Muddy Waters
Keep On A Rising!
From Judith Moriarty;
The Gulf States look as though a nuclear bomb was dropped over the area. Hundreds of people are trapped in their homes and waving for help from rooftops. Buildings are burning, barges filled with toxic chemicals have capsized, and levees are breaking, flooding impoverished areas. Roads are totally closed off. There's no getting in or out.
It was announced on the news, that many people trapped, could not expect help until next MONDAY! Meantime-you might take note of the drumbeat for money taking place by the Red Cross and Operation Blessing. I would advise anyone thinking of donating money to either of these organizations, to do a little research. The Red Cross sure made a bundle out of the 9-11 catastrophe! Giving to Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing-just might see your money being invested in an African gold mine!
But the real chutzpah in all of this, that all Americans; be you a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a purple ice bound Libertarian Eskimo, is witnessing first hand, the lack of any coordinated, organized, efficient, civil defense or crisis management in this nation. I'm asking people to put aside their dyed in the wool politics. Throw off your elephant ears, climb down off your jackass and see these people and this horror for the incompetence that it is. Freedom isn't freedom when you're drowning, or sloughing around in swamp piss, dodging alligators with no place to go.
Who can forget Gulf War I, when approximately 500,000 troops were mobilized? Tent cities and mobile hospitals [with operating rooms] were set up overnight in Kuwait. But then that was for war! How is it that there can be such efficiency in taking life and not saving itespecially here on American soil? Like I remarked to a friend of mine, 'It's not like this disaster wasn't imagined! It's not like an asteroid had struck the place, which would cause confused panic. In fact, these past few days, have had FEMA personnel on TV remarking that they'd been 'planning' an event like this for some time! Fine-so where are the results of all this planning. I can't imagine, most especially in states most prone to natural disasters that the major one priority, wouldn't see to having several Crisis Centers-Emergency Hospitals-Food Stations etc; set up in places removed from the threat of levee breaks or surges from surrounding waters! One doesn't, as we can see, prepare for a crisis in the midst of one.
Somebody tell me, in this surreal scene of melting clocks; with highways and byways inundated [from the swamps], with poisonous snakes and alligators seeking dry ground, why the hell we're spending billions, upon billions, upon obscene billions, for some desert people to 'supposedly' celebrate FREEDOM [this weeks reason] when we can't care for FREEDOM'S PEOPLE right here at home? And what is the help that hundreds of thousands of American citizens are experiencing? Tens of thousands of the poor, elderly, dispossessed, handicapped, and special needs people, have been herded into a place called the Superdome, where gladiator sports take place. 'Keep off the grass'---or rather the turf, takes precedent over caring for sick, cold, tired, and fearful citizens! Is this unbelievable?
Because of the flooding the toilets can't be flushed. Due to the water treatment facilities being contaminated, they can't drink the water. The electricity is out, so people gasp in this Superdome hot house, where temperatures, in 1000% saturated Louisiana humidity, are in the nineties today. Barrels are overflowing [and this the first day] with trash. UNCONSIONABLE in this Super Power nation, in the 21st century, is the treatment and conditions being suffered, by the frail and elderly; in wheelchairs, who are lined up in rows five feet deep along one wall. One patient's IV bag is attached to a stadium seating sign. You can bet your last dollar, that had Cheney suffered another clogged line, in his rusty leaking heart, in New Orleans, you wouldn't find him in this Superdome field hospital, beneath the scoreboard!
Dr. Kevin Stephens Sr., head of the medical shelter in the Superdome states, "This is just too hot, too primitive, and too uncomfortable for the patients". Some have already died here. So much for our wondrous civil defense program! No billion dollar mountain retreat bunkers for the common folks. These refugees spent Monday night, with their children and plastic garbage bags of belongings, sitting in the bleacher seats of the 77,000-seat stadium-home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints or sprawled out on the concrete floor. With the roof ripped open and leaking, along with elevators and stairwells flooded, the folks have been shuffled around to different seats. Officials have stated that citizens shouldn't see this as a permanent shelter! Of course, with their homes gone, the streets flooded, and them with no transportation--------maybe a convoy to the Crawford Ranch is in order?
