Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 80
Hurricane Katrina - Who Benefits?

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Some meteorologists contend there has been weather-warfare. That is, they say, that there have been two man-made hurricanes, Ivan [The Terrible], 2004, and Katrina, 2005. And, that these storms were created by technology long-known and directed to specific areas.
One weatherman asserted that Russia has long claimed they can send extreme weather and turbulence from Siberia targeting the United States. He proclaimed that Russia did that with Ivan [later called Ivan The Terrible] in 2004 and Katrina, 2005.
He appeared on the Coast-To-Coast radio talk show with host George Noory, about a night after Katrina hit the Gulf. In describing how brazenly the hurricane was created and directed, that as an inside signal, it came right over the National Hurricane Center in Florida.
If so, WHO had prior knowledge?
1. As a corruptly installed stooge and scapegoat for the Anglo-American Aristocracy, George W. Bush is a prime suspect having foreknowledge. If it became in time more and more evident of a high-level domestic plot, a new "Pearl Harbor", to carry out a long-planned war-mongering cancel-the Constitution agenda, then putting a Russian-style name in advance on the two later man-made suspected hurricanes, would form the basis for blaming Russia. Or like 9-11, falsely blaming "The Moslems".
2. Did Russian president Putin, suspecting he might be blamed for Hurricane Katrina, jump the gun? Just prior to Katrina hitting the Gulf, Putin noted that two U.S. Senators were in Russia snooping around off-limits secret facilities. That is U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D., Ill.) originally from the former British colony of Kenya and a year previous, before Obama was elected, was publicly fingered by me as a British spy; and his accomplice in Russia, U.S. Senator Richard Lugar (R., Ind.).
Putin had both of their passports seized and the two Senators were kept for a while in custody of the FSB, the new Russian secret political police.
(An exclusive news bulletin was on}
3. Some assert that a friendly foreign power, also having high technology, made the man-made Katrina suddenly take a right hook and veer slightly away from New Orleans and directly hit the refineries and facilities of British Petroleum, owned by the British monarchy.
4. In an exclusive bulletin on Cloak and Dagger, we told how the Bushies' Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sabotaged the levee which holds back the nearby lake from swamping below-sea-level New Orleans. More than 25 eyewitnesses to this treason are primarily but not exclusively blacks. FEMA operatives vowed to find these finger-pointers and snuff them out. A friendly foreign power is keeping the witnesses safe.
5. Nationwide, the American Red Cross solicited funds for supposed "New Orleans Hurricane Relief". [Has everyone forgotten that Elizabeth Dole, wife of now former U.S. Senator Dole, having been accused but not punished for reportedly embezzling 150 thousand dollars while she was head of the American Red Cross.? She is now a U.S. Senator (R., N. Car.)].
FEMA in the George W. Bush Administration have been, at great expense, supposedly pre-planning how to deal with an expected New Orleans hurricane disaster. FEMA said that refuge should be sought in the New Orleans Convention Center. And beyond that, FEMA pointed to the nearby Super-Dome sports arena.
Eyewitness residents occupied such places. Those that survived bitterly complain that the Red Cross, the National Guard, FEMA helpers, and other supposed rescuers were nowhere to be seen. For almost a week, no food, no bottled water, no medicines for the sick such as diabetics, and no other life essentials were dropped from helicopters or otherwise made available. In two New Orleans hospitals, patients not otherwise in dying condition, died because of lack of essentials.
6. Noting how Hurricane Ivan The Terrible made a mysterious u-turn, Lenny Bloom, co-host of Cloak and Dagger, in 2004, coined the term, HAARPICANE, named after the latest technology to manipulate the weather and the atmosphere, HAARP.
7. When asked by a reporter why Bush was not ordering immediate emergency aid for the suffering residents of New Orleans, a Bush White House official arrogantly barked out, "After all, they did not vote for us."
8. From long experience as a court-reformer, I learned that when we publicly identify a top Judge as a crook, as a bribe-taker, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, "the powers that be", that is THEM---they throw the Judge away like a worn out shoe, and send him to jail for" suddenly" discovered tax evasion and other criminal offenses. I usually cynically comment, "No decent gangster bagman will further bribe such a corrupt identified judge but will look for another crook on the bench."
There is reason to believe that now the Anglo-American Aristocracy has extracted all the illicit profit they can out of Bush and may want to throw him away. Hence, the monopoly press is strangely allowing Bush critics to be heard stating that in the Gulf area and elsewhere, Americans are suffering from an "incompetent Bush government". Wow! Why was this truism so long delayed in being heard at the hands of the liars and whores of the press?
9. Oil machinery and other service and equipment faker, Halliburton, has been promised the contract to someday, perhaps not soon, rebuild New Orleans. Vice President Richard Cheney, a top-level criminal, was the CEO of the firm and still receives many millions of dollars per year in delayed "compensation" from them while he stonewalls important White House oil dirty business.
The plan for treachery is simple. Residents of New Orleans fled for their life. They obviously did not take along in a plastic bag the deed to their property. So now out-of-town and out-of-work, they do not have the funds to pay their property tax nor do they have their property identification code and number. Sixty six per cent of the population of New Orleans have been blacks, many impoverished, together with a sizeable number of poor whites,
So it will be simple for land swindlers like Halliburton and their gang of pirates to grab lots of land from the descendants of slaves or white indentured servants, bull-doze away the hurricane-wrecked houses, and build hotels and other structures to accompany a someday to be newly-enlarged whorehouse district in New Orleans.
Some unfeeling critics would like to unfairly point to the whole hurricane mess, as A Red Light District is Bad Karma. Actually, subject to Bad Karma is the highly corrupt, terribly incompetent Bush White House and the Bush Crime Family.
And what may happen to the tens of thousands of New Orleans refugees now resident in Texas? Doing menial work in Texas are Mexican aliens. So New Orleans refugees can expect to be dragooned into such work, to replace the Mexicans who may be thrown out of the country or forced into the U.S. armed forces headed for Iraq. The Americans can no doubt expect to be paid minimum wages or even under the table below minimum wages, minus deductions for their food, housing, and essentials. They may end up with about the same almost nothing monthly pay received by jail-birds working in the factories now hooked to prisons. {Currently, some of the products bought in chain food stores are actually packed in prison factories including reportedly a fancy, expensive, and widely advertised coffee also often sipped in that company's chain of coffee shops..]
The former New Orleans blacks may become property-stripped latter day slaves and the poor whites, likewise plundered of their assets, can expect to become indentured servants, just in time for the new, worthless Bankruptcy Law, same as those many years ago exported from British Debtors' Prisons to Tennessee and elsewhere in the U.S.
Cheney and the Halliburton Pirate Flag gang and the Bush Crime Family, together with the Oil Cartel--- why they do they want the people cleared off the land in New Orleans? A simple explanation, supplied by savvy sorts, is that New Orleans may be situated on a large pool of oil.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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