Impeach Bush/Cheney/
Senators/Reps For
Dereliction Of Duty

By Michael Shore (Israel)
Impeach Bush, Cheney, Senators, Congresmen For Dereliction Of Duty
Any company would fire everyone in a position of leadership for causing the deaths and suffering of its people, when their actions could have saved lives and even prevented much of the death and destruction that has happened in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
This is not about political parties, this is about individuals who FAILED to do their jobs. There are no excuses. Bush was even on the golf course the day after hurricane Katrina which is beyond appalling. Where were the Vice President, Congressmen, Senators and the heads of every government agency?
No one was taking responsibility. No one was in a leadership position doing the job they were elected/hired to do. THEY FAILED MISERABLY. No photo-op or bullshit rhetoric is going to change anything.
Do you ever want to depend on anyone of these incompetent people again should there be a National disaster to be handled by these elected and appointed officials? Just because they were elected or appointed to their position does not mean they can't be fired IMMEDIATELY if they made such horrendous mistakes and screwed up so badly!
How many people have died because some these individuals were on vacation and didn't see fit to immediately cut short their vacation in the face of such a perilous calamity that they could easily see was coming? The hurricane was NOT a surprise. They saw a level 5 hurricane several days in advance of it hitting the land of the US and they did NOTHING. They did not immediately call for and oversee the evacuation of ALL the country's citizens in it's path BEFORE the hurricane hit.
More than 10,000 people are feared dead!
Over one million U.S.citizens could be homeless.
America needs compassionate people to protect it's citizens and not only look out for the interests of the oil conglomerates, bankers and the Fortune 500 corporations.
Read what Cuba did when their leaders saw hurricane Ivan approaching and the actions they took in the days they had leading up to the day Ivan hit land:
Enough is enough is enough. They all must go.
Michael Shore



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