NeoCons Using Shrinks
To Purge National
Security Agency

By Wayne Madsen
In the spirit of the Soviet "psikhushka" psychiatric hospitals where anti-regime dissidents were sent, NSA is using psychologists to eliminate independent-minded intelligence analysts and other career employees. Adverse psychiatric evaluations of experienced NSA professionals are being used by the neocons controlling the agency to gut America's signals intelligence and information security capabilities. Former NSA Director General Michael Hayden initiated this process and he was rewarded with the post of Deputy Director for National Intelligence where he can now extend his psikhushkas to other U.S. intelligence agencies.
WMR has received the following letter from a long-time NSA employee who is a victim of the psychiatric abuse:
NSA's Own Nest of Cuckoos
NSA's tribe of headshrinkers consists of a trio of psychologically tortuous on-the-payroll psychologists led by Dr. John Schmidt. Dr. Marianne Moran and Dr. Dina Wieczynski are his fledgling understudies who directly execute orders from both NSA's Office of General Counsel and NSA's Office of Security.
These three psychologists hold all the cards for continued access to employment but many question if these doctors are abiding by the ethics of their profession. Most unsuspecting employees targeted by NSA's network of neoconservative officials often endure repeated brutal types of mental interrogations. Reminiscent of the witch trials in past centuries, former co-workers or acquaintances of these "marked" employees for termination are welcomed to falsify statements to Federal law enforcement agents assigned to NSA.
Schmidt, Moran, and Wieczynski salivate in anticipation of their next victim to abuse. All three are conducting their own sadistic method of torture; Dr. Schmidt prefers to make female subjects sexually uncomfortable, but tends to take a harsher stand with males. Dr. Moran, like Dr. Wieczynski, appears to diagnose everyone with "personality trait" disorders, despite non-Agency doctors finding to the contrary.
Based on a series of documents, Dr. Wieczynski appears to have mastered the art of psychic-evaluation, where the employee doesn't even have to be present for an evaluation but she is able to give a complete "unbiased" analysis into the person's psyche. These talents are truly amazing considering the overwhelming number of agency-diagnosed employees with "personality trait" problems or, in essence, "sociopaths" who have freely wandered the halls of NSA over the past years.
Particularly poetic is the fact that so many were never identified and rejected initially through the stringent security background investigations the agency conducts. On the other hand, the rising numbers of "insanity" cases could just reflect the Gestapo-like tactics generating massive paranoia throughout NSA. One former agency employee stated, "We are nothing more than lab rats for psychological testing at the whim of a hierarchy out of control . . . it is like being trapped in a fixed maze where there is no way to escape." How long will this career-fatal cat and mouse game continue?
NSA Security resorts to Soviet-style "Psikhushka" to intimidate and terminate career employees. The neocon assault on U.S. national security continues. It's beyond time to take action.
NOTE: This editor was attached to NSA in the mid-1980s. Although I have been a critic of the agency over the years -- on issues concerning NSA strictly abiding by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Constitution -- it is absolutely treasonous what is now taking place at Fort Meade. NSA is responsible for one of the most critical intelligence functions in the United States Intelligence Community -- signals intelligence, the discipline that ensured America's military victories in World War II.
The neocons are not only rifling through sensitive raw intercepts of the personal communications of U.S. citizens but they are now conducting a purge of independent-minded intelligence analysts and technicians at NSA who refuse to kowtow to the "new normality" of quasi-fascist control of the United States Intelligence Community. Combine this neocon abuse at NSA with the outing of non-official cover CIA agents, punishing national security whistleblowers, and other outrages, and one must conclude that the neocons are extremely dangerous elements within the United States government and they must be held accountable for their destructive actions.
I am kicking off a letter campaign to the Congress when it returns from recess after Labor Day. It calls on Congress to immediately pass legislation requiring the Director of National Intelligence to order an immediate halt to and retroactive (to include the past three years) reversal of all personnel actions within the U.S. intelligence community that are based on blatant political vendettas. I will personally hand-deliver the letter to the relevant committees on intelligence, government affairs, and armed services.
If you are a current or past member of the U.S. intelligence community (including military service and law enforcement elements) and would like to sign on, please send you name, city and state where you vote, and agency and division (if classified, merely send the cover title), and years of service to If you reside abroad, state your home of record (birth place or city and state where you cast your absentee ballot). If you are a current member of the U.S. intelligence community and wish to remain anonymous, merely provide your agency and city and state where you vote.
Dear Senator/Representative [XXXXXXX]
We, the undersigned members and veterans of the U.S. Intelligence Community are writing you to request that legislation be introduced that would require the Director of National Intelligence to order an immediate halt to politically-motivated adverse personnel actions that are directed against career members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. A number of experienced intelligence professionals who have strictly followed departmental and agency rules and regulations and demonstrated their commitment to the the Constitution and the national security of the United States have been victimized by an Intelligence Community-wide program of intimidation, psychological abuse, revocation of their security clearances, and wrongful termination. This witch hunt and purge must stop. We are also asking that all politically-motivated terminations of intelligence professionals over the past three years be immediately reversed by the Director of National Intelligence and a review of the individual circumstances of the adverse actions be conducted by a special congressionally-chartered commission staffed by professional mediators from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
Wayne Madsen, Arlington, VA, (LT, USN, National Security Agency 1984-85).
Ted Twietmeyer
As someone who worked with NSA people on systems contracts back in the 1980's,
I can state categorically that their employees have historically are wonderful, fine dedicated people and great patriots. The pay isn't exactly stellar, so you know they must be dedicated.
Of course, almost any government agency has a dark side - with nasty people doing dirty work. But overall, those people only provide the security function. No one ever wants a visit (overt or covert) from them...and the thought of it is what keeps most NSA people on the straight and narrow.
One agency employee told me some years ago, that they received a very minor speeding ticket (mosy of call it a "chicken ticket.") The next morning the person was called into the office and dressed down. The NSA monitors their employees like no one else can. And they know it.
So WHY would the leadership need a purge? Perhaps they are finding that employees can't believe what's happening to America, right in front of their eyes. And they aren't thrilled to be a part of it.
It's no wonder the shrub on PA Ave. wants a purge. Real patriots don't like a police state disguised as "new freedom," and are waking up in droves. In past articles I've directly called for people inside the government to help stop this police state takeover of America. Perhaps a few people actually listened to that call from myself and others like Alex Jones. We cannot forget that "God works in mysterious ways", too.
The psyc. evaluation program sounds like yet another idea from under-furer Karl Rove to further consolidate power in the palace. Has ANYONE noticed, that Rove's name starts with a "K" and not a "C?" Spelling it with a "K" is more germanic oriented. One can be sure that some time before Bush's term is up, he'll doing something so drastic that martial law will be declared. And with it - his term in office will go on indefinitely under military law.
That is - if he gets away with it.



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