Trying To Force
The Rapture

By Johnathan Richards
Recently the US Secretary of State, Condi Rice stated -
"The Lord is going to come on time - if we just wait"
For all two of you on planet Earth who don't understand the significance of what this means, the US Secretary of State has publically acknowledged the US governments allegiance to a higher power, which is supposed to be the accepted excuse for government ineptitude and incompetence. Frankly, this statement by a government official borders on the verge of dementia.
The neocon junta in the White House wholeheartedly subscribes to the literal viewpoint that Jesus is indeed coming - and very soon, which is the tendered reason (and widely supported) for their attrocious behavior and gross mediocrity. In other words, worry not about governmental malfeasence, lying, torture, murder, environmental destruction, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, or even government sponsored terrorism, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings is soon to come. Jesus will fix everything. The great tragedy of this belief system is that it is nothing more then a modern myth, steeped in fiery indigination and gross interpretation and a deliberate and malicious ignorance of of facts and history.
Subscribing to this belief is the architects of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which includes Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, and Governor Jeb Bush, among others. And of course, the Commander in Chief, George Bush and the US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.
In 1997, the PNAC proposed U.S. participation in three theater-scale wars. This was before the s(election) of Herr Bush to the Whitehouse - and quite noticably, before 9/11 and the alleged "war on terror". Here we find the origin of the "axis of evil", Iraq, Iran and North Korea being the (currently) targeted rogue regimes. The PNAC called for the first war to take place against Iraq, ostensibly to establish a democracy in the Arab world. Figuring quite prominently in their reasoning was oil and strategic location. The Bush administration justified the U.S. invasion of Iraq on its absolute and promised certainty that Iraq's evil ruler Saddam had both weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda, all which proved to be utterly false and downright fabricated. "Thou shalt not bear false witness". Evidently, lying doesn't bother these rapture-ready Christians.
Just prior to the (s)election of George Bush in 2000, the PNAC released a paper that called for U.S. invasion of Iraq whether or not Saddam was still in power. They also acknowledged the need for a "critical event to galvanize American public opinion" to support such an invasion, thus began the evil machinations of 9/11 and 3,000 sacrificed Americans lives. "Thou shalt not kill". But this was only the beginning of the oblation to be offered
We also have the Downing Street memo proving the war was preplanned - long before this Administration attempted to force the story of "terrorist" attacking the WTC. There has already been written a few million or so words on this subject, that the war was illegal, false and the so-called justications for the war were outright fabrications (and now widely forgotten in the aftermath of Katrina) - but not much has actually been said of the religious reasons held by many in Bush Adminstration, which has somehow morphed into an unlimited and divinely endorsed license to kill, maim, torture, lie, fabricate and distort whatever they want. Somehow this repulsive behavior still leaves these neocon mass murderers ready for the "return of the Lord" when Jesus comes back for the "good" Christians.
Herein lies the ridiculous irony of their position - the problem with this belief is it is provably wrong. Not just the hypocritical actions of the supposedly "faithful", but the doctrine itself is in gross error. It was not a doctrinal belief taught and held by the early disciples of the church (those who lived closest to the time of Christ), nor was it taught and believed by later generations - until as recently as 150 years ago when it sprang forth from an extremist movement and eventually became widely accepted.
The Christian Bible actually has a lot to say about this subject - and the behavior of the modern converts to Christianity, but this doctrinal evidence is being widely ignored - or deliberately suppressed. This should be no cause for wonder, when you consider that the alleged "evidence" of the return of Christ for the faithful also condemns the very actions the "faithful and true" are committing!
The belief in a rapture stems from the false interpretation of several biblical passages and modern interpretation. It is worth noting that the early church did not believe in the rapture doctrine as many fundamantelists profess, but understood the teachings of Christ to mean something else entirely different.
The strange part about this particular cultish belief, is the fact that our own government is very much involved in nourishing this belief throughout the world - like the grossly misguided statement recently made by Condeleeza Rice.
The rapture doctrine, as it is taught and believed today, vaguely details the bodily removal of Christians from the earth, but only after certain world events have occurred. It is these events in which the Bush Administration and the PNAC are actively trying to orchestrate. In other words, they are trying to force the rapture and the return of Christ by deliberately engaging in actions toward their prophetic "fulfillment". The contradiction and impossibility of this pugnacious behavior is unconscionable.
