Pandemic Vaccine
In Hands Of
Depopulation Advocates
By Judi McLeod & David Hawkins
Canada Free
If you or any of your loved ones contracted H5N1 Avian Flu, would you trust a vaccine from self-avowed depopulationist Maurice Strong, or his protégé Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin?
Through his blind trust Canada Steamship Lines, subsidiary, Lansdowne Technologies Inc., Prime Minister Paul Martin is now in the vaccine development business. In fact, he's been there since June 2003 when he was Canada's Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.
Health authorities are now using the word "inevitable" for what they say will be a coming H5N1Avian Flu pandemic.
Senior officials at the Public Health Agency of Canada say Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has made arrangements with a "private manufacturer" to have a secure supply of "domestically produced" vaccine for every Canadian once a pandemic is underway.
Canada's federal government recently committed $34-million for research to expedite production of the vaccine during the pandemic; another $24-million is being spent on antiviral drugs to be dispensed to some people during the initial stages of the crisis.
Back to the depopulationist Maurice Strong, Prime Minister Paul Martin and vaccines.
"Canada is cooperating closely in developing vaccines with her program allies through AVDP (Allied Vaccine Development Project)". (
"The AVDP is a 14-year project to develop new vaccine systems and related medical countermeasures to protect Canadian Forces personnel against political chemical and biological warfare threats."
The United Nations health arm, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been warning us that much of the world is about to be wiped out by an Avian Flu "pandemic".
According to National Post front-page headlines, doctors say, "the coming flu is expected to kill as many as 58,000 Canadians". (March 11, 2005).
Panic buttons are being pushed by WHO when no evidence exists that H5N1 is being transmitted between humans.
At this juncture, Avian Flu seems isolated to a handful of Asian countries, with the governments of China, North Korea and Vietnam holding the fate of millions of people in their hands.
Canada is known for its lax immigration laws and porous borders.
When SARS began its not long ago lethal trek from the Orient to the West, it was reportedly "accidentally" released after a scientist visited a hotel near an airport in Beijing. Tragedy was soon to follow, and within days SARS was infecting, and in some cases killing, nurses and doctors in Toronto, Canada.
In the SARS aftermath, there never was an explanation of why the scientist went to that particular hotel close to the airport. Rumours abounded in Beijing at the time that the scientist was not Chinese but North Korean.
WHO tells us that Avian Flu is far worse than SARS. It is more infectious and far more deadly. Avian Flu is now entrenched in Asia, first striking in late 2003. Since January, 2004, the disease has led to the slaughter of two million birds in Vietnam alone. The death toll of at least 46 people, and those who have already contracted Avian Flu, is at least 69.
WHO is the world's top health authority charged with the response to the coming Avian Flu pandemic.
Deaths from malaria increased under WHO's watch, and WHO went along with the politically-correct ban of DDT-products even though they had proved useful in the ongoing fight against malaria.
For most intents and purposes, Prime Minister Paul Martin mentor Maurice Strong is the United Nations. Special adviser to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Strong is Under Secretary General and chair of the Earth Council.
Strong, a former president of the Montreal-based Power Corporation, the multinational that launched Martin in the business world, is a tireless advocate of human depopulation. Indeed, Strong's connections to the UN Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development are well documented.
Anti-American to the core, Strong has said, "The United States is the greatest threat to the world's ecological health." (AP). Strong headed up the review panel on the World Bank-funded Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). CGIAR is accountable to the world's farmers.
"Food security looms as society's largest challenge as we enter the next millennium," Strong said in a September 23, 1998 media release.
At the launch of the findings of the third external review of the CGIAR, Strong called on the group to "bring the benefits of modern science to the poorest", claiming that, "The world is at the cusp of a new scientific revolution in the biological sciences, much like the one in the early 20th century when Einstein's theories fundamentally changed physics and the world."
Paul Martin is the Canadian Prime Minister who opted out of the U.S. ballistic missile defence shield. As Finance Minister, Martin voted with his predecessor Prime Minister Jean Chretien against joining the U.S.-led coalition of the willing in Iraq.
And now with Paul Martin in the PMO, his blind trust Lansdowne Technologies Inc. has been awarded a 14-year contract from the Canadian Department of Defence to develop vaccines?
Who are Canada's "allies" with which she is "cooperating closely" in the Allied Vaccine Development Project as advertised on Lansdowne's website?
It all sounds like a plot from Ian Fleming character "Dr. No".
In Hollywood movies, the good guys always find 11th-hour relief when they catch up to the bad guys holding out with the life-saving antidote in vaccines.
But this is real life, with world depopulationistsat least by association-- having access to vaccines, and not the movies.
Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the media. A former Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig Standard columnist, she has also appeared on, the Drudge Report,, and World Net Daily. Judi can be reached at: You can read your Letters to the Editor here.
David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
First published 3-14-5
David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks, CAFE, and CFP investigative journalist Judi McLeod, have teamed up to write a series of articles on the UN's radical socialist agenda executed across Intranets and virtual private networks, operated by the self-styled "Global Custodians". A new feature of Canada Free Press, the ongoing series combines McLeod's investigative experience and communication skills with Hawkins, brilliant research linking $40 trillion hedge funds, via an online portal on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center, to "disruptive technologies" developed by Canada for alleged use in the UN Oil-for-Food scam, 9/11 and Kyoto fraud.) This is the third in the series.



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