There's plenty of acreage there for a temporary tent city. Hey, maybe the President can hold a Cajun style BBQ, and everyone could sing Kumbaya around the campfire? Kumbaya, means, 'come by [h]yuh my Lawd ' which I find more than appropriate given the impossible suffering and death being reported hourly! "Someone's dying Lord-Kumbaya-someone's dying Lord, Kumbaya." Better yet, a song for the nation in these dying times!
In the midst of all this, we had President Bush showing up in Arizona; as the winds, rains, and citizens were a-dying in the South-----in Arizona, with a birthday cake [it melted] for Senator McCain! He should have used a plastic prop, like the plastic turkey [true]; he delivered to the troops at Thanksgiving! Hard to believe, Mama, but at the first sound of the trash can lids, careening down Bourbon Street, the oil companies et al, were announcing a raise in gas prices. Now there's a touch of Freedom's patriotism for you! These gilded, bejeweled, pompous-asses, sausage finger, hucksters, have cleaned up in PROFITS these past months by the BILLIONS! Citizens down south, were told to pack up and move on out, with no considerations given to the monetary crisis this would have on work-a-day people. Instead of having FREE GAS [or $1.00 a gallon] in a mandatory evacuation, they were charged top dollar.
The advice from the President, on his way to deliver a melting birthday cake to McCain was to, "stay put". GWB and those of his ilk, in the politico/corporate world are, by choice, totally detached from reality. The President certainly doesn't have to concern himself with filling up his tank, and ending up at a rest stop. Few families, especially those on unemployment, or holding minimum wage jobs, can afford an extended stay at some distant motel! He and his buddies don't have a dust, as to the desperate situation people have been thrown into. There they are in some parking lot, with children to feed, trying to secure needed medicines, no money, no gas, and no place to turn. "Stay where you are". Where? On the rooftop of a flooded home, the Superdome hot house, in a wheelchair in a stadium corridor, in the branches of a tree? It's not like any of these folks can take off for their second or third home! They don't have the choice of riding this thing out at their Kennebunkport family estate, fly fishing with Cheney, and the other corporate honchos, in their trophy homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or a ski lodge in Colorado.
Hey maybe 'democracy' for a desert people just isn't worth the cost, when Freedom's Citizens, are accommodated with platitudes, slogans, and patronizing, sniff, 'this is a terrible time. While those on the road to nowhere, are being charged top dollar, to keep their gas tanks filled [even in a national emergency], the Washington crowd could care less. The cost of gas, no matter how high it goes, isn't coming out of their pockets. President Bush's jaunts around the country/world are costing a fortune. While the citizen's ordered to evacuate are scrounging for gas money, GWB, never gives it a thought, as he takes off on Air Force One. Almost every vehicle Bush uses is custom-made to add security and communications capabilities, and the heavier weight of these guzzlers drives up gas and jet fuel costs.
He has visited 46 countries, some of them several times, during his presidency. So far this year he has made 73 domestic and foreign trips, including crisscrossing the country on a 60-day city tour to promote his Social Security plan. The Ford truck which he putters around in, costs [us] $75.00 to fill up. Whenever he's out on the road, he's escorted by a caravan of well over a dozen-gas, guzzling vehicles. Starting with his inaugural in January, Bush began tooling around in a new 2006 Cadillac DTS limos. The outside company customizes the DTS for presidential use by 'stretching' it to limo length, adding bulletproof glass, HEAVY ARMOUR [missing on soldiers at war vehicles] and other bells and whistles-all making it significantly heavier and less fuel efficient.
In the air, Bush most often flies on a Boeing 747-200B laden with, among other things, an anti-missile system. Like gas for cars, fuel costs for the largest plane in the Air Force One fleet have gone up dramatically [for us-not him, from $3,974 an HOUR in fiscal 2004 to $6,029 per hour now. As the nation is told that the hurricane and war are driving up gas costs by the hour, on their vehicles, making it a bit difficult to escape in an emergency, the President advises that freedom is worth the cost [be it lives or gas prices]. "Someone's lying Lord, Kumbaya, someone's lying Lord KumbayaHmm-hmm-hmm"



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