A great many people already know this, meaning they are aware of the fundamentalists belief of the neocons, but still fail to understand the true content of what it actually means for the entire world. Evidenced already by the actions of the Bush Administration, the plot to force Jesus's return is also poorly understood by non-believers - which is quite notably, the majority of the world. Fundementalist Christians (thankfully) remain a minority among Christians and Christians themselves, are still a minority among the worlds religions. But the danger is when the world's superpower is quite literally hell-bent on forcing prophetic history upon the world citizens - at any cost.
It will be difficult to convey in few words the depth and breadth of all this, but I will try. The PNAC and the Bush Administration, with the support of the fundamentalist churches worldwide are seeking to deliberately force World War III on the world, which will include the destruction of most of the Middle East (notably Iran and Syria among others) and the United States. This war will be between Israel, Russia, China and the United States and will even include a civil war within our own borders. This war will employ the exchange of nuclear weapons, with tens of millions of innocent deaths. The entire purpose of this war, is to create the conditions for the return of Christ on earth and the establishment of New Jeruselem in Israel. This would also include the rebuilding of the Temple Mount in Israel, allegedly the "sign" for which the world awaits the heralding of the return of Christ.
That's what they are looking for - and that's what they are trying to accomplish. The ensuing worldwide resource destruction and environmental damage to the planet is meaningless (now you know why Bush & Co. care little for the environment - they don't plan on living here very long). This would also account for George Bush's view of the future, in which he has stated "There won't be any people". There won't - not if he is allowed to have his way.
I would not have a problem with a world leader holding beliefs in private. But that is not what is occurring within America today - these beliefs are now dictating national and international policy. They have nothing to do with securing America's future, because the neocons do not believe in a future world and all of their decisions are based upon this "fact".
It should be noted that a careful examination of the doctrinal belief can be uncovered as simply wrong, with no basis for this "end time" rapture belief being taught in the Bible. So what then are they doing? Are they really that ignorant of history and fact and truly deceived by the lying preachers and teachers of today?
It's possible (but unknown) that the Bush Admnistration already knows this. With the wealth of bright and intelligent people available to the world's superpower, I find it unfathomable that they don't understand the real truth concering the rapture and the Bible itself. It just doesn't make sense that these supposedly intelligent and bright people would fall for the view fed to the masses that a rescue operation is being planned from the sky to save mankind from the error of his ways. But then again, they just might be that stupid. At this point in our downward spiral to destruction, I wouldn't put anything past these people. I'm probably guilty of thinking that they are somehow different then everyone else, when they're probably not. Just greedier.
Allowing this fundementalist belief in the White House is proving to be exceedingly dangerous to the world as we have already seen. Any excuse is justifiable if it means that the path to Jesus is being taken. Moreover, gross negligence and ineptitude is utterly unaccountable. These "sins" of commission or ommission are somehow exempt from any judgement or accountability to the people and apparently, God Himself.
The worldwide political landscape cannot afford to allow religious belief to govern political decisions. America cannot afford this - people are being killed daily by the actions and inactions and the decisions of these neocon fundamentalist. Wanton resource destruction and laying waste to the environment are also occurring under their extremely dubious leadership which includes vast species extinctions, unchecked global warming, rising temperatures on land and sea, widespread pollution and ocean degradation. These are just some of the global catastrophes now underway. Can we actually afford to let this continue?
The solution to this is simple, but potentially complex to implement. The neocon agenda must be stopped cold, dead in its tracks before the world suffers the unholy wrath and indignation of a fiery nuclear conflagaration, a scenario which is a desired part of the neocon fundamentalist agenda as they seek to force the rapture upon the world. This cannot be allowed to happen if we hope to have a survivable and living future.
Sheldon McDonald
For those of us who do believe in the actual, literal, bodily return of Jesus Christ from heaven to earth, the NeoCon agenda smells to high heaven, to say the least. We know the hand of God cannot be forced by the idiotic actions of men, much less their politics. Worse, for these bloodthirsty warmongers to actually believe that they will not be held accountable at the Second Coming is even more repugnant. It certainly reveals their unique insanity. Judging from history, maybe it's not so unique. Either way, it's truly pathetic. Though I'm sure in her inadequate, fumbling way Secretary Rice was simply making a common statement of comfort from her Christian faith, it definitely had no place in relation to the current disaster. It fell short, sounding like a pipe-dreaming lunatic.



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