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Confirms Bird Flu
In Qinghai Is NEW TYPE
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Today (July 13), China officially claimed that bird flu in Qinghai is not H5N1, but a new type. "It is much more dangerous than H5N1", according to this official report released today.
In an unconfirmed news on May 25 2005, released by Boxun, it stated that the bird flu in Qinghai is a new form of virus rather than H5N1, "its symptom is slightly different from H5N1, but it can resist high temprature, faster to show symptoms and more likely to transfer".
In a series of reports (released but not unconfirmed by Boxun), it claimed to have people dead of this virus, but this claim has been denied by the government. (
About 300 Birds Dead In Guangzhou
Jeff - You Won't believe This One: Quote: "Some of the DEAD birds ended up on table as MEALS." Are those people crazy? No one knows why the birds died and to eat them is totally insane.
Patricia doyle
July 24, 2005 - TV Channel of Guangzhou city reported on July 22 (BJ time) that about 300 egrets were found dead in TianHu park.
The TV news showed dead birds on lake water, it did not say the reason. But one tourist said it might be caused by water pollution, when he was interviewed by reporter.
The news said that some sick birds have been captured by local residence, some dead birds are on the table as meals.
It seems that reporters and local residence are not aware of bird flu - this as a result of media control.
The person, who sent this information to Boxun News wrote: "obviously, that teacher and reporter on TV do not know the reason, they even guessed if it was caused by high temprature."
Original Chinese version of this report is at:
Boxun appreciates Mr. Kortge for the donation that is dedicated for the translation of relevant bird flu information. (Modified on 2005/7/24)
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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