Developers Have Wanted
New Orleans To
Be A Las Vegas

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
So, what's wrong with FEMA? Answer: Lawyers and Politicians.
Lawyers and Politicians cannot make prudent medical and public safety decisions. They really have no idea what the average person needs. They are more concerned with the future of developers snapping up low and middle income property in New Orleans and seeing it run into the hands of zionist carpetbagger developers who have envisioned a 'Las Vegas' style industry in the city.
Millions who lived through the initial floods will continue to suffer and some will die in the aftermath.
The powers that be have wanted New Orleans to be a new International Gambling hotspot. The old world charm of New Orleans will attract Europe's 'new rich' as well as Latin American druglords with US dollars to spend. Poor white and black folks living in modest and some low income dwellings hindered this image/'dream' of New Orleans as a new mecca for gambling and tourism.
Practically any place could have been set up within hours as command and control center which would have directed aftermath rescue operations and medical intervention...if the Feds had WANTED such a command center. Guiliani did it in NY. His original command center was taken out when the WTC 7 'collapsed'...was imploded...on 911. Guiliani set up a new command center within HOURS.
If worse came to worse, a command center could have run with simple ham radio equipment which could have been commandeered from areas not underwater. As we now know, 'someone' reportedly blocked many ham radio transmissions in the aftermath of the breaks in the levees and the mass flooding which followed
The people who run FEMA, Homeland Security and Bush's new disaster organizations are jokes... political hacks, losers and lawyers who are more interested in developers than in the people. We may just see other parts of the country starting up their own disaster preparedness programs within civilian militias. People now see that the governmnent can't and WON'T protect lives and property of the common man. It is a country by and for the elite rich.
The corporate hack and real estate developers running the show in New Orleans may find that they will have to face off with Joe Sixpack after the next disaster on home soil...who with the help of John Q and Joan Q citizen may become a force to be reckoned with. Watch out, the sleeping silent - the good natured American - may have gotten kicked in the butt for the last time. Americans are not going to take it anymore. New Orleans, FEMA, may have been the final straw.
My personal hopw is that every poor white and black person in the affected areas of New Orleans band together and fight the real estate developers. I hope these folks will not become refugees selling off their property dirt cheap. Don't let the developers win.
Patricia Doyle
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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