Society, control of government for subversive purposes is achieved by securing covert control of the nation's money. The power of the purse was transferred from the Congress to the hands of INTERNATIONALISTS [my emphasis; and think of internationalists Bush & Company today, professor] by passage of the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913. Since that date, the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose Regents are holders of the Class 'A' stock of the Federal Reserve System, have dictated the course of the American destiny and the future of her people [are you or Rush a member of the CFR?]."
Regarding the Federal Reserve, Colonel Roberts quotes Congressman Louis T McFadden:
"...We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve BanksWhen the Fed (Federal Reserve Act) was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world system was being set up here...A super-state controlled by international bankers, and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure! Every effort has been made by the Fed to conserve its powers, but the truth is--the Fed has usurped the Government. It controls everything here and it controls our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will...I charge them," Mr. McFadden declared in his bill directing investigation of the Federal Reserve, "...with the crime of having treasonably conspired and acted against the peace and security of the U.S. and with having treasonably conspired to destroy constitutional Government in the U.S."
Roberts continues with his own observations:
"The names of the chief conspirators, who pose as the protectors and benefactors of mankind while secretly furthering nihilistic objectives, adorn the rosters of honor-laden organizations and societies in America and in Europe...Many Americans are convinced that these political madmen must be isolated and neutralized if the American social structure is to escape extinction, and if our children are to survive and serve as the living foundations of a free civilization."
"The gradual approach to CONTROL OF WORLD TRADE [my emphasis, professor] as an objective of world government under the United Nations was overtly made by the financial-industrial cartel, via GATT, in 1947."
Would that you and Rush and the rest of your "free-trade" compatriots could extrapolate - could THINK. (or maybe it's a matter of abandoning treasonous thinking?) - you'd PATRIOTICALLY work hard and warn your fellow citizens that NAFTA and CAFTA are sons of GATT; and, ergo, treaties that the INTERNATIONALISTIC conspirators use to destroy America and install their tyrannical, fascistic, socialistic, communistic, corporatistic one-world government [yes, professor Williams, the THIRD-WAY COMPROMISE joins all those bad political camps together--against the Founders and Framers' pursuit of goodness and truth in this nation-state America, effected and once-protected by their WE-THE-PEOPLE Constitution].
Would that you and Rush and other weak-minded (or conspiratorial-minded?) rightists were not an Iron Curtain against the truth about those CAFTA- and NAFTA- and GATT-boosters, separating the citizenry from any knowledge about their actual EVIL-CABAL-DRIVEN purposes, then, maybe...
Sound the alarm, professor and Rush and all the rest of you free-traders!, before there is no hope for Western democracies' recovery from this MARXIST- and ZIONIST- and CORPORATIST-driven decline towards HELL-ON-EARTH globalism.
Or, are you still snoozing--or are you a conspiratorial-minded booster for one-world government and Global Economic Socialism?
-Deacon Elurby
P.S. On second thought, and in my humble opinion, it is far too late to turn it around. So go back to sleep...and my apologies for disturbing your slumber.



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